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Another Hindu girl ‘embraces Islam’, weds shopkeeper

Published Aug 11, 2012 12:06am


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Police have arrested a man allegedly involved in forcibly converting and raping a Hindu girl. – File photo/Dawn
Police have carried out raids in different areas of Jacobabad to recover the girl and arrest the man she allegedly married of her own will. – File photo/Dawn 

SUKKUR, Aug 10: A shopkeeper has claimed that a 14-year-old Hindu girl who went missing from her home in Jacobabad has embraced Islam and “married me of her free will”.

Ghulam Murtaza Channa, who deals in mobile phones, stated in a petition he filed in the Sindh High Court’s Sukkur circuit bench on Thursday that Mansha Kumari, daughter of Rawat Mal, had eloped with him and embraced Islam under the guidance of Maulana Fateh Mohammad at the shrine of Amrot, near Shikarpur, on Aug 7.

She was renamed Mehwash and her Nikah was solemnised with him, the petitioner said.

Mr Channa requested the court to “give us protection”, alleging that police contingents from Sukkur and Jacobabad were conducting raids to arrest him in the girl’s kidnapping case lodged by her father.

The court took up the petition on Friday and directed the SSP of Sukkur and the SHOs of New Pind police station of Sukkur and City police station of Jacobabad to take steps for the petitioner’s safety.

The court also issued notices to the girl Mehwash, her father and brother Ram Mal to appear before it on Aug 16 to record their statements.

Rawat Mal, the girl’s father, has lodged an FIR in Jacobabad against Ghulam Murtaza Channa and two others, accusing them of kidnapping his daughter.

Police have carried out raids in different areas of Jacobabad to recover Mehwash and arrest Channa.


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Comments (57) Closed

amir khan Aug 12, 2012 09:52pm
you need to get your head examined.
abs Aug 12, 2012 06:30pm
well said. it is all unnecessary hindu-jew propoganda against peace loving innocent pakistanis.
ujmalik Aug 11, 2012 12:30pm
This whole minorities being abducted and force converted is taking a strange turn. You do have to understand that our culture looks down on a girl or a boy marrying by their own choice. This becomes worse if they wish to marry outside the preferred circle. Worse if they want to marry a person of another religion! This is the tension which is not only limited to Pakistanis and Indians but even of them living in Europe and America. For once media needs to take things as they are. In this particular case however the girl is 14! How can she even get married? Instead of taking it as a minorities issue, the guy should be arrested for paedophile and whoever registered her Nikah for arranging an under-age marriage which is against the law of the Country!
Indian Aug 11, 2012 11:22am
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. that is the only way out. Hindus, forget about Nonviolence or loose your religion, choice is yours.
Imran Aug 11, 2012 10:48am
She is 14. You cannot marry a minor. Arrest and jail him for child sexual abuse!
@mandeepch Aug 11, 2012 10:43am
It seems it is legal in pakistan to elope a 14 year girl (teenage) girl .A big shame on pakistan legislature and judiciary.
SLDUA Aug 11, 2012 10:39am
It is difficult to understand pakistani definition of 'free will'.
Dr_Babu Aug 11, 2012 10:37am
It is sad that minorities are leaving Pakistan and some are being converted to Islam. This is the Pakistan Quaid had envisioned. What will happen to Pakistan in a few years. Social disintegration, political mired in self promotion, the country will just become like Somalia, a failing country.
Ali Aug 12, 2012 10:12pm
there is no law in the country my friend... so there's nothing that can be done... only choice left is the hindus migrate to the country of their origin.
umesh Aug 11, 2012 10:36am
Conversion -National Obsession and pass time. Earn skyward miles....each conversion 100 points
AAMIR Aug 12, 2012 10:13pm
ABSOLUTELY..... but let her keep a boyfriend if she is okay with it as she is old enough to be responsible for her sexual behaviour and has personal freedom to decided upon it as to how and when to enjoy, all over the world, BUT marriage, oh, dear Lord, that is too brutal and this man must be stoned !!!
Ali Aug 12, 2012 10:14pm
so would you marry your daughter/sister to a hindu if you living outside a muslim country/area where you won't find any muslim men to marry her off... if yes, then i think what you said also could hold true.
Hrishikesh Aug 11, 2012 10:07am
On what basis can Mir Aijaz Jakhrani of PPP now say that the Hindu migration report is aimed at maligning PPP? The civil society of Pakistan needs to see the elephant in the room - its a writing on the wall! If you are a father of a teenage daughter - would you be comfortable with living in such conditions? Please wake up folks before its too late!
deepak Aug 12, 2012 06:56pm
Pakistan will not survive this kind of tyranny and bigotry. Your sins will catch up with you. You are descendants of Hindus who have adopted Islam only a 1000 years ago. This is atrocious behavior. In 1971 the Pakistan army killed 3 million Bengalis mostly Hindus in East Pakistan.
Rahman Aug 12, 2012 06:43pm
Conversion is neither a sin nor a crime. In India millions of Hindus have converted to Christianity, why are you not up in arms about that. If it happens in Pakistan, you guys are out calling it a foul. The real issue here is: If she is a minor, how can she marry and adult and without permission from her parents. It's a crime and should be properly punished. Further, it should be thoroughly examined if she was forced to convert. That's a crime and once again should be properly punished. Converting to another religion is not a crime. So, please, my Hindu friends focus on the crime and not freedom of choice.
ujmalik Aug 18, 2012 01:53pm
Ali this country is the country of their origin!
KhanChangezKhan Aug 12, 2012 07:18am
Love never accepts neither the boundary of religion nor the age differences. If they fall in love for each other’s then what is wrong? It is not something new to discuss. Any one may fall in love and they have rights change their religion according to the wishes of each other’s. Some peoples are criticizing because the boy is from the majority and the girl is from minority. If it is reversed then? There are millions of stories in this world of such cases, especially in the sub-continents. Not only the poorer but also the Rajas and Maharajas have such examples. Don't be silly. Let Ghulam Murtaza Channa and Mansha Kumari to carry on the righteous of their own wish.
Shams AlHq Khan Rajbari Aug 12, 2012 08:28am
We should respect the rights of love! Why we always blame the government for every events.
Ajamal Aug 12, 2012 08:22am
Conversion is a purely personal issue - here problem is a legally "minor girl".
vij Aug 12, 2012 08:19am
Just 14 year old!!....shame on u pakistan
Pravit Aug 12, 2012 09:26am
Young girls often run away for romantic reasons. This happens around the world. In other countries they are sold into prostitution by professional abducters. This is not the case here, this couple has married and run away. The Parents are rightly angry, but religion has nothing to do with it.
Roger Aug 11, 2012 09:49am
When I read the Dawn, I sometimes wonder. I see very reasonable comments by Pakistani readers. Minority population in Pakistan has dwindled significantly since Pakistan. Yet, there is inadequate activism against the reasons that contribute to the continuing decline of the population numbers of the minority groups. Or should these "reasonable comments" be reflected as 'armchair activism' ? Minority protection in Pakistan? Not even if you are a minor! Sad.
anil Aug 11, 2012 09:54am
First of all this is Pak gov failure . That man should be arrested for marrying to a teen who is just 14 .Even if girl wants to marry , she can't do it at this age and the request of her parents should be entertained .About this conversion , better to remain mum as this has been a fashion in pak society .
Reddy Aug 11, 2012 02:10pm
sick society , no justice ,this is the country where the lawyers shower petals on the murderer of a governor, what do you expect.
Atis Aug 11, 2012 03:13pm
The shop keeper should be sent to jail for marrying a minor!
Pradeep Aug 12, 2012 02:37pm
How many such marriages of Hindu girls with Muslim boys have failed in pakistan? Any statistics?
Zaffar Aug 11, 2012 03:34pm
This shouldn't happen to anyone in the name of Islam. I don't hear hindu boys gone missing and embracing islam and getting married with muslim girls. For all those who practice such Islam and proudly boast the conversion of hindu females. Their duty/faith should not be bound to convert only girls thy should be doing this to hindus males and be proud of that too. If it ever happens I know 'honor killing' will come into play. Shame on all those who practice such faith and call themselves muslims.
Nadeem Aug 11, 2012 05:01pm
As a minority community ,may be there are not many Hindu youngmen around to marry Hindu girls ?
Prakash Aug 11, 2012 05:09pm
Is there any marriageable age in Pakistan,the girl is only 14.
An American Aug 11, 2012 07:33pm
The reality is that no minorities are safe in Pakistan - they should either immigrate to other countries or face extinction.
Amit Aug 11, 2012 07:59pm
She is even 14 ..Oh my god ....She is minor one is allowed to marry her ..put culprits behind the bars
Cupid Aug 12, 2012 04:00pm
Chill guys ... they were in love.
Izas Aug 13, 2012 08:44am
Making up your own!
PAK-Defender Aug 13, 2012 08:48am
The Hindu Indians are selling their 10year old daughters as prostitutes to foreign tourists for a dollar a night. Any thoughts on that?
G. Thind Aug 11, 2012 10:44pm
Abduction of a child seems like a joke to you. Are you pragmatic or just beating around the bush and kidding yourself.
Pakistan Aug 11, 2012 10:57pm
I am tired and sick of seeing these reports. We are so concerned about ill treatment of Muslims in India. What example are we setting for Indian Hindu here? I am willing to embrace Hinduism if that can wash away the blimpish off our society. On behalf of all conscious Pakistanis we apologize to every Hindu and non-Muslim minority of Pakistan who has to suffer. You have equal right on this mother land. God bless Hindus and Pakistanis.
Too Bad Too Sad Aug 11, 2012 11:47pm
it is already a failed state my friend.
ahmed Aug 11, 2012 11:51pm
I agree my Indian friend. We are going back to the stone age era, or perhaps we are already there :)
Shams Aug 12, 2012 05:42pm
two wrongs make a right, then? what kind of logic is this?
VDx Aug 12, 2012 03:49pm
Pakistan is cursed.... just wait and watch... demise of a crowd....
KhanChangezKhan Aug 12, 2012 07:30am
The indian sub-continent was divided on the basis of free land for muslims and similarly for hindus. These people were given rights of selection of their own choice at the time of divisions. If some one seek migration from either side of Pakistan and India, that must be respected and he should be given full support of their governments and if not then why India is divided?
IQBALiq Aug 12, 2012 03:37am
Shahji Aug 12, 2012 03:37am
Hello Indians and Hindus, are you unaware of the forced conversions if tribals and Christians by Hindu radicals in your own country? At least in Pakistan these are a very small number of people and are acting independantly but in India they are supported by large political organizations like VHP and RSS who proudly claim they will re-convert all who left hinduism or tribals...why not google for it before pointing fingers at Pakistan, when 3 fingers are pointing right back at you?
Hyder Aug 12, 2012 04:29am
Can anyone imagine the opposite happening? A 14 year old Muslim girl marrying a Hindu shopkeeper?
Okhajut Aug 12, 2012 05:27pm
In Pakistan the Majority is being killed, blown up and not given basic rights. Its a country wide issue at the moment.
gaga Aug 12, 2012 05:21am
@Nadeem so shld they get married forcibly to muslim men as minors??
Muhammad Sario Aug 12, 2012 08:45am
Yes Mr. Channa should be sent to jail for this unethical condition. Islam does not teaches that you disrespect others but it gives message of Love, Peace and Respect. Minorities should be given their rights. Pakistan is made for everyone not for only Muslims or Hindus....
Rahul Aug 13, 2012 01:37am
Sad, but true.
Mohan Aug 13, 2012 02:33am
The only solution to the problem is let minorities from respective countries to migrate to the country of their choice. So the minorities can be safe.
Zulfe Aug 13, 2012 03:36am
As far as I know, in Islam, a girl, who never previously married, Nikah should be done with the approval of her gaurdian (parents). This is because the girl is not capable of making the right decision. In Islam, it is not recommended for women and men to intermingle freely. Therefore, women (unmarried) usually cannot make the informed decision. Therefore, it is highly recommended that their gaurdians (parents) help them make the right decision. In this case, the Moulvie who solemnize the marriage should have asked Mr. Channa to bring the parents of the girl before the Nikah. If the Nikah was done before her parents, then there would not have been any doubts. But in this case since the parents were not involved, and the girl is so young, the Nikah does not seem to be according the free will of the girl.
anand singh Aug 13, 2012 04:47am
I am surprised and shocked that while this paper The Dawn publishes this news , it chooses not to raise the issue of the girl being underage . No where do I read in any Pak paper that action needs to be taken against the man for marrying a child which I presume is against the law in Pak. Never mind about the ' conversion' which is open to debate but for gods sake - here is the law being flouted openly and the media is silent ! This shall provoke yahoos to do this again & again.
parus Aug 13, 2012 04:55am
How a 14year minor took decision to accept islam?? hello is this shopkeeper is in his senses?
Azizi Aug 14, 2012 06:48am
DAWN is guilty of Islam/Muslim-baiting, over and over and again. Just read its articles and the comments it allows.
Ramnarayan Aug 15, 2012 09:20am
right.......insaniyat or bhagwan ko na samjane wale log hi karte hai yeh....
abc from India Aug 15, 2012 09:27am
14 saal ki ladki ke sath shadi .....or koi dekhe ya na dekhi voh bhagwan jaroor ....dekh rha ....jis desh mein aisi cheez ho rhi ho waha ki awaam media ko yeh nainsafi jatani chahiye..chahye koi dharam ke log yeh kare.......Pakistan jab hi khushal or shanti poorvak rah payega............DAWN news channel ko chahiye isse jitna criticize karsake utna kare.....
nitin Aug 15, 2012 09:34am
acha laga apke vichar padkhar......not everybody from pakistan is evil minded....insaan hum pehle hai fir hindu or muslim hai..
ordinary person Aug 21, 2012 11:00am
A person or country who takes advantages by blaming other religion will definitely fall. today or the other day it will happen. I agree.