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Indonesian women get husbands' pay to stop affairs


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Indonesian women queue for banking at an ATM gallery in Jakarta. – AFP Photo

GORONTALO: Thousands of male Indonesian civil servants had their monthly pay transferred to their wives' bank accounts this week in a bid by a local government to stop men having affairs.

The Gorontalo administration on northern Sulawesi island issued the recommendation early this year to its 3,200 civil servants, saying it would help control funds usually spent on mistresses.

“Men are usually unable to control their behaviour if they have too much money in their pocket,” government spokesman Rifly Katili told AFP.

“I'm pretty sure this will eliminate the possibility of love affairs that undermine families.”

About 90 per cent of the workers are voluntarily taking part in the initiative, Katili said.

“This kind of initiative will also empower the employees' wives to learn about household budget management,” he said.

Katili said many wives had complained to the governor that their husbands withheld how much they earned, typically between one and four million rupiah ($110-$440) a month.

Katili did not know how many civil servants had cheated on their wives.

“Unfortunately, we never researched that.”

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Hemant Mar 02, 2012 08:08pm
This is a good move, and shuld be done mainly for low income groups where men folks fritter away the money in drinking or gambling.
muzammil ullah khan Mar 03, 2012 01:09am
good job. this rule should be applied universally. but then how do we stop the women?!
Muhib Mar 03, 2012 04:34am
not all men are the same...
Agha Ata Mar 03, 2012 08:04am
What about businessmen, doctors, lawyers and other independant workers? They have more money and, among them, we find more wrongdoers. WSe should introducde this thing in Pakistan immediately. No wonder women are better money managers.
zbeech Mar 03, 2012 06:56pm
I wish the government would have given me my husband's income to stop him from cheating and other things as well. The problem is that after I realized my husband was cheating I did not want to be with him anymore. It is sad when a woman has to stay with a man even though she knows he is cheating just because she cannot get out and support herself and her kids. Instead she gets his income... wonderful... but has to stay with the guy to get it...not so wonderful !
Pervez Musharaff Mar 07, 2012 08:35am
If wives get husband's pay, itisunderstood that husbands cannot cheat with their wives. If the cheating doesn'tinvolve money, then what will happen like it happens in North America? Also,if the money is spent on a spendthrift wive's emotional needs,where do the kids and the husband go to? Always the trust forms the bedrock of union between husband and wife.If the trust is broken, then both the hearts and minds cannot frankly survive for long under the same roof without undergoing intense pain between the two parties. If the husband is wayward, it is best dealt with by his wife who he considers his lifepartner. If he cannot respect his wife, he should be treated as an outcaste and useless animal in the society. No amount of moral preaching would help these people whose minds are evil and have self-serving selfish mindsets. Under any circumstances, women should have freedom to choose their life style without depending on her husband for her needs. It is a good idea to pay 50% of salary to her though her husband earns the livelihood to keep him under check and feed her children when demanded.