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Imran Shah's selection as the sole keeper in the Pakistan squad had raised many questions. -Photo by Reuters

KARACHI: Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) chief selector Olympian Hanif Khan has said that he is no longer interested in continuing with his post.

Soon after the Pakistan hockey team went out of medal contention in the London Olympics hockey event following their 7-0 loss to Australia, Hanif said that his contract with the federation was already expiring after the Olympics and he wasn’t interested in seeing it renewed.

The selection of the current team featuring in the Olympics has raised many questions as among other things the team went into the Games without the seasoned goalkeeper Salman Akbar while only taking along one goalkeeper, a decision that has completely backfired for them after goalkeeper Imran Shah conceded 16 goals in five games.

But according to the talk in hockey circles, Hanif as selector was never in complete command anyway.

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Caz Aug 08, 2012 09:00am
Pakistanis are not physically as strong as the Europeans, cannot match their stamina nor do they possess the quality of precision that comes from a developed mind.
Imtiaz Aug 08, 2012 11:39am
Dua even in Ramazan is not effective tool in Olympics or for that matter for anything. We need to change mentality and start working for a change in all spheres odf life.
Asad Faizi Aug 08, 2012 11:30am
The great Anwar Maqsood put it very aptly - "We play games in politics and politics in games". Asad Faizi
ahmet abdulaziz Aug 08, 2012 04:38am
the same sad story being repeated again. Hanif Khan was a good player , but hockey circles do always have some doubts about his capability of handling the situation as chief selector. I personally feel that it is not just Hanif Khan who should resign, the whole PHF must resign.
MBA Aug 08, 2012 05:12am
Besides the unacceptable and humiliating results of our hockey team in London, one should also ask a couple of other things: How many persons visited London at the costs of our poor nation to achiev what? In the very best of the cases we had a chance to win only one medal with a huge investent to sent a full team - is it really reasonable? Why should not we concentrate on individual games, instead of big team events?
Faisal Aug 08, 2012 05:46am
It is baffling to understand the hockey politics of Pakistan and it is also a waste of time to even bother about it. It is very obvious that the entire hockey infrastructure and PHF are in a state of mess and chaos (like the rest of Pakistan if I may say so) and need to be revamped by 'sensible' common sense leaders in the field of hockey (with the same applying to other sports). All the heads or selectors be it Hanif Khan or whomever from before are all stepping in the hockey ‘quicksand’ and try their level best at quick ‘BAND-AID’ fixes (so typical of Pakistani character) which have and never will address the chronic problem that besets PHF, the hockey team and the hockey infrastructure among other sports. What Pakistan needs is to have highly educated and talented sports leaders who have been exposed to Western sports culture (preferably German or Chinese), education and sports medicine or import Pakistanis who have majored and graduated in these areas from abroad and mimic a ministry of sports that is built on this platform and NOT of vain bureaucrats.
Tariq Aug 08, 2012 05:48am
We need to invest in sports grounds, latest sports equipment, and most importantly propagate sports in all schools of Pakistan. Upon finding talented sportsmen send them to training camps from an early age and give them the necessary tools (sports education, facilities, gyms and sport nutrition) and most importantly education (sportsmen must be graduates or pursuing degrees as they represent Pakistan in international events and ambassadors furthering Pakistan’s image) to further their sports ambitions.
Sha Aug 08, 2012 05:49am
Once this talent is groomed and attains competitive skills should s/he be put forward in national and international competition. Being Pakistanis we know that there is abundant talent in ALL areas of sport. It is a shame that Pakistan’s lacklustre and incompetent ministry is wasting so much of our talented youth’s potential and limited financial resources. In a recent international science Olympiad Pakistanis from select schools shone in education. Imagine what kind of results we would have if we pooled from all the schools of Pakistan instead of just the select few. Pakistanis are gifted in education and sports and they have a right and place in this world. It is up to us and most importantly the government of Pakistan to help in achieving this sports dream of Pakistan for its talented youth. It is their right. We can learn a LOT from our stellar friends in China about their excellent sports culture which really propelled them from 1980’s forward.