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Look before you sleep

September 26, 2012


Amidst heart rending news, mind boggling protests and curiosity for the fate of the new PM, it is quite pleasant to know that Kareena Kapoor will embrace Islam after getting married to Saif Ali Khan. The Islamic world will be enlightened, with better aesthetics and the hope of seeing charming faces protesting against US "aggression" instead of the mechanically motivated Mullahs, inadvertently charged unemployed youth and frantically ignited lawyers. Not that the Muslim Ummah is devoid of charm, it is just hidden in the black robe which once put on, serves as a great leveler like death for all women (whether charming or plain). Women lose their conspicuous characteristics in the robe; there are most definitely some charming ladies who don't use this black robe and walk in beauty like a night of cloudless climes and starry skies but unfortunately they don't express the anger required to be measured as a protest against cartoons, movies, policies or opinions unleashed by the US or Europe.

Most of them are into NGOs which, you know, excitedly seek only two things: Happening (If not violence) against women and dollars from abroad in return for glamorising this happening. (Of course I am not talking about all NGOs). Those reading this blog are automatically exempt from this allegation.

By the way Kareena's conversion reminds me of the U-Turn PPP took on writing the wretched letter that paved the way for Mr. Zardari to complete the longest period in office as the head of a democratically elected government, though two vindictive journalists, who also happen to be foreign nationality holders, are still sketching a situation in which a lone airplane is waiting in some far flung area for the handcuffed Zardari going to bring back the allegedly plundered wealth from Switzerland. They further see some lists comprising the names of "unwanted" politicians being prepared somewhere, perhaps in their imaginary GHQ. The nostalgia of dictatorial rule lasts long and it is really hard to come out of the agony particularly when journalists start cherishing it.

They see, in the far deeper recesses of their morbid imagination, the prolonged rule of the provisional government, the government of technocrats, bent on bringing corrupt politicians to task. A doctor-turned-journalist has been using Quranic injunctions to substantiate the virulence against the resilience of Mr Zardari. Very few people know that both the journalists were staying in a hotel in Islamabad to meet Mr. Zardari a few years back. The journalist with the US nationality wanted to become ambassador, whereas the doctor turned journalist enthusiastically sought Zardari's kind eye. This is the same guy who would sing songs, sitting at Zardari’s feet, after which he rendered a high profile in state owned television.

Unfortunately, Zardari refused to meet both of them. The virulence turned against wrath and wrath is going to become madness – madness devoid of method.

I have no sympathy for Zardari if he does indeed suffer at the hands of those who are making lists, and if that does happen, one thing is for sure we would all plunge headlong into the abyss of political anarchy, violence and disappointment. Karl Marx says history repeats itself first as tragedy and then as farce. There are two hurdles in the establishment of any unconstitutional disposition: one, the judiciary and the other, the media but immediate history says both start following the line of establishment and both get carried away by the popular perception which is always a hindrance in reaching out to logic. Sympathies easily get closer to sufferings than logic. No media or judiciary can block the establishment of an unconstitutional set up.

The letter controversy has saved the PPP government from embarrassment on many a real issue. The judiciary actually proved itself the most friendly opposition for the government. Very successfully Zardari has kept the controversies alive for some smooth sailing. The trial of three army generals is another success, though these are wages of the extension. Revived relations with India, progress with Russia, cohesion with China and common interest with Iran has turned over a new leaf in our foreign policy. In the wake of emerging paradigms of a new cold war, we are required to take a firm and clear position. The PPP government has symbolically taken that position by relinquishing the approach of playing second fiddle to US strategy, though establishment will take its time to come out of the blind alley of strategic depth.

I feel really sorry for the journalists who are underestimating Asif Zardari’s political acumen.


The author is a TV producer, with a special interest in politics, literature and philosophy.



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