HYDERABAD, Oct 9: Various political and nationalist parties have condemned the planting of explosive devices at the residences of lawmakers.

Awami Tehrik President Ayaz Latif Palijo said: “The mothers and sisters of PPP leaders are our mothers and sisters and attacking or threatening them was unthinkable.”

Speaking at his party’s camp at the Naseem Nagar roundabout on Tuesday, he said that his party believed in peaceful politics and had set up the camp to apprise the masses about the implications of the new local government act.

He said his party was mobilising people in connection with the Oct 16 protest when highways in Sindh would be blocked to press the government do away with the law.

He said that use of explosive devices was a tactic to sabotage the peaceful campaign launched by the people of Sindh.

Mr Palijo and representatives of civil society organisations Zulfiqar Halepoto, Punhal Sario, Naz Sanai, Jami Chandio visited the STPP hunger strikers’ camp and condemned the PPP and MQM for imposing the ‘black law’ on Sindh people.

Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party (STPP) and Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz-Bashir (JSQM-B) condemned the bomb attacks and described it as a plot to undermine the peaceful campaign against the law.

JSQM-B leader Dr Niaz Kalani said that the ruling coalition in Sindh would have to bow before the masses on the issue of the local government system.

He condemned attacks on the houses of PPP lawmakers, ministers and leaders and said it was a drama.

He was speaking at a hunger striker’s camp set up by the STPP against the controversial law at the Naseem Nagar roundabout. Other JSQM activists also visited the camp to express solidarity with that party.

The STPP leaders at the camp said that their party did not believe in violent attacks as it was running a peaceful campaign for legitimate rights of Sindh people. “It is the handiwork of PPP with the aim of provoking a civil war in Sindh,” they remarked.

STPP Hyderabad taluka president Sachal Gopang and 28 workers observed a token hunger strike from 10am to 6pm against the new LG law.

Their party colleagues Muzaffar Kalhoro, Hoot Khan Gadai, district president Feroze Mangi and others stayed with them for some time.