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Animal quiz

September 22, 2012

1.    The night vision of tigers is how many times better than that of humans?

2.    Which species of tigers have the fewest stripes?

3.    Tigers are not known to live in the wild in all parts of the world, in which continent are they currently found in the wild?

4.   Are the stripes of a tiger identical to those of others of its species, identical within family units or no two tigers have the same patterns of stripes?

5.    What is the name of the phobia that involves an abnormal fear of spiders?

6.    Bees are found on every continent of earth except for one, which is it?

7.    What is the only continent on earth where giraffes live in the wild?

8.    How many pairs of wings does a bee have?

9.    How many legs does a spider have?

10.    What is the most recognisable physical feature of the male lion? — Rehan Jalal


1.    The night vision of tigers is about six times as good as the night vision of most humans.

2.    Amur, also known as Siberian, tigers have the fewest stripes of all tigers although they are the world’s largest tigers, with males growing nearly 11 feet long!

3.    Tigers are indigenous only to the continent of Asia.

4.    No two tigers have the same pattern of stripes, each has a unique pattern of stripes like each human being has unique fingerprints different from those of others.

5.    Arachnophobia

6.    Antarctica

7.    Africa

8.    2 (two)

9.    8 (eight)

10.    Its mane