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Working for a better society

Published Jul 17, 2012 03:48am


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THROUGH the media, we see the conditions in Pakistan and the progress other nations have made — nations which gained freedom with us or even after us like China and Malaysia.

What happened to our nation or did we ever evolve into a nation at all? Just ask anybody from any nation about their conditions. You are most likely to hear about pride and unity. Why is it that when a person who keeps his house tidy and neat throws litter all around him in a public park?

Why don’t we feel remorse on breaking a red signal or overspeeding and by breaking other laws? And why is it that we, the same people, on going to foreign countries obey their laws and follow their rules and regulations rather than breaking any!

The reason is that we take all our blessings for granted.

It is time we started acting like a responsible nation and thinking collectively like one family.

Why can’t we work for the betterment of the nation? All we have to do is work sincerely, take responsibility for our actions, and think individually for collective improvement rather than blaming the entire nation for our individual mistakes.

If we want to see Pakistan prosper, then each one of us has to analyse herself/himself only. Only then can we prosper as a nation.

Forget about politicians, diplomats, government officials and all other persons except yourself. Become an honest, hardworking person and motivate others to become likewise.

My fellow countrymen, change yourselves for the better for bringing improvement in society.



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Tanvir Jul 17, 2012 05:44pm
Cohesion in the society comes from trust of the people in Justice System. Justice is provided to people through enforcement of laws and regulations and this enforcement is main job of police and courts. Lack of justice has made people selfish and self-centered and nation-hood did not develope. Correction will start from cleaning / educating police and courts. Every adult must submit income tax papers whether tax is due on him/her or not. Khakees must be checked not to over-draw from national ex-chequere. After this blessing would bestow upon the nation and in 10 - 15 years we would be proud nation again.
tanaslam Jul 17, 2012 04:53pm
It is sad to say, but one cry from the bottom of the pit does not go any where. Pakistan's basic problem lies at tip of the mountain. The construction of a quality nation starts at the top. Any country one admires these days had quality leaders with selfless attitudes or a system that assured quality leadership. Pakistan has deprived of both quality leaders and a quality system by its selfish greedy elite. Once a common person found them breaking the laws, robbing others for wealth, and ignoring the killing innocents for nothing, the common person also adopted their shades and colors. Now the whole nation, in general, with few exceptions, does the same abhorring things their leaders do openly. There is no easy cure for this except waiting for a cleanup at the top by some courageous leader(s) or the bubble up of a revolution from the bottom, the people!
muhammad tahir Jul 17, 2012 09:46am
'''''Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change any thing'''so according to above sentence if we are not able to change him self or her self then we are not able to change our Pakistan