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Dual nationality question


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THIS refers to Mr F. Hasan’s letter ‘Dual nationality’ (July 14). The writer has pinpointed some critical issues that need to be addressed if Pakistani citizens holding dual nationality are allowed to take part in the forthcoming elections for holding public offices.

The most important question is: how is it possible for a person to be loyal to two countries, particularly if one has political rights or works in government jobs?

One fails to understand why the government is wasting its efforts and time on safeguarding the interest of a few instead of concentrating on national priorities.

Some countries which do allow dual citizenship are the United States, Canada, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

But of late they have become uncomfortable with the idea. On the other hand, many countries like China, India, the Philippines, Germany, Japan, and South Korea forbid dual citizenship.

These countries would cancel native citizenship if their citizens acquired citizenship of another country. The Indian constitution does not allow dual citizenship. India decided to grant overseas citizenship of India (OCI) to a certain category that migrated from India and acquired citizenship of a foreign country other than Pakistan and Bangladesh.

If you get the OCI, it is not the same as being a regular Indian citizen and you do not get an Indian passport or voting rights. One cannot be a candidate for parliament or state assemblies or hold constitutional posts such as president, vice-president, and judge of the Supreme Court/high court, etc. One also cannot have a government job.

A dual passport-holder enjoys many financial benefits. He can essentially live, work, and travel freely within his native and naturalised countries. Some dual citizens also enjoy the privilege of voting in both countries, owning property, running business ventures in both countries, having government healthcare in both countries and getting access to restricted areas.

It is argued that since citizens with dual nationality send remittances or make business investments in Pakistan, therefore, it is fair to reward them by allowing them to contest in elections in addition to their voting rights.

I would say that they are not helping to boost our economy but whatever profits they earn from Pakistan soil is transferred to their foreign bank accounts.

Thus they are transferring funds out of Pakistan and further exhausting our economy. The most serious consequences of such a decision is security, for all our sensitive secrets could be transferred outside Pakistan.

I appeal to the people of Pakistan to strongly raise their voice against such a move.


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kuyasnotebook Jul 27, 2012 06:06am
The Philippines allows dual citizenship... I'm a dual citizen of both the United States and the Philippines. For example, a person born in the United States to a Filipino parent is automatically a dual citizen. (They explained this to me at the Philippine Consulate in LA.)
Javed Jul 23, 2012 10:57am
Excuse to hold legislative position by dual nationality is foreign remmitance.Most of the remmitance is from gulf states by skilled workers who per force have to send money back to support their family and have to return back to Pakistan.They can never dream of holding any lagislative posts.Only,the rich,the bold and the beautifull from western world would desire for legislative post.Just to increase their wealth within short time,which can happen in Pakisan and return back to live happyly ever after.Could you please tell me what wealth Shaukat Aziz,Moin Quarashi,Altaf Hussain etc dual nationals brought to Pakistan,whereas,it is well known they took their wealth out..Please don't make innocent public fools.
Rubina Jul 23, 2012 05:41am
Dual nationals who seek right to fight elections should never be allowed to do so, because of their conflict of interest. It is this few which are involved in transferring billions out of Pakistan to UK, Canada, Spain or USA, much more than is remitted to Pakistan from these countries. Pakistan's corrupt bureaucrats, tax evading businessmen and some politicians all hold dual nationality or residential status to escape from accountability if ever they face any threat of getting arrested in Pakistan. The violence, target killing, extortion etc in Karachi is all controlled by few such dual nationality holders living in UK and South Africa
zir Jul 23, 2012 07:34am
spot on!
Aziz Jul 23, 2012 08:53am
The honourable writer has missed the point altogether. Pakistanis are not against dual-nationality. They are against dual-nationality holder occupying legislative or other sensitive positions. They will become privy to lot of nationally-sensitive information . With divided loyalty as dual nationals such information may not remain safe.
sara Jul 23, 2012 08:48pm
Dual Nationality has pros and cons. If an individual is working abroad and he keep sending money to Pakistan, It means that would be beneficial for our economy. On the other hand, if some body, after winding up his business from Pakistan is going abroad in order to settle there permanently. In this case, obviously our economy would be worst.
Ijaz Mir Jul 24, 2012 12:48am
Pakistani work force will never get nationality in gulf states or any where in middle east.This duel nationality is for wadras, politicians, bankers and people who wants to hide their stolen wealth. And when things are hot stay abroad call video appearance and enjoy leader ship. This duel nationality is a big scam.