So it’s not just us who are watching television morning shows closely. Veteran actress Sakina Samoon, known for holding no punches, has an opinion on them too; and she is spot on.

Last week Sakina S, accompanied by Usman Pirzada, was on a morning show to plug a drama serial that she and Usman P are working in. While discussing the serial, out of the blue the anchor hurled a question at her guests about the quality of morning shows. To this Sakina S responded (and without batting her eyelids) that it was important for a TV host to have knowledge and wisdom because TV personalities affected the lives (and opinions) of the common people. Usman P endorsed her comment.

Though the distinguished actress did not take any names, for some odd reason the host of the programme looked at her guests rather sheepishly. Good going Sakina ji. You said it!