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Sack Butt, not Afridi


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What should a captain do when a board no one trusts won’t talk to him, but warns him against talking to anyone else?

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ijaz Butt is yet to reveal why Shahid Afridi, ODI captain since the 2010 Asia Cup, was sacked after leading the team to two back-to-back ODI series wins, as well as to the semi-finals of the 2011 World Cup. But it is becoming clear now that Afridi’s ouster was not a spur-of-the-moment decision and in fact the wheels had been set in motion way back before the recently concluded tour of the Caribbean.

Let’s look at what happened on the West Indies tour. Afridi had initially opted out of the West Indies tour, saying he needed a break and wanted to spend time with his family, but was eventually convinced by his father to go ahead. Pakistan started well, taking an unassailable lead of 3-0 in the five-match series, but lost the last two matches to a depleted West Indies side (though it was a tour of new faces for Pakistan as well). Afridi’s own performance was flat – he averaged just over 9 with the bat and 84.50 with the ball. There were reports that Afridi clashed with the rest of the tour selection committee (the coach Waqar Younis, vice-captain Misbah-ul-Haq and manager Intikhab Alam) over the selection of the final XI for the last two games. On his return to Pakistan, Afridi made the following comment in response to a query about said issues:

“Although the differences in team management are not such which could not be solved; I feel everyone should do his job and need not interfere in others' work.”

Reacting to this explosive (sic) comment, PCB officials admitted that there were “long-standing issues” over selection matters but hoped they would be resolved when Afridi met the chairman. That meeting never took place, and the PCB sent Afridi a notice demanding an explanation for comments it believed were against the board’s Code of Conduct. Afridi replied to the board’s notice, downplayed the issue in the media and also called Butt and got assurances from him before leaving for a personal/fundraising tour of the US. Butt sacked Afridi as ODI captain while he was in the middle of his tour of the US. Afridi heard about it in the news, and after returning from the US, decided to quit in international cricket in protest against the current PCB administration.

We also know now that PCB selector Mohammad Ilyas and Shahid Afridi don’t get along, thanks to an ugly war of words between the two that’s being played out in the media.  Ilyas, better-known as the father-in-law of discarded Test opener Imran Farhat, was himself an opening batsman and leg-spinner. The media “debates” between Afridi and Ilyas took on an ugly tone these past few days, which is regrettable, but some of the revelations that have come through them are startling.

Afridi accused Ilyas of chumming up to Butt and conspiring against him. Ilyas, in response, agreed that he is close to Butt and called upon Afridi to show some respect to the board that has, in Ilyas’ words, stood by him through many controversies. Ilyas also admitted – nay, boasted – that he refused to sign off on Afridi’s name being included in the squad for the tour of the West Indies because he felt that Afridi was “not fit and wouldn’t do well on those pitches”. Think about this for a second. When the selection for the West Indies tour was being deliberated upon, Afridi had just returned from leading Pakistan to the semi-final of the World Cup in which he was the leading wicket-taker. And here you have a national selector who wanted to drop him from the team for the very next tour. Forget the captaincy! No matter how big a critic of Afridi one may be, he did not deserve to be dropped from the squad on the back of that World Cup performance. An even more damning revelation to emerge from this exchange has been that Ilyas was the selector that the team’s then Security Manager, Colonel Najam, reported seeing with Mazhar Majeed in a cricketer’s room on the tour of England at a time when the players had been specifically told not to meet Majeed. It was also hinted that this might have been the reason Najam was fired, albeit belatedly (after the Zulqarnain Haider incident) from his role. The said report by Colonel Najam was submitted after the England tour, and no selectors have been investigated, let alone removed, since.

If you want to dig a little deeper, we can explore Afridi’s history as captain. He said he’s known of a conspiracy against him since the England tour, but I suspect he would have sensed it even earlier.

His first tournament as ODI captain was the Asia Cup in which Mohammad Amir was investigated for being on the phone in the dressing room – incidentally during a spectacular collapse the scorecard of which reads like Afridi was playing some other match. Kamran Akmal and Salman Butt were subsequently asked by the ACSU to submit their phone records. In an interview to Geo TV after Pakistan were booted out of the tournament, Afridi stressed that discipline was his primary concern and he would not tolerate any violations, a threat that we now know fell on deaf ears. Thanks to NOTW and Mazhar Majeed as well as Salman Butt’s post-ban TV punditry, we now know that the same players – convicted by an ACSU tribunal for spot-fixing – hated Afridi and wanted him to be removed. It was also reported that Afridi formally called a meeting with Waqar and then-manager Yawar Saeed to alert them about his suspicions regarding Majeed, telling the players to stay away from him.

His next assignment was the T20 World Cup where Pakistan were typically hit-or-miss, but somehow contrived a path to the semis where they were on course to win for 39 overs but lost due to a Hussey special. Details of text messages exchanged between Kamran Akmal / Salman Butt and Mazhar Majeed that emerged during the spot-fixing tribunal again suggest efforts that would have undermined Afridi’s captaincy. Colonel Najam reported that Mazhar Majeed was also “seen” on the tour.

Then, came the England tour, before which Afridi says he was forced by the board to return to Tests. He lasted one Test before he realized that wasn’t a wise decision and announced his retirement in the post-match presser in typically rash Afridi fashion and, in so doing, paved the way for the fixers to get their man, Salman Butt, in charge. We all know how that went down.

The point I’m trying to make – in an admittedly long-winded fashion – is that a few extra extras have not been the only harm to come from corruption and controversy: an undermined captain who was left with weak reason to trust his board was an underrated setback.

Speaking of a cricket board supporting their captain, the PCB announced the squad without naming a captain on multiple occasions, including the squad for the World Cup. This all but eliminated Afridi’s input in selection matters. It also created for him the embarrassing situation of being asked about his vision for Pakistan’s World Cup team at a time when he was unsure not only about getting the team combination that would execute his game plan, but also about whether he would even be captain come the next series.

Butt is yet to reveal why Afridi was sacked. Reports say it was his comments to the media about his issues with the coach that got him in trouble, but the chairman himself made the following comment after saying that his reasons for sacking Afridi as captain were solid.

“We know Afridi won two series and that is why we didn’t act then [during the tour]. We couldn’t do anything more during that tour. Right now anything more I say will cause more tensions.”

This seems to suggest that Afridi was sacked for something that happened on tour, most likely the much-reported selection spat between him and Waqar. The decision was announced after a report on the tour – and said selection spat – was submitted to the board by the manager Intikhab Alam, and before Waqar was summoned and met with the chairman to discuss the same. Afridi’s take on the matter was never requested, yet the chairman announced that he had “genuine reasons to sack Afridi.” It is ridiculous that such a big decision was taken without letting the concerned party know what the allegations were, let alone giving them the chance to defend themselves against them.

In a television interview, Afridi said that he tried for months to work through all the issues that were being created for him but got fed when the PCB chairman closed the communication channel. I don’t blame him. He has had his fair share of controversies but he remains a straight-talker in a country where it is increasingly difficult to speak the truth. He has asked to see the tour report which supposedly got him sacked and one can only hope he will get the opportunity to defend himself, albeit belatedly.

It is also hoped that the PCB shows a similar level of proactive intent when it comes to drafting a chapter in the Code of Conduct for the board’s “seniors”, some of whose last statements have included gems such as “Pakistan is safe for international cricket” and “Afridi is a scrap of paper from the street.”

Sana Kazmi is a reformed (read failed) computer scientist who has a serious tweeting-about-cricket problem.

The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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Mohammad Masood Jun 07, 2011 06:14pm
Sack Afridi and whole PCB board and management.
Fatah Jun 07, 2011 06:21pm
Fire Ijaz Butt now.
S.D. Jun 07, 2011 06:31pm
nice write up!
ahmed saeed Jun 07, 2011 06:39pm
Everyone is talking politics these days. I wonder why Afridi is using media and now moving courts to avoid the truth. i am no fan of either Chairman or management but I would certainly advise Afridi not to behave like a spoiled child and avoid unnecessarily mud sledging. He is not Imran who had great acumen and charisma as well. Quite balanced in his approach, Imran's decisions were taken very positively. But on other hand after his demise as a team captain, no one has ever proved his metal. Younas khan also behaved in a similar way and then ran from pillar to post to find a place in team. Afridi should concentrate on his bowling and forget about winning a political seat as a team captain.
n khan Jun 07, 2011 06:46pm
very good analysis, just a suggestion: please do a spell check next time as there are a few mistakes
HaqueMN Jun 07, 2011 08:43pm
What a ountry.My self an old boy of islamia college Rly Road Lahore gave my everything for creation of this country and lo and behold where r we heading for Afride matter is very small as compared to national bankrupsy.
Ali Wazir Jun 07, 2011 08:58pm
This is the Best article to come out of the Afridi Butt Fiasco.....Butt & Crew need to go....period..
Muhammad Jun 07, 2011 09:36pm
I think Afridi was sacked for the right reasons. No player should be considered bigger than the sport or the board. Afridi breached his central contract and that is a fact no matter how much we love him, that is not going to change.
Shumail Jun 07, 2011 09:49pm
during the phase when our cricket team had lost all their repute, it was Afridi who got all the seniors and juniors together and created a balanced team. There were so many spats in world cup e.g Shoaib and Kamran fight but Afridi ensured that atmosphere in dressing room remains positive and image of Pakistan is not distorted. We don't want another hero to get marred by these incompetent officials, who only care for their chair.
Muhammad Amir Khan Jun 07, 2011 10:49pm
We have long history of showing back to our heroes. Afridi turned around cricket in worst times. He is the best of what we have out there today. He deserves respect. Personal differences should not hinder cricket and politics should stay in politics... stability is important in making good teams. if players are worried if they will be selected or sacked this brings their confidence down and eventually hit their performance... this behavior from management should not be tolerated and there should be clear investigation of these decisions made by management by a neutral party..
sumaiya Jun 08, 2011 12:36am
very very well-written article sana! u just spot on!
cricketfan Jun 08, 2011 01:24am
Excellent blog. There is no doubt that Afridi has a temperamental personality but there is also no doubt that he is the one cricketer whose commitment and sincerity can never be in doubt. On match fixing issue, I think Afridi should have been more vocal and brave though he had already provided his share of information to ICC. Significant concern for Pakistan cricket is the continued presence of doubtful and biased people like Ilyas and that too on selection panel. Without any disrespect for people of punjab and amazing talent from this region, it is a fact that some personalities in the current board with Ilyas heading the list has a specific agenda for discriminating against Karachi based players, that is why we have never seen Khurram Manzoor, Khalid Lateef and Fawad Alam getting a proper chance in the team ,instead Imran farhat, Taufeeq Umar and other tried and tested players keep getting chances. There is definitely some top level involvement in match fixing scandal and ICC should conduct a thorough inquiry rather than depending on NOTW like stints.
Andy Jun 08, 2011 02:06am
Though Afridi is good as a player, he is not a good captain. He do not have talking manners which he did not learn even after spending 11 years in International cricket. Captain of the team need to be calm and have patience and Afridi do not have these qualities. Though PCB is not wrong with its decision in replacing the captain, PCB should have spoken to Afridi or should have give him probation period to change his attitude (which is unlikely to happen).
Na'eem Jun 08, 2011 02:56am
Sack them both, as they are both a liability.
Saleem Ali Jun 08, 2011 03:13am
The only crime of Afridi is that he is no from the"majority" province. It is from there where all the "scoundrels" are from. With people like Ilyas, a dubious character in the first place, who was sent back from the Australian tour of 1972/73, this is what you can expect. Careers of a lot of promising cricketers have been destroyed in the past, because they were not from the "majority" province and did not speak the right language. If this issue is not tackled, then i am very afraid for Pakistan Cricket.
Hassan Amin Jun 08, 2011 04:02am
What is wrong with Afridi? I am not a big PCB fan but Afridi's antics are dragging the game into turmoil. He is such an immature person who resigned from captaincy in the middle of a tour, then retired from Cricket and now wants back. He is only crying because his Hampshire contract was cancelled. He thought he will keep playing T20 & county cricket. Additionally remember he is not even a good player.
Rustam Jun 08, 2011 04:34am
If a decision in the court is made on merit. Butt should know, he will have to apologize again like he did in England. Did he not damage the image of pakistan by giving such statement and than taken it back. But this time neither he should be forgiven nor closer to his associate nor to the slot of pakistan cricket should be selected again. We need new faces. These old faces have corrupt our young blood just for the sake of their own benefit .
Tanveer Jun 08, 2011 04:39am
I think we need Afridi for atleast next world cup as a captain and first thing we need to do is GET RID OF Mr Butt... enough is enough of the non-sense and senseless decisions. We should make PCB a private institute or at least semi private so they make profit build relationship think of breeding new players with talent we have we as Pakistani's can do wonders and make lots of money for the building all that ... the stadiums and academies. We need to have a PR department with NON EX Player in it Please to build the relation with other boards and we should re-visit how we can get international cricket in Pakistan if not work on the alternatives Lets see Hope for the best
Impala Jun 08, 2011 07:10am
I have been a proponent of this change. Sack Butt. Afridi should go in the same sack.
vishnu Jun 08, 2011 07:11am
Sana, This is not politics for you to use the word conspiring. The fact is that Afridi is immature to go to the media. A person of Imran Khan/Rameez's education would never go to media for such small issues.
A.M Jun 08, 2011 07:12am
Very well written! Glad to see there are some level headed Pakistanis who can think straight, and face facts rather than creating 'Conspiracy Theories'. You will definitely get people talking about how Afridi shamed the nation by making those comments etc., but like most pakistanis, dont see the root cause, which is the good for nothing governing body of Pakistan Cricket. It hurts to see how corrupted, unorganized and politically motivated our nation's cricket has become... thanks to gold diggers, not to forget the ones that have lost their dignity and dont stand up for the truth.
Nadeem Ahmed Jun 08, 2011 08:13am
PCB's biggest crime is that they discovered and selected a below average B class player and pushed him to play well over three hundred one day international matches and if that was not enough, they also appointed him captain.
Usman Jun 08, 2011 08:25am
Sana, the PCB is but (not pun intended) a reflection of how the rest of Pakistan is run. Butt must leave, but he should have left more than a year ago. If he can survive the match fixing crisis, then surely he will survive this. After all, he is the chariman of the cricket board of a 'dead' nation.
neo jain Jun 08, 2011 09:14am
Waqar was part of the West Indies tour selection committee & he had every right to have an input in the selection process. What impression does youngster get when your captain walk out of team selection meeting? Response like, "Oh but he is Patthan" justify this silly act? Call Misbah a short term solution, but the guy is educated & knows only to focus on cricket & no other nonsense...probably the only decision Ijaz Butt got it right..
JAVED A. KHAN Jun 08, 2011 09:29am
Sana Kazmi - I hope your blog creates ripple effects among the masses and compel them to go out and protest against Ijaz Butt's dictatorial regime. This 2 years and 8 months of Butt's reign is the worst period in the history of Pakistan cricket. I am glad that you have posted the exact words which Afridi said in response to the questions bombarded by the media. “Although the differences in team management are not such which could not be solved; I feel everyone should do his job and need not interfere in others’ work.” I see there is nothing wrong in what he said. Then why are they creating a mountain out of a molehill? Like you there are millions of cricket lovers are waiting for the ouster of Ijaz Butt, Ilyaas & Co.
Ali Jun 08, 2011 09:54am
Sack Both....
Tariq Jun 08, 2011 10:00am
All i know that finally Afridi has done a right thing by dragging PCB (un-controlled) to Court. PCB must be Accountable for their actions. The allegation and reports regarding Afridi is pathetic as every body knows Afridi didn't listen to any body, big-mouth, short tempered and Zero leadership. This is what Afridi was , were and will be.
Shahzad Ghaffar Jun 08, 2011 10:04am
Brilliant article!!The situation indeed calls for an overhaul of the PCB once & for all.We have to make a fresh start and rid our cricket of corruption and nepotism.Afridi desrves justice.Godspeed to Pakistan cricket!!
Fahd Jun 08, 2011 10:04am
I keep saying that the only thing Ejaz Butt did good is to kick Afridi out. After seeing coach and manager report, it is evident that hez just a "crazy" guy and once Ian Chappel also gave such remarks about Afridi. A captain is not supposed to walk out from important team meetings where you set the game plans. A guy who plays rash shots in matches where he is supposed to stay calm and build partnerships, a guy who do shameful acts like chewing the ball and bla bla do not deserve to be in the team..
Beetle Jun 08, 2011 10:06am
Absolutely right assessment. We have seen this already happening to other captains/players like Rashid LAtif and Younus Khan and several others. It appears that the mafia is so deep rooted and organised that anybody who does not fall in line of fixing has to bear the losses of being dropped from the team.. May Allah bless us.
Aamer Jun 08, 2011 10:32am
Agreed with the analysis. The board is not interested in being fair to anybody let alone investigate it own dirty laundry which includes it's failure (at best) to curb corruption. ps: How do computer scientists get 'reformed'? :)
hamid Jun 08, 2011 11:03am
What do u mean he is Pathan and justify this sill Act. What do you think about Salman Butt and two Asifs. In fact they were not Pathans that is why they sold their national dignity and honour just for money.
javaid majeed Jun 08, 2011 11:05am
PCB has been hijacked by a bunch of corrupt people, surgical intervention is necessary to rid ailing cricket of Pakistan. If PCB can endure corrupt Butt why not replace them with Hanif and other heroes of the past, but odious stinking Butt and co must quit.
abid Jun 08, 2011 11:38am
I think it is premature to say anything against anyone we must be patient and board must form a fact finding committee that come up with the truth and conclusion otherwise that repercussion of this uncertainty badly effect the performance of our team
F.K Jun 08, 2011 11:41am
Well written Sana!! You hit all the nails on their respective heads!
Sabih Zafar Ullah Jun 08, 2011 11:46am
The writer appears to be the part of typical mob that loves boom boom Afridi. Such fanatic fans consider their super stars above the rules and regulations. Ms. Sana should know that her hero is a constant breacher of rules and has embarrassed the the nation on a number of occasions. Chewing the ball, tampering with pitch, to mention a few.
Javid Shirazi Jun 08, 2011 11:48am
While looking to the future, it is imperative to select an educated person as a captain. Gradually, stability will return. Fickle minded captains have done more harm to the team because of their inherent weaknesses. Time to move forward.
Adeel Sarfraz Jun 08, 2011 11:57am
I some times feel that the whole PCB is involved in match fixing and they just cannot stand people who get in their way. They destroyed Younus Khan, finished Shoaib Akhtar, removed Muhammed Yousuf and dropped Shoaib Malik. Now they are after Afridi. True these guys were not angels but they were not match fixers. Can the ICC please remove Butt from the PCB?
Naeem Jun 08, 2011 12:10pm
I would say the PCB is just another representation of the corruption which exists in most govt bodies operating in Pak. The biggest joke is that the President is the patron chief, thus, allowing him to appoint Butt in the first place! Afridi is foolish but not corrupt, he lacks maturity and any form of introspection (which most desi's are afflicted by). Yet in the times of crooks, he's been a light... Misbah is a more settled choice provided he doesn't get too defensive in his cricket.
abdul Jun 08, 2011 12:24pm
both afridi and butt playing politics . afridi is one whose playing games since the board named shoaib malik captain. afridi is one who led the ten members of team to ijaz butt against younus khan. both should be sacked afridi and butt
Muhammad Usman Jun 08, 2011 12:47pm
there may questions on afridi's actions that were in breach of either ICC or PCB code of conduct. but how can anyone forget that it was him who revived cricket in Pakistan by putting in a stunning show in Worldcup. As far as Ilyas and Butt goes they have put in thier best efforts to destroy Pak cricket and they will continue to do so as we all know why buut is still the chairman of PCB. Where were PCB code of conducts when Butt accused english players for spot fixing and afterwards appologised for it. Fed up of what is happening in Pak cricket from last few years.
nadeem Jun 08, 2011 01:01pm
Yes Afridi is silly but not corrupt like salman and amir.
Nasir Jun 08, 2011 03:18pm
mainly Agree, this is the case in most of institutions. Only captain from Majority will survive and get so many chances to prove than the counterpart. see imran farhat etc
Syed Jun 08, 2011 03:18pm
Butt and Bat do ... not match, how hard is that to figure out? or how many jolts the game will take before someone from the parliment house will wake up and say.. bus sayeen bus !!!
Nasir Jun 08, 2011 03:35pm
Dont want to say or hurt but I think pakistan should start profiling as well; I mean by province. we need to discuss problems not hide them...The issue is old since Rashid latif and basit ali raise their voices. I would say 99% of bad reputation players from punjab including managment; even if you see overseas contacts of player. This board is run by 1 man and majority board and players are from punjab which makes it hard for other to adjust. There is no short of talent in this country so dont give that excuses of talented players. we need to diverse to save cricket and creates harmony among players and board.
imran Jun 08, 2011 03:56pm
Well, salman butt seemes educated but was corrupt. So i say we need an honest captain, good professional not necessarily an educated one as that experiment has failed in face of salman butt. Integrity is more important like Inzi even if he cant speak english.. Afridi is also a better choice for one days & t20s.
ahmed saeed Jun 08, 2011 04:11pm
An honest suggestion indeed.
Sana Kazmi Jun 08, 2011 11:40am
The pitch tampering happened in 2005, the ball-biting happened before his first full tour as ODI captain, so let's not pretend he's being sacked for either of those episodes, both of which he was duly punished for.
Sana Kazmi Jun 08, 2011 04:44pm
What do you think they would do? Younis Khan tried the quiet approach when he was banned for no reason, it kept him out of cricket for a year. It's easy to compare him to Imran and Rameez, but they did not play under this board.
Sana Kazmi Jun 08, 2011 04:46pm
I agree about making the PCB an independent institution. It's the only way to run it professionally.
Mehmudah Jun 08, 2011 05:26pm
Sana, this is a great analysis of the injustices Afridi has had to go through. If Shahid Afridi would read it, he'd be like THANK GOD SOMEONE KNOWS WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH! Sadly, the voice of a nation, so united, once more because of cricket, falls on deaf ears.
JAVED A. KHAN Jun 08, 2011 05:38pm
Sana, you gave 2 good examples here. People don't realize the media pressure and stage fright. Leave aside Imran's political speeches and bloopers, does one need to remind people how pathetic Imran Khan's post match speech after the 92 WC was? He said, "I have won the cup." as if there was no one else in the team?
Sabih Zafar Ullah Jun 08, 2011 06:49pm
Here is a comment not too long ago by Mr. Afridi: "In my opinion, if I have to tell the truth, they (Indians) will never have hearts like Muslims and Pakistanis. I don’t think they have the large and clean hearts that Allah has given us." Do you really think that this man should represent us -180 million die hard cricket fans- on the world stage? Are we really incapable of producing mature sensible men, that we have to rely on this person whose childish comments and acts do not suite the stature of a club player; let alone the captain of an international team.
Deepak Jun 08, 2011 07:32pm
What are the chances of making the PCB an independent institution?? Coz i feel (just what i feel as a third person), that is the only way to revive pakistan cricket and get back the golden era of Imran, Wasim etc
rehmat Jun 08, 2011 09:39pm
Afridi may be a good bowler (he hasn't performed in batting for a whilenow) but he is definitely not a good leader. Storming out of team meetings, giving anti-Hindu, anti india statements soon after he returned from World cup, refusing originally t play the 5th 1 day match despite being the captain - these are not signs of a mature captain. He was removed as a captain not as a player. Also remember, bein in top 4 out of 10 teams in World cup is good but not great when you ae leading a side as talented as the Pakistani side. Also he had treated Younis Khan shabily when Yonis was captain. What goes around comes around. I do not support Butt but definitely do not have tears for Afridi.
Aqil Siddiqi Jun 09, 2011 01:05am
It was Afridi not Butt, who took an everage team, all the way to the(Almost) Finals. Wake up and smell the coffee. People like and Butts, of Pakistan will destroy Cricket and Pakistan in Pakistan.Aqil Siddiqi
Salman Ahmed Jun 09, 2011 01:34am
Afridi is trying to go above the law....he has already played far too much politics and has too high a regard for his poor captaincy. He does not have the maturity at all. We are talking about a person who bites the ball in public and tries to destroy a pitch just to win a game! I agree with Intikhab Alam and Waqar Younis who have really guided the team exceptionally well. I have now lost all respect for Afridi. Butt is also incompetent and should be removed. Media should not fall into the emotional rubbish being put out by Afridi and support the rule of law.
Abdul Waheed Jun 09, 2011 01:55am
I agree with you that Pak cricket captain needs to be an educated and level headed person. I am afraid given the education level of current lot of Pak team, except Misbah (who is already 37) for foreseeable future, it will remain a dream. However, I believe someone who is not only one of the best Bowler or Batsman but fluent in English should be in charge. The person should be good communicator on and off the field, tactful when dealing with the media. I saw that in Salman Butt. He disappointed me completely.
Abdul Waheed Jun 09, 2011 02:25am
This dilemma of being ignorant and arrogant is not owned only by Afridi. Unfortunately, this is deep rooted in Pakistani Psyche. Blame it to someone else for all of our ills. Remember, spot fixing? Most of our media portrayed it as if it was Hindu sazish. It is possible, some influential Indian lobby hired Majeed but where these cricketers’ brains were? Anyway coming back to Afridi, I believe, had he been born in Australia or England he would not have been able to play first class cricket let alone international cricket. I think he did a great disservice when he scored a century off 37 balls. As it just prolonged and prolonged his career and also set the young cricketer's mind set to be just like him. The result is, we have hardly produced any test caliber batsman. Afridi owes a lot to Late Woolmer who revived his career. He could not bat against quality bowling and his bowling was not good enough to merit a 10 avers quota. It was Woolmer who utilized him at batting at #8. When it comes to bowling he learnt most of it when on international assignments. Owing again, great deal to the late Woolmer.
iffi Jun 09, 2011 05:03am
I have a question to all of u guys? Who is the most successful captain of Pakistan cricket history? Every one knows! WCC 1992 Champion captain Imran khan! Now, I am going to make my point: According to Imran Khan: cricket is the only sport where captain has to make decisions on the field and captain plays more role than manager or coach. Now, we all expect Pak. team to win and Afridi to give 100% but he is not allowed to recommend any player. In short, support our own hero BOOM BOOM AFRIDI for the sake of spirit of sport and cricket.
abbas Jun 09, 2011 08:05am
Sack afridi ... he is the main trouble maker. Causing trouble everywhere. He is the reason younis khan was sacked out of captaincy. Pakistan cricket went into shambles since then. Afridi is getting the taste of his own medicine. What goes around comes around.
Anam Zahir Jun 09, 2011 08:40am
yea u r rite SACK all of dem n hire.................U?
sajjad muhammad Jun 09, 2011 09:53am
shahid khan afrudi is a real lover of pakistan and pathan.,,.,we can do any thing for shahid bhai we love you
sajjad muhammad Jun 09, 2011 10:01am
all the time pathan gives victory to our nation in 1992 imran khan win the world cup,in 2009 younas khan win the world cup but the real winner is shahid khan afridi .,.,we love you lala!
Mushtaq Jun 09, 2011 10:55am
It is too bad for everyone and especially our nation at this time with so many "other things" happening. A dispute in cricket team is another blow. I think Mr. Butt should move to some other place but who else is there to fill up for his post and is not a crook. Every one get to this post tries to get their "Special Interest". The game that was loved by every Pakistani, not only at home but also around the World".
Omair Jun 09, 2011 12:04pm
Your information is entirely incorrect. Younus Khan was not sacked because of Afridi but because of that old fat Butt
anu Jun 09, 2011 12:15pm
world cup was designs in a way that only big teams comes to quarter final , we almost lost match against Australia becoz of shahid's afridi brain explosion but lost to india for same brain explosion. pakistani team's level is so low when we win 3matchs in a row , we start thinking its some kind of revival
Omair Jun 09, 2011 12:16pm
And what about the talking manners of Board Chairman. If Afridi don't deserve to be a captain after taking Pakistan in Semi Final than none other player in the current team is capable of captaincy.
Omair Jun 09, 2011 12:21pm
anu Jun 09, 2011 12:24pm
pCB is responsible for all this mess , afridi chewed the ball , he scratched the pitch , he hit the spectator , he abuses all the senior ex players , he accepted the test captaincy jst to leave after one match AND AND yet pCB MADE the cheater captain .. any other board never even think of making such cheater a national team captain
Omair Jun 09, 2011 12:41pm
Analysis of the team that played in the first test match against Westindies is given below Mohammad Hafeez - Punjab Taufeeq Umar - Punjab Azhar Ali - Punjab Misbah-ul-Haq (captain) - Punjab Asad Shafiq - Sindh Umar Akmal - Punjab Mohammad Salman - Punjab Umar Gul - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wahab Riaz - Punjab Saeed Ajmal - Punjab Adbur Rehman - Punjab If you see history of Pakistan cricket some of the best batsmen and wicket keepers belong to the smaller provinces. No wonder our batting and wicket keeping department is so week now.
Andy Jun 09, 2011 02:49pm
You are taking it too personally. As I mentioned earlier, Afridi is a very good player but not a good captain. He did really well in the World Cup taking Pakistan to Semi Final slot as a one man show, but just because of that we cannot spoil the current and future cricket. Its high time now, we should think of Pakistan as a whole team rather than supporting Afridi for his senseless acts. The present captain (Misbah Ul Haq) is good in handling team, he is a performer and above all he is a cool headed guy.
Jawaid Jun 09, 2011 02:52pm
Sack afridi … he is the main trouble maker. Causing trouble everywhere.
Ahmed Omair Jun 09, 2011 04:31pm
Incorrect. Shoaib Malik and Muhammad Yusuf lead that revolt and not Afridi
kkwaheed Jun 11, 2011 10:27pm
Salu Bhai... Track record excellent, honest to the core, understands cricket, understands grounds and playing conditions all over the cricketing world, command respect and love from players, and last but not the least can stand up to ICC for the rights of Pakistan Cricket... I can go on and on...
Fahim Qureshi Jun 13, 2011 12:12pm
Many people can be chairman of criket board but how many can claim to be best bowler of world cup.
sara Jun 13, 2011 02:27pm
I think its not a matter of Small or Large province but Talent.
Des Jun 13, 2011 04:41pm
If I am not mistaken....Afridi along with some other players didn't want Younis Khan has captain.....and got removed off the job.... Also he has a problem with everyone.
fatima Jun 13, 2011 11:09pm
very good analysis..and you are right..see indian team Dhoni from small and backword provine of India
HP Jun 14, 2011 09:35am
Afridi will always remain our Hero, no matter what politics he had been into, after all we have witessed some good cricket from him too and that is what matters at the end of the Day. The PCB chairman stands against those who have the courage to stand to his face.