HYDERABAD, Dec 15: A central leader of Anjuman-e-Sarfaroshan-e-Islam was gunned down in an apparent incident of targeted killing in the limits of B-Section police station in Latifabad Unit-5 on Thursday morning.

Wasi Mohammad Qureshi Qureshi, 50, was about to leave home to take his children to school when four men on two motorcycles fired on him from point blank range. One of the assailants hit him in the skull to ensure his death.

No FIR has so far been lodged. Late Qureshi used to be a diehard devotee of Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi who had earned notoriety for his convoluted beliefs.

Shahi's more hardcore devotees formed Mehdi Foundation but Qureshi did not join it and continued to lead Anjuman-e-Sarfaroshan-e-Islam.