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Rehman Malik still senator, minister, says Anwar Mansoor

Published Sep 20, 2012 07:30am


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Interior Minister Rehman Malik. — File photo

ISLAMABAD: Rehman Malik's counsel, Barrister Anwar Mansoor, on Thursday said that the Supreme Court had not disqualified his client through its verdict on the dual nationality case, adding that, it was up to Senate Chairman Nayyar Hussain Bukhari to decide on Malik's membership, DawnNews reported.

Speaking to media representatives after the court's verdict in the said case, Mansoor said Malik remained a senator as well as a minister, adding that, the court had forwarded the matter to the Senate's chairman.

The Senate's chairman would assess the legal requisites and implications and then decide on Malik's membership, Mansoor said.

Responding to a question, the counsel said the decision pertaining to initiation of criminal proceedings against Malik would be taken by a concerned court.

On the occasion, Malik, who was accompanying his counsel, said he respected the decision of the Supreme Court.

Earlier today, the Supreme Court ruled that lawmakers holding dual nationalities were not eligible to hold any public officers and declared all such lawmakers as disqualified.

Ruling that Rehman Malik was a British citizen until May 29, 2012, the verdict stated that the PPP leader was not transparent with respect to his statements and could no longer be considered ‘sadiq’ and ‘ameen’.

The Senate’s chairman should send a reference against Malik, the court ruled, adding that, the minister’s affidavit for the Senate’s election was not factual.

On July 27, Malik was sworn in as the federal minister for interior. Earlier the same day, Malik had also taken the oath as a member of the Senate. Malik was elected unopposed in the by-election for the Senate seat vacated by him following a legal battle over his dual nationality. He had subsequently renounced his UK citizenship.


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Comments (12) Closed

ali Sep 20, 2012 12:32pm
he lied under oath..that's enough to disqualify him.
aslam Sep 20, 2012 11:21am
this decion is not agaist malik and others,it is against all those working class overseas pakistanis who are supporting pakistan sending billions of dollers monthly.Be assured this will sooner be stopped and then we will see that how all these decion makers going to survive.they wont money to get salaries.worst decison they are going towards breaking my pakistan.aslam overseas pakistani
Asim H Khan Sep 20, 2012 11:47am
Same as our President Zardari, he was punished and now sitting as a President of Pakistan. Pakistan and Pakistanis losing their respect in the world because of corruption. We are seeing daily killings in Pakistan, high price of necessary items, no electricity and water. There is no action from anyone, it is on going for the last couple of years. Where is Army, Supreme Court and so called Political leaders. Allah save Pakistan and Pakistanis from corruption!!!
arif Sep 20, 2012 10:19am
I AGREE, Court should ALSO disqualify those senetors and public office holder who are arguing unnecessary with the Court decession. During the tenure of PPP Citizen of Pakistan got many news of clashes between the institution due to only one person. It will be good for PPP to disqualify ASIF ZARDARI or Court should out the President. Otherwise PPP will lose the credibility in PUBLIC.
Abduallah Sep 20, 2012 10:17am
who cares? this is democracy!
Reader Sep 20, 2012 08:16am
It's shocking that time and time again these pakistani politicians continue to tell a lie just to obtain political and public office. How can pakistani's allow Malik to hold public office when he lie under oath all those years ago and only relinquished his British citizenship in May 2012. A joke. He should return all the money WITH INTEREST back to the govt coffers.
hafeezullah2k Sep 20, 2012 05:54pm
What would you except otherwise?
Tariq Iqbal Khan Sep 20, 2012 01:39pm
Our most able and most honest President's able words are a fit moral to this story, "Democracy is the best revenge".
Feroze Sep 20, 2012 02:04pm
We have all seen this behaviour time and again remeber the fake degrees?, the Income tax returns when they swear that they do not even own a car let alone the huge palaces they live in and the real state they have overseas? the citizenship of other countries that hundreds of senior government employees have acquired during their official assignments, such as, Hussain Haqqani, most of PIA senior staff posted in USA and God knows who else. I would not call this democracy and good governance, it is each to his own schemes.
Afzal K. Sep 20, 2012 02:02pm
Honestly, someone explain to the nation,what favour this man Rehman Malick had done to Bhutto-Zardari family that they can't afford to shun him. He lied, cheated about his status as dual national, now man responsible for law & order in the country.
Dr. Malek Towghi/Tauqee Sep 20, 2012 08:24pm
In addition to perjury and false statements concerning his British citizenship, Rahman Malik as Interior Minister and in other capacities should be punished by the court for his gross violations of the constitution and grim extrajudicial acts in Balochistan and Karachi including enforced disappearances (abductions), target-killings, torture, killing and mutilating some of these abducted Balochs's dead bodies. As the boss of the FC, Rahman Malik is responsible for this notorious outfit's crimes in Balochistan. The FC could not commit these crimes without his orders.
Iqbal Sep 21, 2012 02:51am
Dear which credibility are you talking about..... can you give a single example of credibility for PPP?