GHALANAI, Nov 19: Terming suicide attack on his convoy in Mohmand Agency an act of ‘American agent’, Jamaat-i-Islami former chief Qazi Hussian Ahmad has said that his party will continue political activities in tribal areas to frustrate nefarious designs of enemies.

Addressing a public gathering at Khapakh locality in Heleemzai tehsil on Monday, he said that the US and its allies wanted to create law and order situation in the tribal areas to prolong their presence in the region.

He alleged that the US and other anti-Islam forces had formed a network of their agents in the tribal areas to harm interests of Pakistan and pit tribal people against each other.

On the occasion, the office of Jamaat-i-Islami in Mohmand Agency was inaugurated and name of new chief of the party in the tribal region was announced.

Qazi Hussain addressed the public meeting despite a suicide attack on his convoy. He said that through such cowardly acts they couldn’t be stopped from running their campaign. He said that they would expose America to Pakistani nation as well as the whole world.

“This is my third visit within a year to Mohmand tribal region. It shows the interest being taken by my party in the backward area,” the former chief of Jamaat-i-Islami said.

He also criticised the government for its pro-America policies. He said that people were the ultimate sufferers of the so-called war against terrorism. He said that the prevailing crises would continue if the government didn’t sever ties with America and come out of the war against terrorism.

Qazi Hussain said that the worsening law and order was badly affecting economy of the country. He said that the US considered itself champion of human rights bit it was openly supporting Israeli air strikes against the innocent Palestinians.

The JI leader said that Israel and India were enemies of Pakistan. “It is the need of the hour to review our foreign policy,” he said. He urged Muslims to forge unity to foil conspiracies being hatched against them by Israel and its mentors.

JI Fata chief Haroon Rashid, Mohmand former chief Saeed Khan, Dr Munsif Khan and new chief of JI in Mohmand Qari Fazle Subhan also addressed the gathering.