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Food and drink

August 11, 2012


•    Each year there are approximately 20 billion coconuts produced worldwide.

•    There is a restaurant in Stockholm that only offers all-garlic products. They even have a garlic cheesecake.

•    Instead of a birthday cake, many Russian children are given a birthday pie.

•    One-third pound stalk of broccoli contains more vitamin C than 204 apples.

•    The last thing Elvis Presley ate before he died was four scoops of ice cream and six chocolate chip cookies.

•    The Ancient Greek women made a type of cheek blush by painting their cheeks with herbal pastes which was made out of crushed berries and seeds.

•    Over 200 varieties of watermelons are grown in the US.

•    In Belgium, there is a museum just for strawberries.

•    Black pepper is the most popular spice in the world.

•    To make one pound of butter, 29 cups of milk are needed.

•    The temperature of milk when it leaves the body of a cow is 101 degrees. Fahrenheit. The milk is then quickly chilled and stored at a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

•    The country with the highest consumption of candy at 29.5 pounds annually per person is Denmark.

•    The only popcorn museum in the world is located in Marion, Ohio, USA.

•    Apples are part of the rose family.

•    In China, people eat a bar of chocolate for every 1,000 chocolate bars eaten by the British.

•    A common drink for Tibetans is butter tea which is made out of butter, salt and brick tea.

•    The biggest pumpkin the world weighs 1,337.6 pounds.

•    In Belgium, 172,000 tons of chocolate are produced in a year.

•    In Britain, one out of every four potatoes is eaten in the form of French fries.

•    The average American kid will eat approximately 1.500 peanut butter sandwiches by high school graduation.

•    Studies have shown that putting on slow background music can make a person eat food at a slower rate.

•    Chilli powder was invented in the 19th century in the American Southwest.

•    Eating eight strawberries will provide you with more Vitamin C than an orange.

•    A one ounce milk chocolate bar has six mg of caffeine. — Compiled by The Surfer