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Mistaking handshakes for friendship

Published Aug 29, 2012 04:35pm


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Pakistan, we are told, has an archenemy and a steadfast friend at its borders. Telling them apart, however, may not be that easy.

One neighbour, where Muslims are a minority, has declared Eid festival a national holiday for all. The other neighbour discourages Muslims from fasting and attending mosques during working hours. One neighbour allows Muslim to practice their faith as they see fit; the other tries to regulate Islamic practices. One neighbour facilitates Muslims' annual pilgrimage to Makkah by building dedicated complexes near airports. The other permits only the elderly, or those who the State finds patriotic, to perform the Hajj (pilgrimage). Pakistanis share culture, cuisine, and history with one neighbour. With the other no extensive cultural bonds exist.

Despite the State's tight clamp on the 23 million Chinese Muslims in the northwest, Pakistanis continue to consider China a steadfast friend. Whereas, Indian Muslims practice their faith without government meddling, Pakistanis consider India an archenemy.

It was only in 2009 when 150 people died in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang, when the Muslim Uighurs demanded greater religious freedoms. While the protest-happy Jamat-i-Islami has been quick to condemn the Burmese authorities for ill-treating Burmese Muslims, Jamat and other 'champions' of Muslims causes remained eerily quiet on Uighurs. With China officially designated as a friend, even the religious zealots in Pakistan willingly ignore China’s indiscretions against the Muslim minority.

This is not to argue that everything is hunky dory for Muslims in India. Communal riots have resulted in thousands of Muslims deaths in Gujarat alone. In Indian administered Kashmir, where Muslims have a sizeable population, human rights organisations have reported 70,000 deaths in the past decade. Only recently the discovery of mass graves in Indian-administered Kashmir revealed thousands of dead bodies of Kashmiri youth.  Compared with the 150 deaths in China in 2009, the scale of Muslim deaths in India, even after controlling for the large Indian Muslim population, cannot be ignored or diminished. Why would I then question if China is Pakistan’s true friend.

There is no doubt that India has mishandled, to say the least, the situation in Kashmir. By deploying brute force against Kashmiris, India has ended up on the wrong side of history; as has Pakistan in her dealings with the Balochs. While the violence against Muslims in India is repugnant, outside of Kashmir (where evidence of the State’s collusion in violence may no longer be ignored) the violence is not resulting from state-sanctioned policies.

More often than not, communal discord causes violence between Muslims and Hindus in congested urban centres. In Mumbai, a congested city where strict competition for limited resources keeps all communities on edge, Hindus and Muslims have been embroiled in disputes and violence. It is no secret that landlords in choice neighbourhoods in New Delhi routinely refuse renting housing to Muslims. Even Muslim movie stars have reported discrimination in Mumbai’s housing market.

Despite the violence against Muslims in India, and Muslim-led attacks on Indian Parliament in New Delhi or on hotels and other landmarks in Mumbai, the Indian government has not instituted policies to regulate religious practices of minorities. Muslims are free to attend mosques and shrines, observe religious ceremonies in open, have their internal disputes settled as per Islamic laws, and lobby for greater Muslim rights within the Indian federation.

I have visited the Jamia mosque in New Delhi and the imambargahs in Lucknow. There were no signs of any restriction near mosques or shrines in India. In fact, weeks later when I arrived in Pakistan I saw heavy police guards around imambargahs where security forces were deployed to protect Muslim places of worships against attacks by fellow Muslims.

China, unlike India, is struggling with the very concept of religion. It is not just Muslims, but Christians, Buddhists, and several others who have been subjected to the State's heavy handedness. As incomes rise and information flows more freely to China, the State will come under immense pressure to allot religion some space in the body politic, which has not been the case to date.

The Pakistan-China ‘friendship’ represents more of a strategic defence partnership between Pakistan and China than a grassroots movement based on people-to-people cultural ties. Pakistan has, until recently, served the same purpose for China’s ‘strategic depth’ vis-à-vis India as Afghanistan has served for Pakistan. By having an unsympathetic Pakistan on the India’s western borders, China must have found it convenient to deal with India from the other side, especially after China’s war with India in 1962.

Less than a decade after Sino-India war, Pakistan played the role of a fixer by facilitating a secret rendezvous for Henry Kissinger with the Chinese leadership. The Chinese were until then isolated from the rest of the western world. The clandestine ‘Ping-Pong diplomacy’ between the US and China was hosted by the Pakistanis that resulted in ending China’s isolation. For this, the Chinese have been grateful. However, 40 years later, the Chinese are getting tired of doing favours for Pakistan in return. This was explicitly obvious recently from China’s refusal to assist Pakistan in a crisis with the balance of payments. Moreover, China and India together are now part of the global value chains where a military conflict between the two is highly remote, thus further reducing Pakistan’s utility to the Chinese defence strategy.

The 70s and 80s were the high-time of state propaganda about the Sino-Pak friendship. School-going children in Pakistan were taught songs about Pak-China friendship. During Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s tenure, the federal government disbursed books to young students exalting the virtues of Chinese communism. I remember receiving books as prize in school that told stories of Chinese workers organising against a feudal who was making roosters crow earlier than usual in the morning so that the workers were tricked into working longer hours. I was not very enthusiastic of having such a heavy dose of communism administered in lieu of a real prize.

Pakistanis in the short run may not see India in a different light given that they see Indo-Pak relations mostly in Kashmir’s context where a lot remains unresolved. Indians also remain suspicious of Pakistanis when they see armed militants from Pakistan landing at a beach in Mumbai.

Despite the mutual misgivings, Indians and Pakistanis cannot break free of the shared history, heritage, and culture. There is much in common between the two peoples to be able to seek common ground on all outstanding matters. Pakistan’s long-term relations with China, however, may need a serious rethink even at the official levels because other than the mutual distrust of India, not much is common between the Chinese and Pakistani peoples.

In the absence of a common language, music, or cuisine, it is hard to see why Pakistanis and Chinese would see each other as bosom buddies. There exists a formal relationship between the two States, which may not be confused with steadfast friendship between the two peoples. As Ahmad Faraz once wrote: Not everyone who shakes your hand is a friend.


Murtaza Haider, Ph.D. is the Associate Dean of research and graduate programs at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University in Toronto. He can be reached by email at


The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.


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Murtaza Haider is a Toronto-based academic and the director of

He tweets @regionomics

The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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hira lal deb roy Aug 29, 2012 03:12pm
Mr.Akhter, Don"t be sentimental. Give reasons.
Imran Aug 31, 2012 06:29pm
Pakistan was not created because Islam was in danger in India. Pakistan was created to avoid Muslims living as a minority in India.It was a purely economical reason. As for your last few sentences, I really cant see what you are on about. Does the Quran forbid us from befriending the Chinese?
insaan Aug 31, 2012 12:19pm
Awesome question! I guess they don't have any answer to this question like many other questions! you hit the bulls eye!
Umesh Aug 29, 2012 03:15pm
It is true that India and Pakistan share a common heritage, culture and history. But in last 65 years we have drifted away. Pakistan sees everything through the lens of religion whereas India see things through secular values. Pakistan is burning with anger and wants to "get even" with India for losing all wars it had started with India. Pakistan has brainwashed its population to think that every thing Indian is about Hindus and Hindus must be hated. Through repeated terrorist attacks Indians have come to see Pakistan as a country of fanatics and terrorists. Given all this, it is not surprising where we are today and it is hard to believe things would change anytime soon. How things will shape in the distant future depends on the policy makers in Pakistan i.e. the military. Till now Pakistani military has no incentives to make peace with India and have every incentives to keep the pot boiling. That gives ammunition to the hard liners in India. But it is a good idea to emphasize our common values and hope it would help reduce the animosity which will lead to better ties in the distant future.
Ravi Seru Aug 31, 2012 07:18pm
We, Indian, Pakistanis,Bangladesh etc., are part of the great civilization. We have suffered enormously through several centuries. This is the time to rise again. We can rise again only through mutual respect, coexistence and good governance. India has partly succeeded in this respect. Bangladesh is limping towards this path. However, Pakistan us still struggling to make up its mind.
Mohdudul Huq Aug 31, 2012 08:28pm
In many non-Muslim countries Muslims are treated as second class citizen; whereas many Muslim countries give high paid jobs to non-Muslim (in Middle East countries}.
surrinder gill USA Aug 30, 2012 12:56am
Please tell me how the article is a non sense. China is communist regime which does not allow the God worship. You find one thing which is incorrect or false. Do you deny that your ancesters were Hindus at some time, common language, culture, history or food. Will you deny Taj mahal, lal Quila, Kutab Minar, Lakhnow or five rivers do not flow in both Punjab. Get your DNA test and I sure you it must match with some family in India. Bro we have divided house but do not divide hearts. We should be best friends and brothers and jointly we can come at top of the world. SAATHI HAATH MILANA, EK AKELA THAK JAEGA, MIL KAR BOJH UTHANA. let us unite as EU tomake our peoples life best and safe.
US Pakistani Aug 31, 2012 02:18am
The author belongs to Iranian lobby.
Arjun Aug 30, 2012 12:28am
There are dawn authors who write great articles but then there are those who are outstanding just by sheer talent-like this article. However, it does not really matter today for us Indians what Pakistanis think about India as long as they do not try to get close to India or Indian muslims. Other wise a developing Pakistan is good for us but a developing handshaking Pakistan that tries to use religion to divide southasia is not good for us. India will be reluctant to shake hands with Pakistan as long as islamic agenda dominates Pakistan. Until Pakistanis learn to live as human beings rather than muslims, India or China will not change the fate or destiny. The author is right but China is increasingly becoming friend to "an India" that is refusing and rather hating to have religious agenda or violence in its society. So where does Pakistan fit in a Indian agenda which will never allow religious nations access its fragile secular society? No where!! So China is your bet for now...
ask Aug 30, 2012 04:17am
I am an American with Pakistani heritage. Recently, I had an opportunity to visit China for the first time. People over there gave me so much love just because I was born in Pakistan that I felt like a celebrity among my Chinese friends. China has no tolerance for religion based politics. Look at China, how many religious mascara happened in China, where in India , 1947 Muslim,Sikhs killed each other, 1984 Sikh mascara of New Delhi, 2003 Gujarat killings of Muslim, 1998, Asama killing of Muslims, ongoing killing of Kashmir, and then go back 500 years and you will see India has always been embroiled in religion strife. Pakistanis are so intolerant to minorities and done some real bad things to Ahmadis too. Your article was written in good faith but what it has nothing to do with the global realities. The fact is China is a super power and true friend of your country. There are very few countries who Pakistan can depend on due to bad governance. In that hard time your enemies are looking to stab you. You can not discredit a friend that stood by you in thick and think.
Bhaskar Sep 04, 2012 06:58am
i m so sorry to wake you up from your delusions , sir. First of all, there is no such feelings against india in arunachal, if there are then they are very small n the ppl associated with them are very naive. I have been there for more than 4 yrs so i know the ground situation n not thru some blogs et all. about the blog.....i whole heartedly believe the author here. Muslims have n continue to face discrimination in our country in some sporadic parts, but so do other ppl. it happens in every developing country trying to get up. its also not required for me to tell the affects of corruption , nepotism, hawala etc in our region. about china, i think pakistan does have a good "ally" there in china, but terming the same as a "friend" is a bit too much, especially "taller than mountains n deepers than oceans" n wat not. Pakistan's relation is china is very much comparable to the relation india enjoyed with the soviet russia. no more no less.
Vijay Kanchan Aug 30, 2012 04:47am
Good article. Being from New Delhi I agree that Muslims find it difficult to rent property in that city. The numerous terror incidents have taken a toll on Indian psyche. There is a trust deficit, so to say. But we do put Muslims in our Parliament, in the Supreme Court, as Heads of Armed Forces, and even in the President's Palace...and have done this more than once! Some sanity still prevails...
Vasu Aug 29, 2012 06:35pm
I totally agree with your frank opinions regarding state policies of india towards its muslim community. This should be a eye opener for those ignorant Pakistanis who always think that Indian govt. do not treat muslims equal. I also wondered many times why pakistani religious zealots did not make a issue of uighurs. This is even when the whole world came to know that their muslim brothers are being suppressed and their religious lives controlled completely by communist state machinery. On the contrary, why would have protest against burmese when they know that it was a isolated communal riot that started with raping of a rakhine buddhist woman. This is just an example of hypocrisy in pakistani society. Needless to say that pakistan is born out of hatred and the idea of religion is just a fuel to the fire as per the relationship between india and pakistan is concerned.
Neeraj Aug 30, 2012 10:16am
Must i speak of the relationship that Indians and Pakistani share especially as students in western countries , During my time in UK , almost 80 percent of time Indians & Pakistani would cook together, eat together and party together , yes the the Pakistanis used to be friendly with Chinese, but only on a very formal level .
MS Aug 30, 2012 12:58am
Nonsense article!!!!!! Pakistan has its own culture. Music, food, festivals etc of Pakistan have a Pakistani flavor to it. China has always proved and is still proving its friendship.
sijjee Aug 29, 2012 03:15pm
Is that really how you feel or are you trying to prove to someone that you can think out of the box? There is no such thing as friendship but instead alliances and pacts when it comes to countries, specially in this day and age when wars are uncommon. The alliance between Pakistan and China is born out of necessity rather than misconception and deceit. Based on the politics of the region it is difficult for an Asian country (Pakistan specifically) to have good foreign relations with both China and India simultaneously, however that does not justify you to try and misrepresent the relationship between Pakistan and China in order promote good Indo-Pak relationship.
ROHIT PANDEY Aug 29, 2012 10:16pm
India and China have cultural similarities and share Buddhism as a common heritage. The Buddhist University of long ago in Nalanda which was once destroyed by Muslim marauding Muslim armies are being rebuilt and will prove to be a strong tie not with just Chinese Buddhists but from entire Asia.
Seedoo Aug 29, 2012 06:31pm
Take a moment to reflect what the intelligent author has written, and you will see value in it. Just because it goes against your years of brainwashing, does not necessarily mean the article is an utter nonsense.
Sarfaraz Durrani Aug 31, 2012 06:52am
"My enemy's enemy is my friend." This idiom could not find a more suitable place than the relationship between India and Pakistan.
kamaljit Singh Aug 29, 2012 03:08pm
i agree .
pathanoo Aug 30, 2012 03:49pm
Great Wish. May it come true.
Schabboo Khan Aug 29, 2012 02:37pm
Your head is stuck in the sand, my friend. Times have changed and so should we
raika45 Aug 29, 2012 02:36pm
China does not shake hands with others for no reason.Your so called friend will at some time look for a payback.It has not become economically and financially successful by doling out favors like it is doing to your country.How much CASH has China ever given your country? The rest of the aid is usually tied with cheap LOANS.You forgive the transgressions it does to muslims in it's country, but raise your voice when other countries do it.Grow up Akhter Saeed and see the real world.You have no idea what China has in store for the future.Nations in the South China Sea area are now beginning to find out.
NKhan Aug 30, 2012 04:01am
I have notice recently Dawn writers are trying to impose on the readers their weird Ideas and are trying to rewrite the history of Pakistan. Is it necessary to be friend we need common language, cuisine or music its sheer nonsense. It looks like Murtaza Haider is too impressed by Bolywood movies and Indian media Propaganda, My advise to him is to visit Times of India website and see the comments indian people post against Pakistan, Islam, Allah and Prophet Muhammad and then he will realise the true mentality of Indians and the reason of enimosity. Dawn is becoming like Times of India or to cut cost they have outsource the news paper to a Chennai based company.
BRR Aug 31, 2012 03:28pm
i wish it does !!
Sapan Kapoor Aug 29, 2012 02:06pm
We want friendship, peaceful co-existence, and fraternal ties with Pakistan. Conflict between India and Pakistan must retire at 65 and give way to peace, love and friendship. Let's have a new beginning. We're not your enemy. We want friendship and peaceful co-existence.
Raghu Aug 29, 2012 02:05pm
An excellent article from Murtaza Haider. The writer has given a sharp contrast of Pakistan's people and their government's mindset towards their two neighbors - vis-a-vis India and China. The dragon country has nothing to share in common with Pakistan history or culture except for the fact as the adage goes "an enemy's enemy is a friend of mine". On the contrary, Pakistan was carved out of India which has roots in it and shares almost everything with. Common culture, language, practices, people and above all history. If the comparison were to be drawn with regard to plight of Muslims in both countries, India can boast of a treatment on par of its minorities. Except few skirmishes here and there, Muslims have made a rapid stride in all walks of life. Unlike china, in India Muslims enjoy all fundamental and religious rights provided by the constitution. Here a Muslim has an opportunity to become from an ordinary Govt. servant to even the head of the state. (Mr Hamid Ansari - Vice President). Can we imagine this in Pakistan with regard to its minorities? - Truly, next to impossible. Its indeed surprising when the writer mentions that books of Chinese culture and friendship were taught in Pakistani schools and at the same time were taught Hindus as their enemies and should be treated as second class citizens. Its high time that Pakistanis should change their perception towards India rather than seeing it from a prism of suspicion. Because its the third party (read China) which is actually benefiting from this conflict of distrust.
GRK Aug 29, 2012 06:44pm
Wow an amazing article. Hats off to you Mr. Murtaza Haider
Sonny Azhak Aug 30, 2012 04:59pm
Haroon, India's military deployment and current upgrades of 500 strategic and tactical points along the entire North West to North East regions bordering Tibet and Xinjiang is forcing China to do the same. China also faces US forces based in Japan and S Korea, not to mention Russia's recent military upgrades of ports close to China. China is itself encircled by US, Japanese, Russian and Korean forces, and its internal problems make it very difficult to start a war with India or Japan or the US!
Haroon Aug 29, 2012 06:44pm
Is there a common language, cuisine, or culture between the Germans and the French? How about the Italians and the British? Wait let us make this more interesting. Is there a common culture, language, cuisine and tradition between India and Iran? No............................... The French and the Germans are the only reason the EU is still afloat. The Italians and British are diplomatically very close to countercatch the north european continental powers. The Indians and the Iranians are so polar opposite that it is fantastically unbeleiveable. Yet they not only have thriving diplomatic and commercial relations; they even have a military dente where India uses Iran as a check on Pakistan. I seriously request you to take this article of Dawn and stop doing a disservice to the great Chinese Nation who have done so much for Pakistan! Long Live China-Pakistan Friendship!
Imran Aug 31, 2012 06:46pm
Thats great news.
nanda Aug 29, 2012 06:57pm
I love anyone who love their country, and like anyone who think and speak about their country :-)
Madan Aug 29, 2012 06:40pm
One may draw any kind of inference from the article but the fact is that the article represents a true picture of relationship among Pakistan,India and China.Pakistan should learn from India's experience of its friendship with China, draw some lessons and not live in a fool's paradise.My feeling is that Pakistan builds relationships,though temporary, with those countries which can spare money for its military and day to day running of its government.There is a saying in English language that nothing comes free in this world.China also understands the depth to which its friendship can go when dealing with Pakistan.After all whatever Pakistan got from China is not working as it was envisaged so this is not a wise path to follow and instead get some good help from India whose culture gels well with Pakistan's culture.
zak Aug 31, 2012 10:33am
excellent point
Mohammed Ali Aug 29, 2012 06:35pm
Strategic alliances don't depend on how one country treats its minority citizens. If that were the case, not western country should consider Pakistan a friend, given how we treat our own minorities
zak Aug 31, 2012 10:44am
we were never one nation, we were one empire under the mughals and then a lesser one under the British, once the empire ended, independence came to most of the nations, some by deceit got left in the artificial country called India and hence they fight for independence 65 years on-that is the reality-and inevitably the natural outcome will be as in all history-freedom.
zak Aug 31, 2012 10:46am
Ha, Ha, be glad dawn even published your name and comments-indian websites do not publish one comment from pakistan-and only leave indian hindu's comments. India press is not free they should learn from pakistan.
friend ind Aug 29, 2012 06:32pm
excellent article ... need more such rational thoughts.
AHA Aug 29, 2012 09:00pm
I fully appreciate and understand your comment. After 65 years of being fed on lies and distortions of fact, we Pakistani simply do not have any appetite for truth.
Rakesh Aug 30, 2012 03:32am
Well, Dawn is paper meant for discerning and thinking folks; not hate uninformed mongers. If you read carefully the article condemns where condemnation is due and points out similarities where they exist. Being an Indian, I can also easily take issues with negative news from Kasmir. But I won't because what is said is a fact without going into the reasons for this negative situation to persist for this long.
Yemeen Zuberi Aug 31, 2012 12:22am
Murtaza has raised some questions from a little different perspective. However, my answers would be as follows: Muslims living in the countries where they are in minority must follow the laws of the land, as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did during his stay in an infidel Makkah. These Muslims must show that they are very useful and highly productive law abiding citizens. In their own ranks they must bring unity and tolerance for each other, and for others, too. Pakistan must adopt, and I think it already has, a policy of respecting all nations including India; and it must increase relations with a country if it is getting respect and moral and material benefits form it. Today
surinder Aug 30, 2012 02:12am
Excellent analysis. The earlier the two countries (India and Pakistan) realise it, the better. As more and more time passes, tthe two countries will countjnue to drift apart making it difficult to come togather.
Aslam Aug 30, 2012 02:12am
Mr. Saeed, Delusional thinking does not change the facts.
anshu Aug 29, 2012 10:50pm
@Murtaza Haider Honestly speaking I am impressed with the "As Is" analysis. It's really good and I never thought a Pakistani will think this pragmatically. Please don't take in negative light; but take it as a compliment. Real change can only be brought in if the Pakistani people start looking at the world in a more practical perspective than conspiracies and religion alone.
Mansoor Ali Syed Aug 30, 2012 12:21am
Forget the utterly lame arguments in the article. you are a PhD? Really?
babur Aug 29, 2012 11:12pm
Using brain is not allowed to muslims, wake up or perish.
sri1ram Aug 31, 2012 04:01am
Civi, when you say "Pakistan and India will be one country", your meaning is probably an innocent unity, oneness, people-people thing. But for most people in the deep state, it immediately evokes hegemonic hope of Indians and Hindus. As an Indian, I categorically say that both Indians and Pakistanis are better off as separate nation states. The best we can, rather should, hope for is a federation where the nation-states peacefully interact for the prosperity of both our peoples.
D. Brar Aug 29, 2012 05:42pm
Wonderful article. Seems as if author has copied all of my thoughts in his article. People to people Pakistanis and Chines are same thing as Indian and Russians. There is nothing common. Living in a western country for 40 years have not stopped me from reading The Dawn everyday. That is what I call an unbreakable cultural bond. At state level India and Russia are very close. But I dont read Russian news papers. Outside of my adopted country it is only India and Pakistan where my cultural connections are.
Prabhat Aug 29, 2012 10:35pm
Awesome article
Anon Aug 29, 2012 08:50pm
Extremely well reasoned analysis.
sri1ram Aug 31, 2012 04:04am
Hehhh, good one Mohammad. You perfectly articulated the official, establishment line force-fed to Pakistanis since inception.
raju Sep 04, 2012 09:21pm
I am 100% with you!!
rehan Aug 31, 2012 05:22am
Pakistan needs to rethink it's "strategic" relation with USA as well. I don't see why we should not strive for a better relationship with China that is such a key player in global affairs . Relations with India definitely need to improve but that does not mean we should start "rethinking" about relation with China. We have no "common language , music or cuisine" with USA either , so why think of them as "friends" , especially when their drones have wrecked havoc on our citizens and *allegedly" killed thousands upon thousands of "extremists".
pakistaniamerican342 Aug 31, 2012 06:15am
An excellent article, We Pakistanis must extend a hand of friendship to the Indian people at every possibility. However, a few points of criticism: 1. We should similarly expend every energy to further cement our relationship with China from an abstract one to a more organic one. 2. For example we should work with China to open Chinese cultural centers in Pakistan. 3. Offer courses in the Chinese language and culture in our universities 4. Work with China to get more scholarships for Pakistani students in China 5. Facilitate Chinas contact with the Arab and Muslim world. My take is this: We should build friendly relations with India, but this does not need to be at the cost of our relations with China as the tone in the article may suggest.
Mathew Aug 29, 2012 10:22pm
True, time for all Pakistanis to think rationally.
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:08pm
The same goes either ways. Such attitude is the prime reason of this whole issue.
Ng Krishnan Aug 30, 2012 04:07pm
" Chinese Nation who have done so much for Pakistan!" ? Most certainly not because China heartily love your country, but due to Pakistan as an ally is a great a geo-strategic asset to any country with a global ambitions. Recollect just a few years back, Pakistan was a darling to West and the leaders of your country bent backward to lend shoulders for the cold warriors to shoot at USSR. After the end of cold war Pakistan stand deserted and much worse is left with dung hill of mortal problems and struggling with it. Lesson? Every country including China will place its self-interest foremost devil take the ethics or morality. Remember lesson of the tragic fate of Rat and frog eternal friendship in Aesop fable, inconsiderate and ill-matched alliances generally end in ruin!
Ali Hassan Aug 30, 2012 04:47pm
China is a time tested ally. We dont comment on the affairs of either conditions of Muslims in hindustan or China. Lets focus on ourselves and making us economically and militarily strong. China's interests and ours merge. india is a hostile entity as long as Kashmir issue remains unresolved and as long as water disputes are not rectified and sorted out. PERIOD.
Mubaraka Aug 30, 2012 04:47pm
In the doctrine of foreign policy "the enemy of your enemy is your friend". In the case of Pakistan, China is a deterrent factor for the states survival. The archenemy India and the Unites States are not at good terms with China. A well written article Sir but international relations are not made or break due to religious differences but due to the national interest. Thus, national interest are the most vital part of a states foreign policy which cannot be compromised upon. Thus, incase of Pakistan maintaining friendship with China is real vital both economically and strategically.
Fazil Aug 29, 2012 05:53pm
You forgot to mention that Pakistanis and Indians have the same genetic make-up. As the English says: "Birds of the same feather flock together!"
does not matter Sep 03, 2012 07:41pm
correcttion "pay heeds" instead of "pay heads".
Akil Akhtar Aug 30, 2012 12:44am
How true. We Pakistanis should ask Dawn to move its offices to Bombay.
Bilal Aug 30, 2012 10:03am
Whilst I agree that Pakistan and China's partnership isn't necessarily based on people-to-people cultural ties, I think it is unfair to deem it only as a strategic defence partnership. Significant business links have been created between the two countries and the peoples of the two countries which shouldn't be ignored
Urawal Aug 29, 2012 02:02pm
Conspiracy !!! theory again
Taxla Sep 06, 2012 09:11pm
Your first line "India and Pakistan are enemies", wrong, dead wrong. India and Pakistan are made of the same soil and are close neibours with intertwine water resources. They have common heritage, history, language, dress, coulture, food and many customs and expectations. They have a difference of opinion concerning problems facing them and their solutions. In your comment, I sense a hint of prejudice, jealousy and envy, therefore, not worthy of any intelligent and learned comments except what Pakistan does on the international stage is no business of indians of your calibre who will not accept independent and free country in their western flank. No offence meant. Have a nice day.
david Sep 01, 2012 03:23am
i think you too have missed some points for instance what is happening in the north eastern states of india arunchand pradesh where people wants to integrate with china do you got anything to say about that ?thanks god the western media finally is taking some points of that the reason nobody payed attention to this matter was is because whats going on pak afghan border the war on terror but finally these stories will be comming out
Debraj Aug 30, 2012 04:31am
I completely second your thoughts Sir. We share the same history and culture. Till a certain point in history not too far ago, we even shared the same religion. I being an 'agnostic', nah, 'atheist' and a physicist cannot fathom the logic behind this whole division. During the course of my PhD, I have come across many Chinese scientists and a handful of Pakistanis. I have seen no preferential treatment of Pakistanis by the Chinese. On the other hand, Pakistanis are very good friends with Indians. I do understand the logic behind Chinese and Pakistani friendship on government to government basis, but I think the Pakistani government has gone over-board with it.
Uzair Aug 29, 2012 05:27pm
This liberal is playing the religion card since it suits his agenda and he don
BRR Aug 31, 2012 03:40pm
Khan sahib, why tell only one side of the story?? even pak citizens come and post their abuses... if u wanna see only negative aspects..u can find many.. and when u think only of positive things, u can see many positive things... in the same TOI comments many Indians and Pakistanis have shared their mutual respect and wishes for a better relationship with both countries..i intend to base my hope and faith only based on those pure souls and not on those who spread their garbage everywhere...i hope u agree with me... India and Pakistan are separated today bcoz of few politicians who have their own self-interests....
Shankar Aug 29, 2012 01:54pm
While I am happy at the suggestion that India lets Muslims practice their religion without hindrance and thus they better friends than China, evaluating ones friendship purely one the basis of religious tolerance towards Muslims can be misplaced. China is communist and one cannot expect them to have the same attitude towards religion as a religious state or even a secular state. Thier problem with the Muslims was with the sessionist demands, not very different from Kashmir in India, the Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Baluchistan or East Pakistan with Pakistan. In all these cases neither Pakistan, nor India as claimed by you, has been any less brutal than China. One needs to avoid looking at everything from the religious angle. Thank you again for calling India a better friend.
Tangent Aug 30, 2012 04:01am
Gone are the days when there will be a direct military confrontation between states. India is trying to focus its energy on economic development. Nations are cooperating more on economic level than military. Internally all the nations have their own problems which they have to deal with it. I foresee the economic cooperation between India and China growing tremendously in this decade and next decade. This economic sense will trumpet any military advantage. I hope Pakistan and its leadership honestly focus on that.
sharma Aug 29, 2012 01:53pm
this is very true. Infact India is like the bridge of the triangle. India shares common genes with the pakistanis on one hand while shares culture and religion in form of Hinduism and Buddhism with China, Burma, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand. Let us all use this commonality and burry and reslove the differences. Lets make this century a truely Asian century. Pakistan should pay attention to the current dialogue between India and China. With tade about to cross the expected $100 billion soon India are China are showing geniune warmth for each other.Also to note, Chinese with money are rediscovering their Buddhist connections which lie in Sarnath and Nalanda.
Isra Aug 30, 2012 09:59pm
No idea what world are you living in. Please educate yourself about Islam and see around yourself, unless you are biased against the fastest growing religion in the world and that is one big worry for most people like you.
S. Mithun Roy Aug 31, 2012 04:35pm
super like
Fasih Siddiqui Aug 29, 2012 04:19pm
I hardly believe that shared attributes and common history are the sole criteria for developing friendship.
Amjad Wyne Aug 30, 2012 03:50am
International relations depend on shared goals and challenges and not on the commonality of religion. Just ask the 64 Muslim countries that are busy back stabbing each other. I may not be Ahmad Faraz but I know this - not everyone who backstabs a Muslim is a non Muslim.
arif Aug 29, 2012 02:46pm
I am trying to understand why we have to worry about Pakistan's friendship with China. Pakistan should have friendship with every one including India. We do not need to have problems with anyone.
George Thomas Aug 29, 2012 04:33pm
LOL!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,What more is expected from a typical pakistani reader.
Manjeet Aug 29, 2012 01:57pm
Don't hold your breath for chinese
Sanjiv D Aug 29, 2012 06:13pm
A very objective and thought provoking article. Kudos to Dawn for publishing it.
Adnan Aug 31, 2012 10:51am
can't agree more. Why every one writing against the state of Pakistan find an immediate place in Dawn? no wonder Indians love it.
Pradeep Aug 29, 2012 02:11pm
Don't talk as if you can wipe all whom you think are enemies overnight. Good relations with India will help Pakistan achieve long term prosperity to its masses. Do you think decades of hostilities achieved something for Pakistan?
Keti Zilgish Aug 30, 2012 05:02pm
Where environmental pollution is concerned less hydro-carbons are used in Pak-India trade than in Pak-China trade and where trade itself is concerned hydro-carbons are by no means the only form of pollution it creates. What about the Arsenic in the paints that go onto the hulls of container ships plying the oceans in the case of Pak-China trade? Specialists in such knowledge can enlighten a lot more than what I can. Saving the planet from further environmental degradation just to fill the coffers of some capitalists or the other the only solution might be to "buy local and eat local". Most of the food transport industry in Pakistan is monopolized by religious fundamentalists.
sanjib(jhakaasss... Aug 30, 2012 10:44am
This is an example of high quality journalism & low quality readers.For the former i read DAWN.
Ali Hassan Aug 30, 2012 10:01pm
i belong to a minority group and i never had any problems in Pakistan
safia naz Aug 31, 2012 03:22pm
it is a thought provoking essay.i am really impressed. we must develop a good relationship with india
pl Aug 30, 2012 03:43am
making bonds along religious lines is not wise. hasn't worked wont work later. the shared history and heritage is one of backward, uneducated, ignorant people colonised by the british. instead of remembering this shared heritage we should build a new future for ourselves. pakistan should work for a good future instead of living in the past.
V. Sreenivas Aug 29, 2012 05:46pm
An article of a mature mind.
(Dr.) B.N. Anand Aug 29, 2012 08:29pm
A valiant attempt by Mr. Murtaza Haider to bring out the difference in the dynamics of relation between Pakistan and China on one hand and with India on the other hand. It does not need a bagful of intellect to understand that relations between Pakistan and China were and are based on the animosity of both towards India. But now the dynamics are changing as mentioned in the article. Economic prosperity is the best levelling parameter in any relationship between two progressive countries with flourishing economies. Earlier China and USA would fall in this category and now both China and USA are taking notice of rising India in economics sense. The dynamics of relations are again going to change again for the economic reasons and also as long as Pakistan depends on outside financial help for even day to day state business. Even IMF is reluctant to lend anymore. So Pakistan is losing time unless it catches up fast and designs it's relationship with neighbors on economic basis rather than be guided by narrow fundamentalist approach. It will not be out of place to mention that violence in Pakistan between different sects of Muslims is more rampant than the imaginary statistics of Muslim victims in any of the now very rare Hindu- Muslim communal violence. BNA
Imran Aug 31, 2012 06:41pm
Its good to dream. Carry on.
Umar Zaman Khan Aug 29, 2012 06:07pm
start developing the habit of reading, listening and thinking about the alternative views. try to be rational rather than being politically correct.
humanity! Aug 30, 2012 10:50am
thanks! bro...same!
Usman Aug 29, 2012 04:10pm
I won't comment on your viewpoint regarding India because I think you make some valid arguments; but until a while back, I used to share your opinion about our 'friendship' with China viz. that it was just something promoted by the governments on both sides. However, after meeting numerous Chinese students in Europe (not talking about the first or second generation immigrants), I have come to realize that there is indeed a genuine regard and warmth for us in their hearts which is evident from their reaction whenever I tell them I am from Pakistan. I mean, we are hardly the most popular nation in the world right now. Do we really need to reconsider our relationship with a friendly country and people, simply because, culturally, there isn't much in common with them?
Rahul Aug 29, 2012 03:00pm
I think this article is true analysis about India and China. Only congress in India which create vote bank politics in India otherwise you can see after Gujarat riots muslim in Gujarat are pretty well developed and progressing. I have many muslim friend and we do not see each other enemy in other words we are true friends from childhood. Muslim in India are safe and well developed in comparison to Pakistan and other muslim country.
Sriram Aug 30, 2012 04:27am
True, true and further true! I wonder if such a hard hitting article can find space in a Urdu newspaper in Pakistan...
sam Aug 30, 2012 01:26am
If muslim and islam stop asking for special rights for them and willing to live as equals, then there will be less problems in the whole world. Islam and muslims are not willing to give equal rights to minorities in islamic countries, but demand separate or exclusive rights for their practices in other countries. Why ?
Great Thinker Sep 01, 2012 12:57am
Great Article. Well Written and showing a mirror to Pakistan. @Author: Keep up the good work. Wish there were more like you.
Vir Aug 29, 2012 03:45pm
well penned article.. simply loved it...
recce365 Aug 30, 2012 04:37am
Terrific analysis from a new and refreshing perspective. This Sino-Pak relationship is similar to the India-Russian one. However, the difference is that while India considers Russia an all weather friend, there are certain limitations in what they expect out of each other.Mutual respect for each other is one and bilateral trade relations is another which keeps them bonded. Secondly, India has been fair to other countries as well and recent defence contracts have been awarded even to the Americans and the French (Dassault for their Rafaele). Also, as trade between India and Pakistan develops , I see no reason why we must see each other with suspicion. Hatred for each other and so much destruction & reckless violence has hit the pinnacle that people of both countries are just tired. I envisage seeing a pacifist society in both countries 25 years on. This could be a reality .History has taught us that (Japan).
harshal Sep 01, 2012 07:45am
imran bhai superlike
does not matter Aug 29, 2012 03:43pm
Do you know the scale of trade between India and China? 60 billion USD or more. Do you think China will think twice in dumping Pakistan when this kind of trade will be at stake in future? Some times i wonder, Pakistan was made using foolish emotions and till date majority of them are still emotional fool.
Shubs Aug 30, 2012 10:08pm
Yes, my friend. China is going to jeopardize close to 70B USD worth of annual trade by going to war with India to help your nation out. For what? A Pathan suit from Zardari? Delusion has many dimensions, but you guys surely take the cake.
Jawwad Aug 29, 2012 04:51pm
Your friends are those you share share your heritage, culture, language, food and in some cases religion.
BH Aug 31, 2012 06:18pm
Yeah, pls give some examples. But inspite fof this please give a reason for the dimisnishing minorities in PAK, 22% hindus at independance, now less than 2% - this is an all time international record, worse than all the massacres in India put togather.
salman khan Aug 29, 2012 05:08pm
Having good relations with India is indeed in the interest of both countries, however, I don't understand the logic of doing it at the cost of our time tested friendship with China. There is no comparison between relations with India & China. Secondly, I doubt if writer has been to China in last two decades. I live in China and enjoy complete religious freedom in fact we offer Jumma & Eid prayers with more peace of mind and sense of security then over here in Pakistan. Rail tracks, industry, power, telecom and other development effects have now reached to far flung areas of China including Tibet, Lahsa and Xinjiang province, where as per writer state abuse of minorities is being carried out. Quite on contrary the socio-economic improvements in these area is very obvious. Locals are contend and reaping the benefits. I hope next time writer would do some genuine research before venturing out on writing article.
southram Aug 29, 2012 02:54pm
A good right thinking article. Truth is always bitter for an average pakistani. Please come and visit India now, with the easing of visa regulations, will know which side pakistanis need to belong.
WER Aug 29, 2012 01:42pm
You should be given a medal for thinking this progressively with the mess of regression around us. Love the article.
akhter saeed Aug 29, 2012 01:43pm
This article is a total non sense China is a friend and India is a enemy, I have notice lately DAWN is publishing such articles it seems like dawn is a indian news paper not PAKISTANI
jay komerath Aug 29, 2012 01:51pm
Hi Good article-politics makes strange bedfellows is the answer to the question jay
Gaurav Aug 30, 2012 03:55am
yes i also agree China is friend of India and Pakistan is enemy of India
Farhan Aug 29, 2012 03:42pm
India is our biggest enemy. And, perhaps you are not aware of our history. And the point made is really senseless. Relations are not formed on the base of music. We love China.
Haroon Aug 29, 2012 06:38pm
Pakistan does not need China to intervene in a Indo-Pak conflict. All Pakistan needs is for China to maintain its existing posture towards India. For example, forward operating air force bases on the Chinese side of the large border between India and China force India to keep a portion of its air force committed to the north and north east. At the same time, rapid development of railways along with high ways along the Sino-India border mean the Chinese military has the ability to rapidly deploy forces. During the 2008 India-Pakistan military build-up, China declared neutrality but over 800,000 Chinese troops were sent to 'forward operating bases' on rapid mobilization along the Sino-India border. It forced India to divert resources from its air power and military power; just for contingency purposes! Therefore, China can deplete and exhaust a portion of India's military might simply by a forward operating strategy during times of conflict between India and Pakistan. This was observed in 2008 India-Pak flare up. Please improve your research skills!
Syed Aug 29, 2012 04:28pm
People like you are exactly what the author had in mind while writing this.. :P
Sridhar Aug 29, 2012 03:41pm
It takes courage, wisedom and honesty to face the truth. Murtaza has all of those qualities
Baighairat Kafir Aug 29, 2012 04:11pm
Dawn is a logical newspaper who is calling spade a spade or "doodh ka doodh and paani ka paani". This is the bitter truth that fundamentalists (who are the majority of Pakistan's population today) have to swallow for a better future of their own country.
Latif Aug 29, 2012 04:10pm
This is an excellent thought provoking article.
alien brahmin Aug 31, 2012 02:07pm
i think writer missed some major points before accusing india for deployment of its army in kashmir . is he aware of how many pakistani army personnels are in baluchistan . and how they killed a grand old leader of balochs , mr bhugti ? is writer aware of how pakistani citizens and leaders treats its minority . how many ahamadias and sufis and shias and hindus and christians are being brutally murdered inside pakistan ? how pakistani muslims are kidnapping innocent and immature hindu ladies for marriage and conversion ? how many of pakistani muslims have ever convicted for their crimes against its minorities . THOSE WHO LIVES IN GLASS HOUSE OUGHT NOT THROW STONES TO OTHERS .
Mukesh Aug 30, 2012 01:55am
Very good analysis, hope the power that be are paying attention. The chinese have no warm and fuzzy concept of friendship as we have grown up with. Disappointment (and worse) is inevitable after they decide that the relationship has run its course.
Arvind Aug 29, 2012 06:43pm
It seems the basis of analysis is only religion. There are other important things like trade, technology, long term common interest. Please come out of cocoon, India , China and Pakistan all three could be good friends like all countries of Europe are friends now( where as they had fought 2 world wars among them.). Arvind India
siva Aug 29, 2012 04:41pm
Correction: I shouldn't have said muslim, it should have read 'pakistani'.
Rahul D B Aug 29, 2012 03:47pm
Absolutely, plus the possibilities of an India Pakistan tie up has so much economic potential. With improved business and people ties we could seriously challenge China's status as the world's producer. But alas, the distance that needs to be covered is incredibly large. A primary requirement would be to reduce the importance and role accorded to religion. This is a pre condition to any meaningful progress, no country has broken free with the weight of religion on their backs.
Komal S Sep 01, 2012 04:31am
What is the basis for saying Indian people harass muslims. I assume you know India is a democracy and if Indian people are bent on harassing the muslims you think the Hindu vote bank will keep electing Governments that take care of muslims. There is a limit to this absurdity.
SS Aug 29, 2012 06:04pm
This is what we term as total denial of reality, another Pakistani whose head is in the sand. Dawn is a very pragmatic newspaper and is trying very hard to moderate the extremist majority of Pakistan.
Shaan Aug 29, 2012 07:04pm
Well written and well balanced article as India and Pakistani's are brothers who have lost their way.
siva Aug 29, 2012 04:40pm
It is no surprise that this writer is two-faced just like every muslim. Read in between the lines (and higlights), he is appeasing all parties and dilutes truth. This is the core of pakistani mentality. Sad for journalism.
Aizaz Moin Aug 31, 2012 09:38am
A very good article and one should notice the good intentions of the writer here, rather than erupt into yet another pro/anti muslim debate. I agree that we MUST take steps to come to terms with India, in our own interests. Other Muslim states DO NOT CARE about Pakistan, I have worked there I well know the sentiment on the streets. Pakistan was made as a separate homeland for Muslims, let us keep it that way and not turn it into another "MUSLIM STATE". We have seen what bigotry and violence emnate from such states.
Jafri Aug 29, 2012 07:14pm
Although I live abroad myself, I have to say that i am tired of this kind of sanctimonious preaching from Pakistanis who have left the country themselves and imagine they are living the reality of life in South Asia. Their futures are not tied to Pakistan anymore and they lack credibility waxing eloquent from the safe havens of their ivory towers. Besides as has been said numerous times before in international politics, there are no friends, only interests. So why be naive about foreign policies of Pakistan or for that matter China and India?
sharma Aug 30, 2012 10:32am
Dear siva your comment is totally absurd and very Un-Indian, read between the lines? What? the author has dared to spade a spade.
Iftekhar Mahmood Aug 31, 2012 09:13am
Why do people suddenly jump to one country conclusion. That really irks me. Let us hope more people have the maturity of Mr Haider in India also, then Pak & Ind can really be friends.
Dawood Aug 31, 2012 08:50am
I like your attitude ................... not . It will help us stay in the stone ages while the world moves on.
Dawood Aug 31, 2012 08:49am
I agree that Pakistan should treat all its citizens equally but that doesn't deprive on of the right to call a spade a spade.
Dawood Aug 31, 2012 08:48am
Indeed furthermore, the author tries to make a case that Pakistan should base its foreign policy on the basis of religion. Ironic that these are the first people to complain when foreign policies are based on religion.
Apoorva Aug 31, 2012 02:41pm
ha ha superb slap on the faces of Hawks here in Pak and the likes of Dogvijay in India
KKRoberts Aug 30, 2012 12:28pm
Total misunderstanding!!.The Author is telling with all the oddities in chinese approach to islam, Pakistan maintains a cordial and warm relationship with them.Then why can't Pakistan have a good relation with India with all cultural similarities.Author is not asking to break any good relationship.
zaidisportraiture Aug 30, 2012 08:11pm
Great observation, life is first and then your belief. If only people could understand that fact.
Taxla Sep 06, 2012 09:50pm
I want to point out to you that Pakistan was not created to be assimilated into India again. Pakistan is an independent country with secure and well definied borders, a member of the U.N in good standing order and a beacon for many peace loving nations. It's not going to be East India Co. all over again. Don't shed tears if your hopes and aspirations do not come true. However, if you hope that there will be goodwill, peace, harmony and free travel in between these neighbors like many other neighboring countries, then I share your aspirations. Good Luck.
Pats Sep 01, 2012 10:37am
Instead why can't we think this way... Dawn is seriously worried about the state of affairs in Pakistan and is eager to highlight the problem areas. After all, we need to know where we slip/falter, only then, can we correct ourselves? In my eyes, Dawn is seriously concerned about the direction in which Pakistan is going and is making all possible steps to highlight the pit-falls. The least I can presume is that (at least) Dawn is recording the history in the right way!
Ahmed Aug 29, 2012 07:31pm
I totally DISAGREE with author. He perhaps is living in Fools paradise !!!!!
raju Sep 04, 2012 09:38pm
why not open pakistani cultural centers in China, why not china offer pakistani language and culture courses in china And what happens when the differences between India and China are sorted out and they are good friends???????????
US Pakistani Aug 31, 2012 02:02am
Indian media is very narrow minded and biased
Imran Aug 31, 2012 06:36pm
What are you doing on this website then? You guys hate us but are obsessed with us. Thats really intriguing. You always talk of parting ways but cant resist stopping by and perusing our websites. Why this contradiction?
pathanoo Aug 29, 2012 09:55pm
Akhter Mian, i wish Dawn was an Indian paper. Would the Indians be so lucky?
JSM Aug 29, 2012 07:59pm
You have to read an understand. Please broaden your horizon of knowledge and intellect.
zaidisportraiture Aug 30, 2012 08:25pm
Pakistan press is more free than the US press I can assure you. There are certain things you just cannot write about in the US, you will be black balled
Amit Aug 30, 2012 05:03pm
I think the writer is really happy with his last visit to India.
deepak Sep 01, 2012 05:20am
LOL... My friend history is good subject read sometimes.. Who initiated war on whom and who is still involved in proxy... Develop some reasoning over facts...
Imran Aug 31, 2012 06:33pm
Bullseye. End of discussion. I hope Murtaza is reading this one.
pathanoo Aug 29, 2012 09:53pm
WOW!!! Murtza. I am in awe.
Civi varghese Aug 30, 2012 03:16pm
If one day would come that every pakistani has maturity that of the writer,Mr.Haider;Pakistan and India will be one country!
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:06pm
Well said Mohammed. This is exactly the point the writer seems to miss. Although, if a hand of friendship is forwarded, no one should shy away from it. In the end, peace and progress should be every one's goal.
Sanyam Kaushik Aug 30, 2012 08:22am
Great Article and super journalism. Well Done Murtaza Haider.
babu Sep 04, 2012 12:54pm
huq --- pls ask the saudis ,Emiratese or the omanis and the qataris-- given the option will they prefer non muslims over muslims in skilled sectors or more specific do they prefer Indians over Pakistanis
raj Aug 30, 2012 08:21am
Another hate monger
neha Aug 30, 2012 11:03am
Write something good or bad about India..... full proof formula to get noticed. Grow up man.....We Indian do not want any kind of relation with you guys. Tumhari na dosti achhi na dushmani.
Leo Aug 30, 2012 10:42am
Very valid point Siva.
Cautious Aug 30, 2012 12:01pm
Interesting article. I would argue that Pakistan should first learn how to tolerate religious minorities within your own border before criticizing your neighbors.
Shuvo Brahmachari Sep 02, 2012 12:43am
Perhaps the most articulate comment.
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:14pm
Absolutely correct.
ROHIT PANDEY Aug 29, 2012 10:06pm
Today's Dawn carries a story of a Gujarat politician being sentenced for murder -aftermath of Gujarat riots. And another story is about a Supreme Court bench in India ( with a Muslim judge AFTAB ALAM) directing an enquiry in Gujarat riots. And,he still speaks of Gujarat riots? Indian polity and judiciary is light years ahead of Pakistan's based on theology and resultant thuggery!
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:17pm
Well said. Especially when we have had no war with China ever since independence. But then again, I still believe we can forget the past ill-feelings and move towards a better and safer world.
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:16pm
I wil have to agree with you %100 Rahul. Very well said.
AKWazir Sep 01, 2012 12:18pm
Mr. Haider , "Only recently the discovery of mass graves in Indian-administered Kashmir revealed thousands of dead bodies of Kashmiri youth." Your words not mine. Knowing all this, you still have the gal to blog this column ? You only won your admirers across the border who jump on the band wagon as long as it is in their favour.
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:17pm
Just cause the writer bashed the Chinese and favored the indians?
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:18pm
Well said.
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:20pm
India has made sure that Pakistan doesn't progress in Trade and business by flexing its own muscles amongst international communities. Such an attitude will not take anywhere close to Pakistan.
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:20pm
Have you ever been to other muslim countries like Malaysia?
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:21pm
Pakistanis are happy in their own country. India could never absorb the truth that it could not rule the whole subcontinent instead of just India. Deal with it.
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:21pm
Absolutely agree.
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:22pm
Well said Shankar.
Kaly Aug 31, 2012 04:43am
One day China will also give you on your back like US is doing with you today. Try to stand on your feet, sadly you always require other's help ( US or China), sorry state of affairs indeed. But for that, you need to leave Mulla's education and try to learn something good...
Sriram Aug 31, 2012 04:09am
Dude, please don't scare the Pakistanis by saying such things. Let them be a separate country, but at peace with India and themselves.
KKRoberts Aug 30, 2012 08:32am
If all the muslims from India were migrated to Pakistan during the partition, Pakistan should have been in a better position by this time and there had been better relationship with India.Most of the pakistani muslims are worried about their indian muslim counterparts' security.
Shyam Sep 01, 2012 08:18am
Fantastic question - may be all other countries are busy focusing their own internal issues!
Sandip Aug 30, 2012 03:15am
Thanks for pointing out all the violence against Muslims in India. Now will you be kind enough to tell us the brotherly love muslims show to hindus of Pakistan? Thanks in advance
Asad Shah Aug 29, 2012 10:50pm
A very thoughtful and well written article. Bravo
Krish Aug 30, 2012 03:13pm
I'll join you, and sponsor both breakfast and lunch too ! Oh, there may be millions, and not enough restaurants, all sides put together
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:09pm
My thoughts exactly. "Make new friends, but never leave old.......because new is silver but old is gold"
Aftab-NJ Aug 29, 2012 08:59pm
tum taqaluf ko bhi ikhlas samajhte ho Faraz dost hota nahi har hath milane wala
Mano Aug 31, 2012 03:20am
I cannot agree less. Well researched and world class article.
Senge Sering Aug 29, 2012 11:22pm
Thank you Author for the article. May Almighty and 14 Infallables give courage to write more like this
Mano Aug 31, 2012 03:23am
Excuse me for using the wrong connotation. Correction - I cannot agree more. Well researched and world class article.
Ali Aug 30, 2012 01:37am
Dear Murtaza Haider, I am 200 meters away from where you work. Why don't we meet up and discuss this point you dreamed of. Hope you do find time to read the sentiment of Indians toward Pakistan. I wish your dream comes true as I am a peace loving person but after reading Indians sentiment even on a positive note, it is sad to say that peace will take a long time to come to the region. Just look at their logic in asking Pakistan to prosecute someone on a recorded message from across the border provided to our courts and expecting the courts to accept it as such not even allowing our delegation to meet the person of interest. Anyways, best wishes and if you like to meet up, let me know.
Saty AK Aug 30, 2012 03:11am
Nice to read this article, I feel is well written lucid and to the point. Being an Indian, I admit Dawn has got some great columnists. I hope such progressive views will dominate the entire subcontinent.
Cyrus Howell Aug 30, 2012 01:33am
After the revolution Chinese children grew up together in dormitories. On top of that the Chinese say, "We are the same family." That never can be with in India and Pakistan. "We want you to know before this conference begins that we are never wrong."
BNS Aug 30, 2012 01:33am
I am regularly amzed at your ability to think outside the box. Though I do not agree with your suggestion of sacrificing one on other I admire your subtle way of proposing that Pakistan should revisit its approacjh towards India. I also had a suggestion that I plan to write on your personal email.
Ali Aug 31, 2012 03:45am
Good morning, Yes I echo with you. By being Pakistani I feel quite close to Indians. I can't keep myself separate from them.
kamaljit Singh Aug 31, 2012 06:57am
i agree.
Sanjay RaoRao Aug 30, 2012 03:14pm
I urge all those India haters to visit India at least once. India is too big it to be represented by just Mumbai or Kashmir or Gujrat. There will be some incidents and people react violently and end of the day they know they have to live together and that is the reality. I do not think Muslims in India live in fear or as second class citizens. I studied in a hard core Hindu school that had Urdu medium with special provisions for Friday namaaz. Not even once others questioned those provisions. It was just part of our life style.
Malik Butta Aug 30, 2012 01:57am
Kudos to the writer for a very rational and balanced article. It goes without saying that it needn't be an either-or approach for Pakistan but the arguments given by the writer are compelling. An excellent and compelling read.
Bash Aug 29, 2012 05:50pm
You are out of your mind for your criticism of a well thought out blog. I ask that you give some thought to what the writer is saying. I am glad there is a newspaper in Pakistan that deals with subjects such as this evenly. If you don't like Dawn, you should read Nawa-i-Waqat that caters to tastes and thinking like yours.
Taxla Sep 02, 2012 02:58pm
Be like uncle sam, America has no friends, only interests, Henry Kissinger.
Kalyan Aug 30, 2012 02:15am
I am surprised that some people can be so naive.
salman khan Aug 29, 2012 05:10pm
Having good relations with India is indeed in the interest of both countries, however, I don't understand the logic of doing it at the cost of our time tested friendship with China. Secondly, I doubt if writer has been to China in last two decades. I live in China and enjoy complete religious freedom in fact we offer Jumma & Eid prayers with more peace of mind and sense of security then over here in Pakistan. Rail tracks, industry, power, telecom and other development effects have now reached to far flung areas of China including Tibet, Lahsa and Xinjiang province, where as per writer state abuse of minorities is being carried out. Quite on contrary the socio-economic improvements in these area is very obvious. Locals are contend and reaping the benefits. I hope next time writer would do some genuine research before venturing out on writing article.
rehan Aug 31, 2012 05:24am
Agree, it would be unwise not to keep strong linkages with a country like China that has already become a formidable economic as well as military power
Bobs Aug 31, 2012 07:04am
One question I have if somebody can pakistan please answer that...why only pakistani muslims worries about indian muslims? Why no other Islamic country worries about of Kashmir,gujrat,babri masjid, or assamies muslims? Why pakistani muslims has become the protector of Indian muslims? I never see any indian muslims worried about daily killings in pakistan or economy of pakistan or americna drone attack on pakistan? Please somebody explain me?
Ronak Vijayvergia Aug 31, 2012 07:02am
Its really a nice article...but i wonder why you din't mention the exodus of kashmiri pandits in the same paragraph where you wrote about kashmir... Apart from this, its really a thoughtful article.
Jawad Aug 31, 2012 07:01am
Totally agreed...I hope Mr. Haider got the answer and will not do mistake again to write such article.
Salman Khan Aug 29, 2012 08:19pm
Excellent piece, Thanks Murtaza for writing this.
Anirudh Aug 29, 2012 11:58pm
If Chinese allow Urdu newpapers I will believe you.
vivek Aug 31, 2012 05:41am
@Haroon Your data of 800,000 Chinese troop deployment along Sino-Indian border is completely baseless.There was no such report in any Media including your own.Actualy China Deployed 3 warships in Gulf of Aden along with Indian Navy(in partnership) to curb piracy from Africa that was in Dec-2008.So come out of Fools paradise and do some research.Do you know that Deployment of 0.8 million troops is not a child's play?
jerry Aug 29, 2012 09:16pm
The article shows the mirror and ground reality
Hindustani Aug 31, 2012 05:36am
Ha ha Dawn, didn't publish the half of my comment... Good going!!! Didn't want to upset my Pakistani bros...
taranveer Singh Aug 30, 2012 03:20pm
India and Pakistan are enemies. but it is surprising a country which shows itself as champion of human rights of Muslims is totally silent in case of Muslims in china. are they different then other muslims? more surprisingly even normal public is silent like leaders. it clearly shows Pakistan does everything for self intrests. pak need China because dollars from usa are not sufficient. pak should stay friend with China because its in pak s intrests. but it should stops showing false sympathy for Muslims in other world which it shows to get help of rich Arabian nations.dual standards are signs of moral bankruptcy. on the other hand China need pak because even if it is great power it dont want to fight directly with india which is also a 1.8 trillion dollar economy. it need to exhaust india and pak by war between them and then to attack India. after that even it want to capture pak. Chinese are people with big mission. on the other hand war between pak and India is not in usa s intrests. war between China and India could benefit USA. finally stay friend with China but dont say you have sympathy for ummah.
jipk Aug 29, 2012 08:55pm
Its disappointing that learned individuals in West are also looking at state policy from a religious spectrum. Religion is an individual issue and should not effect state policy in any civilized nation. Still don't understand comparison between 70,000 deaths in Kashmir with 150 deaths in China. However, I do agree with more common cultural bonds with India and feel that Indians and Pakistanis can coexist like Americans and Canadians. This will require a process and some time and can't happen overnight. China's priorities have changed and this is a new reality. Pakistan should focus on online education for masses and promoting knowledge based economy for few years. Once economically stable and law and order issues resolved Pakistan will be better placed to formulate a more suitable foreign policy based on its own national interests (not religious interests for god sake). For any country to have even a remote chance of making progress, state has to be seperated from religion.
K Ramapathi Rao Aug 30, 2012 08:57am
While Mr Haider's views are interesting, they are somewhat misplaced. Firstly, what has Pakistan to do with muslims in other parts of the world? And how does and should it influence in its foreign policies? And secondly, wherever there was violence, it was not just one community that lost its lives. I, for that matter many Indians, look at this as loss of life of a human being, rather than a hindu, muslim etc. It is disgusting to discuss religion so abashedly in public since it is purely a private affair of every human being.
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:07pm
The exact same goes for india. And please don't ask me to start counting examples cause I've got tons.
Mozam Aug 29, 2012 05:25pm
Pakistan chinni bhai bhai
Indian Aug 29, 2012 05:25pm
One day, I dream of having breakfast in Amritsar and having lunch in Lahore..... perhaps before I die !! We've got a long way to go mate.... a loooooong way to go. Maybe we'll get there eventually. But until then, keep trying there, as we keep trying here.
SG Aug 30, 2012 05:26am
That Pakistan and India have a shared history should in no way dictate Pakistan's relationship with China. That said, focusing more on bi-lateral trade with both countries will yield far greater returns than promoting religious jingoism.
does not matter Sep 03, 2012 07:11pm
and how many times China came to support in those 3 wars? US at least tried twice.
k. swamy Aug 30, 2012 05:44am
It is a very genuine article. People must understand now time has changed. Now we must rework out our policicies and strategies. We need more people like Mr Murtaza Haider not oly from Pakistan and also from India also must come forward sothat the subcontinent can march ahead inall fields
jalind desai Aug 30, 2012 04:52pm
Virendra Aug 30, 2012 05:50am
I don't know about short term or long term- but I am certain in some time in future China would need India (and vice versa) than Pakistan. At end of day it is always money and trade. On this aspect Pakistan is now lagging too much and given their fame (or infame) they don't seem to be gaining much ground either.
Atlanta Aug 30, 2012 11:29pm
For the moment let's take India completely out of the discussion. I believe in God and humbly bow before him, so please do not take offence to my comments. Wasn't Pakistan nation built on the concept of religion as the main ingredient? Doesn't Pakistan act as a torch bearer of Islam? Didn't Pakistan have official government policy with Shariah laws? Often there is talk about People of Pak being good, but it is the government which is hindering and having a hard posture. It is just a question that People of Pakistan should ask themselves, how come they have such a relationship with a country like China. Islam being the main theme on which Pakistan was built, how can Pakistan's entire foreign policy be based against Islam? Do you think Allah will spare people who play double game like this and who join hands with Chinese? Either Pak should not act like torch bearer of Islam, if it does...then it should not butter up the non muslims.
Naveed Aug 29, 2012 01:37pm
They say" enemy's enemy is a friend", nothing else
Jay Aug 30, 2012 11:28pm
Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha and Milad ul Nabi are all holidays in India. It is the only country where all sects of Islam live in relative peace.
kaiser Aug 30, 2012 11:24pm
The truth is that while KKRoberts might have the impression that many Pakistanis worry about the security of indian muslims, the truth is that they are not very concerned.Mostly the noise is just to demonise the enemy than to glorify our friends.
Sapan Kapoor Aug 29, 2012 01:40pm
My dear Pakistani brothers, We speak same language, eat same food, enjoy same culture, we have so much in common and yet we are divided. Is it fair? I say it's not fair. The conflict between India and Pakistan must retire at 65 and give way to peace, friendship, and love. I say let's demolish the walls that separate us. Let's have brotherly and fraternal ties that we had before the partition. Am I dreaming too much? We must be best friends with each other and demolish the walls that divide us. India and Pakistan can co-exist peacefully. We've had enough of conflict already and now we can not afford more bloodshed. Let's give peace a chance and have friendship. Let's love each other. Let's appreciate each other....Aap hamare bhai ho, hum aapke bhai hai toh phir jhagda kyo bhai? However, our real challenge lies in convincing those hate mongers that it's not just worth it. We shall have to convert them and make them understand the importance of peace and friendship between India and Pakistan and the utter futility of the conflict. We shall have to make them see how this continuous conflict is hindering the growth of our people and our countries. I have to confess that I was also one of them some time ago. I've also not in favor of improving relations with Pakistan some time ago but now I don't. I want to love Pakistan and its people now. I've understood that it's in the mutual interest of both India and Pakistan to make friends with each other and make peace. I'm sure they will understand this truth too. May be not now, but they will realize it some day for sure. Let's hope for the best and not lose the hope. Hum honge kamyab ek din :-) Nazar me rahte ho jab tum nazar nahi aatey, yeh sur bulate hain jab tum idhar nahi aatey :-) Love India, Love Pakistan :-)
BH Aug 31, 2012 06:03pm
My dear half pakthun, half Baloch, you said only punjabi and Mohajir share heritage with India, but that is bleady 70% of entire pakistani polulation!! And with your other analysis, in Pakstan, both the Govt and the people togather harass minorities. So if you have problem with the subcontinent, please migrate to Saudi and you will come running back to the Subcontinent to enjoy that freedom again.
immy Aug 30, 2012 06:17am
Absolutely wrong Even though muslims can not buy property in india but author still thinks its a best place for pakistani. are you kidding me?????? Sir you wasted your time by selling your view to us who lives next door to you in America. you should have published this in India times. Im sure they woud have loved it. another piece of crap.
VA Aug 30, 2012 06:12am
Dawn wants to put truth in front of Pak people. Haidar knows the world so he wrote. Believe in truth, be practical in life. A state with fabricated ideas will not stand but on truth it will. Pak has to change to save future. 65 years lost but can gain in future we if change.
vennarbank Aug 30, 2012 06:21am
Clear thoughts... Hope people on both sides realize that China or any other country is going to use us as their toys and for their benefits alone. Sooner the sense prevails better for us.
M Fahim Aug 30, 2012 06:24am
Good n impartial analysis..... captures the vision/facts from sides...
Shankar Bandyopadhay Aug 30, 2012 06:26am
May be because Dawn is among the few remaining beacon of rationality in an otherwise schizophrenic society which only chooses to bury in the sands (of Arabia ??!)
Gaurav Arya Aug 30, 2012 06:27am
Akhtar, India may be an enemy (should you choose to think in black and white), but China is not a friend. There is no friend in international politics. Its all about give and take. China does not support any Pakistani stand in international politics, including Mumbai attacks, Kargil or Kashmir. They give very little aid to Pakistan and all infrastructure projects (at least the large ones)...the contracts are given to Chinese companies. Please base your opinion on solid facts.
Shakoor Ahmed Aug 30, 2012 06:30am
Dear Akhter Bhai, Have you ever asked yourself a simple question. Why is China our friend ? What can we or have we done for China except to remind them that we consider India our enemy ( which the Chinese don,t anymore ). It is about time that we recognize that a lot has changed in the world and we have a lot of catching up to do. Blaming newspapers like Dawn who are simply making the Awam aware of present day scenario in the world is unjust.
Sarkhail Hayat Aug 30, 2012 06:34am
Wow, what an intelligent response! People like you stop Pakistan from progressing.
Usman Aug 30, 2012 06:58am
I hope one day people like you will understand that India is not our enemy.. I dont know why we have this mind set over here (and im sure we can find this in India as well). Hopefully through these types of articles which highlights things we share with them might help us in changing this mind set.
Shaib786 Aug 30, 2012 07:13am
Murtza, I am really surprised by the editorial content quality. You are merely stating the obvious and at a lot of point it looks you are about to give a counter argument but then continue with the chain of thought did you write this article in haste. The article could have implied the message you wanted drive in half the size yet you chose otherwise. Now I am not trying to be ultra-critical however, following points could have fortified your augment: 1. China
Najam Naqvi Aug 30, 2012 07:16am
Excellent Analysis !! Keep it coming
Dev Aug 30, 2012 07:20am
A very well written article, the Pakistanis should be wary of the Chinese, they are known to stab you in the back by making you a friend.
Ali Sep 01, 2012 02:31pm
Well said, I visited China in 2010 and found Masjids, halal food, and many Islamic activities.
deepak Aug 30, 2012 07:23am
Positive thinking
Dev Aug 30, 2012 07:23am
It will need more sense from you to understand what the writer is trying to tell you.
Hindustani Aug 30, 2012 07:25am
This is a great article & it
Shuvo Aug 30, 2012 07:28am
Great article. Although we have our differences and shortcomings, there is no reason why India and Pakistan can't walk the route to strengthen their fragile relationship. The route isn't easy and can certainly not be termed 'friendship' outright. At least we can live as civil neighbours with mutual courtesy and respect for each other without jumping at each other's throats. Point to be noted, China is nobody's friend an is working towards a self-motivated goal with a passion and zeal which will take out anything (country?) they consider even a minor hindrance. You're right, their need for Pakistan as an ally has reached an expiry date (as has the US's). Also, like WER above, have to admire your guts to write this considering the tremendous psychological pressure that looms over Pakistani journalism in the present circumstances.
Manoj Aug 30, 2012 07:30am
Hats of you. Really great article. We india and Pakistan should come closer. People to people contact should be necessary. We early one nation and divided into two. We can reverse it too.
Satya Aug 30, 2012 09:30am
Well written article
Shoaib Faruqi Aug 30, 2012 07:40am
Very well written Murtaza Sb. Very thought provoking.
vijay dixit Aug 30, 2012 07:54am
The writer is spot on.Other than hoping that China will bail them out by the supply of cheap loans & military hard wear,there is nothing in common between the Chinese & Pakistani people.The Pakistanis jumped on the Chinese laps just to torment India.Given a choice between India & China the people of Pakistan will always opt for India.It is no contest at all.
Guru Aug 30, 2012 08:10am
I agree with the author's view - Pak- China friendship is built on the artificial premise that 'My enemy's enemy is my friend'. There are no shared ideals, culture etc. As all things that are artificially contrived, this will give way over a period of time.
rehman Aug 30, 2012 08:13am
the article is very interesting , everybody should read it.
Vikram Aug 30, 2012 08:18am
Well said, let's hope we live to see that day.
Lodhi Aug 30, 2012 07:00pm
Excellent job new creative ideas congrats
Ragu Aug 30, 2012 11:22am
Long live freedom of press in Pakistan. An excellent article. So true. Pakistan and India are loosing out to alien cultures who sell arms to both of us. Our people starve and infrastructure crumbles. Governance suffers and corruption thrives. Why can we not focus on what already have and use it well.
omer Aug 30, 2012 08:56pm
the difference between india and china's treatment of muslims is that in china the people dont harrass the muslims but the government does and in the india the government protects the muslims and the people harass them. and the only reason the governments protects the muslims is because muslim are such a large vote bank. and dear writer tell me how many times have u heard of muslims being massacred in china? shared heritage?? only punjabis and muhajir share common heritage with Indians. im a pashtun, and my mother is balochi. we have nothing common with India, absolutely nothing. i suggest you read the history of the sub continent and west Asia before the arrival of the British .
zaidisportraiture Aug 30, 2012 08:46pm
That is because India is a larger country, trying to undo Pakistan since its inception. If things had not been handled the way they were at partition, we could have been good buddies. India being abigger entity should lead the way.But with multi party governments it is hard to do that. Things are moving in the right direction, Pakistani desire good relationship with India. India has to reciprocate that also. Travel to Pakistan and se how you are welcomed and treated. As any Sikh yatree who has had the experience, he or she will tell you how Pakistani are.
Taxla Sep 09, 2012 07:25pm
Yeh, bird of a feather, flocks together.
Taxla Sep 02, 2012 03:51pm
Muslims all over the world are known as consumers and not producers. In simple words, they want everything and they produce nothing. Their educational and skill levels are pretty much basic especially oil exploration and distribution. Who in their right mind will give them highly skilled and professional jobs is beyond me. If you have a highly skilled project and you hire a novice, result will be failure and at the end of the day you have to pay for it, financial ruin is staring at you. Good Luck.
Mohammed Aug 30, 2012 12:35pm
The primary concern of any state in international relations is survivial and self interest. This is is not a normative argument but merely a fact resulting from structure. Therefore any state will only base its relationship with Pakistan on its own self interest not out of freindship or obligation. There are no freinds in international poltics only mutual and self interest, despite religion and shared culture. The problem with India unlike China is that it claims Pakistani territory, assisted in breaking up Pakistan and has never truly accepted our right to exist as a state.
KKRoberts Aug 30, 2012 12:46pm
There are no permanent allies only permanent interests.So there will not be any problems to Pakistan- China relationship as far as India is there.
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:13pm
Look who's calling who a two-face.
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:12pm
ABsolutely NOT true. Your friends are those who share their things with you, especially during bad times. And NOT be at war with you (3 times in the past).
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:11pm
Well said Salman. The writer is completely biased in his article.
sharma Aug 30, 2012 06:32pm
where you learnt that muslims cants buy property in india. do not make your self fool by stories you heard. they can buy whatever they want just like any other indian
Taxla Sep 09, 2012 07:03pm
Awarding jobs on religious basis is ridiculous. However, employing people on merit and qualification is the norm. Any Muslim employer is considering religion as a qualification, could not be a good muslim, more like a hypocrite.
bhandari.lalit Aug 30, 2012 01:56pm
Bravo! A very good , unbiased article on the relations of the three neighbouring cou,ntries.
does not matter Sep 03, 2012 07:39pm
I don't know what you mean by India flexing it's muscles.Given a chance, you would probably promote your interest over others. This is business.Either Pakistan is not able to compete or not able to make it's case in international community. India gave MFN status to Pakistan in 90s while in Pakistan it is still a matter of National Security whether they want to grant MFN to India or not.Any way , if Pakistan has something really good to offer to World community then i don't think they would pay heads no matter how much muscle flexing is done by India.
imran Aug 30, 2012 06:12pm
sir superbly said THE STATE AND CHURCH SHOULD BE KEPT APART....and thats what our motherland has done...pakistan doesnt understands this....they are not a world muslim police
innohunter Aug 31, 2012 11:38pm
Agreed. China is our only true ally.
patrick Aug 30, 2012 02:25pm
Perfect analysis. Impressed with your knowledge. Looking forward to see the neutral analysis by keeping the religion out from the equation.
Taxla Aug 30, 2012 02:29pm
You can print as many blogs as you want but the reality is till India and Pakistan do not solve the issues that are cause of friction, there is not going to be any meaningfull peace or hormony between them.
vjaiswal35 Aug 30, 2012 09:02am
A realistic and down to earth approach. Great analysis.
Sandip Aug 30, 2012 04:38pm
I want to know about the botherly love the Pakistani muslims bestow upon the pakistani hindus!
Raghu S Johar Aug 29, 2012 03:34pm
It is good to be friend of all the countries but basically an extremely religious country like Pakistan and extremely atheist country like China has no common ground except marriage of convenience. Eventually, China and India will be be much closer due to economic reasons.
Saad Aug 29, 2012 03:34pm
You live in Canada and not in Pakistan right? Go figure all the readers.
rehan Aug 31, 2012 06:46am
Is is mandatory to drag "religious minorities" in everything ?
Cyrus Howell Aug 30, 2012 01:25am
China does not give money away. Pakistan will have to make some sharp deals.
zaidisportraiture Aug 30, 2012 08:40pm
I agree
anony Aug 30, 2012 07:08pm
You're also one of the readers here, mind you.
Komal S Aug 30, 2012 08:28am
But the challenge is we separated highlighting our differences. Now to go back and change that perception 180 degrees and say we have to be good friends because we have lot in common. Our coming together is going to be more based out of mutual respect, trust, economic interest and the commoness you mention will act as a catalyst to the process.