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Denigrating Islam and Muslims


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AN Israeli Jew, Sam Bacile, based in California has made the film, ‘Innocence of Muslims’, in which he reportedly belittled Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

When this led to rioting in the Middle East and violence, causing the regrettable killing of some innocent Americans in Libya, including ambassador Chris Stevens. Mr Bacile, who had, according to his consultant, Steve Klein, said: “Islam is cancer, period.”

This shows the mischievous intent of the filmmaker. If only he had bothered to read about what the Prophet of Islam had actually taught, he would have, in his saner moments, decided to desist from slandering Islam and its Messenger.

He might have learned, for instance, that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had enjoined upon his followers that, “when the bier of anyone passes by you, whether [of a] Jew, Christian, or Muslim, rise to your feet.”

According to yet another tradition, once a bier passed by him, and he stood up; and it was said to him: “This is the bier of a Jew.” Muhammad (peace be upon him) said something to the effect, “Was he not a soul?”

All of this goes to show how enlightened and humane an approach the Prophet had towards even the Jews and Christians.

A cursory look at history shows that Muslims and Jews had, for centuries, enjoyed cordial relations in places like Spain (during the Muslim rule); the Ottoman Empire where they had been granted asylum by Ottoman rulers; and even Palestine.

However, the relations soured once Zionism appeared on the scene and efforts began to uproot the Palestinians from their homeland under flimsy pretexts.

In his well known book, ‘The Road to Makkah’, Muhammad Asad (the former Austrian Jew, Leopold Weiss) has cited Dr Jacob de Haan, a Jewish friend and former law teacher, as criticising the Zionists way back in the early20th century. Dr de Haan had accused them of trying to build a ‘national home’ by committing the crime of depriving another people (the Palestinians) of its home.

M.P. CHISHTI                                 Karachi

Strikes, violence and protests

STRIKE has become a common way to protest which is observed in Pakistan due to loadshedding, blasphemy, national interest or provincial interest, etc. Our nation calls for strike by shutting down markets.

Strike is a way of protest for getting genuine demands fulfilled when other means have failed but, unfortunately, it is being misused in Pakistan. Strike is the only source through which problems of our nation are raised.

But violent strikes are deadly, affecting our country as uneducated people do not think about national interests and are used. They shut down markets, shops and burn public buses and property while protesting.

In major cities, when political parties call for strikes, it affects the whole country. Pakistan is facing a severe economic crisis. Industries lose billions of rupees and they are shifting to other countries. For example, textile industries have been shifted from Pakistan to India and Bangladesh.

It is increasing the ratio of unemployment. The daily wage workers are more disturbed and are financially exploited.

There are many examples in history in which nations got their rights by peaceful protests and not by violent acts. Such as in the early 20th century the Swadeshi movement was organised by Hindus of the subcontinent to protest against the partition of Bengal by boycotting British goods.

Nowadays our media is becoming mature and it can be a useful tool for us to raise our voice. Mostly people who take part in strikes are uneducated and unaware of its consequences. The media can be a best platform to educate our nation.

In the Holy Quran, Allah says: “Verily Allah will never change the condition of the people until they change themselves.” (Surah Ra’ad, Ayah 11) No one will come to bring about a change for us, only we ourselves can do this.


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Iqbal abbas Sep 22, 2012 05:23pm
The film maker is a Coptic Christian of Egyptian origin. Not an israeli.
Gerry D'Cunha Sep 22, 2012 10:04am
why do muslims not follow the teaching of their prophet as mention in the quran and show thw world how tolerance they are like other faiths in the world. The world has no problems with other dozen of faiths and religion but islam. Why?
Abduk Gafoor Sep 22, 2012 10:20pm
OK. Assuming that this is true. Is all forgiven and back to normal after killing a few hundred people, burning public property and destroying societal values even more. If a lunatic's film can cause so much damage, what would these religious thugs do if the incitement was similar violence? Moderate people should now start voicing their opinions against violence.
zeeshan Sep 22, 2012 03:49pm
dear brother not only uneducated but also well educated people were in rallies which is there due right ... i think street protests are much effective in response to raise voice against these blasphemous films rather than coming on talk show and then vanished from it...
sb Sep 22, 2012 08:14pm
Mr Chisti - I understand the idea you are projecting in your message here, but please do us a favor. Can you read through the life of the Prophet (PBUH) and tell us which aspects of his life is being emulated by the Muslim world today? What teachings or the way of life of the Prophet are actually seriously being implemented in the Middle East and other Islamic nations? One cannot pick and choose the teachings we want to live by. I have complete sympathies for the Palestinian people, and it is true that they were wronged. But what wrongs have the other non-Muslims done to deserve the treatment that they receive in Islamic countries?
freeman Sep 22, 2012 07:19pm
I may not agree with what you say, but I will give my life to defend your rights to express your views - Voltaire. Freedon of expression and freedom of press determines the values of civilisation. No one forces you to see a film or read a news paper!! you are free to choose why prevent others from expressing their views ?
atheist Sep 22, 2012 04:55pm
Muslims co exisit peacefully with other communities like christians , jews or Hindus as long as they are minorities .When they become majority they impose sharia on minority too .How can there be peace when there is no respect for minorities?
Elvis Repotter Sep 23, 2012 02:54am
USA should utilize freedom of speech more sensibly. They should stop provoking Muslims around the world and realize their grave mistake of extending the idea of freedom of speech by insulting 1.6 Billion sentiments. Above all, by insulting the beloved prophet of muslims, you are pushing all 1.6 billion muslims to fight back in every possible way to defend the honor of their prophet. Muslims responded by both peaceful protests and violent protests but its a degree of their education and passion! Its time for USA to understand that their ideology is simply dead now and pretty soon Russia-China will take over the world!
AL Sep 23, 2012 04:36am
Every person is responsible for his actions. So, blaming the "Jew": (actually he is a Copt from Egypt), no matter what the offence, is an example of not taking responsibility for one's actions. Holy figures and books say all kinds of stuff. But your actions show what kind of person you are.
Humanist Sep 23, 2012 04:15am
It is unfortunate that the mischievous elements have succeeded in proving that Muslims are wild, barbaric and uncivilized in their reaction and behaviors.
Abhishek Sep 23, 2012 04:11am
@Latif. U did not answer Gerry question.
Badri Tripathy Sep 23, 2012 02:39am
Every time an issue like this erupts about Islam or Muhammad the Islamic world advises others to read something to understand him or the religion. This has such a cliche. I am not sure what is written in those verses and if it is subject to interpretation differently by "scholars" and "Jihadists". However do they really except everyone to read all the literature before commenting about anything concerning these? How about other things like "Public Perception" , "Intolerance of Muslims", "Acts of terrorism". I guess before shooting down a suicide bomber the commando must quickly crosscheck with the Quran and make sure that blowing up someone is not sanctioned by Mr. Muhammad.
Think Sep 22, 2012 08:01pm
Latif I am trying to understand what you are saying -- however don't Muslims often criticize other religions-- calling the other "infidels" Should those other religions respond with violence? I don't think violence is a way of proving how peaceful and great any religion is .
Latif Sep 22, 2012 12:55pm
Muslims are protesting not because they hate USA, France or other Western countries. They are protesting against the double standards used by these Governments by condoning and promoting the expression of hate against Muslims and Islam under the cover of freedom of speech.
SJ Sep 22, 2012 08:17pm
There is an outright ban on ?Holocaust denial? in seventeen countries along with the option for ALL European Union members states to prosecute it, to protect 13.7 million Jews? sensibilities but it is ?freedom of speech and expression? to insult and denigrate the religion and the religious beliefs of 1.7 billion Muslims. And this double standard is truly what is being protested