NAUSHAHRO FEROZE, June 2: A man was killed and two others suffered serious wounds in a dispute over cutting of grass for cattle in Jamal Ujjan village near Tharushah early on Thursday morning.

According to sources in the village, children of Panjal Shah and Qurban Shah reportedly cut grass from field of their rival relatives Yasin Shah and Yamin Shah, which led to exchanged of hot words on Wednesday.

The rivals are close relatives and share a big house. They abused each other again on Thursday at 7am and in the meantime Khalid Shah and Panjal Shah opened fire, killing Yasin Shah on the spot and injuring Shahzado and Mumtaz.

Police said that FIR had been registered against 13 people, including Khalid Shah, Panjal Shah, Waseem Shah, Qurban Ali Shah, Bablu Shah, Munawar Shah, Mushtaq Shah and others on a complaint lodged by Yamin Shah, brother of the deceased.

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