Afridi back home

A DawnNews exclusive interview with Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi.


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S Nanavaty
Apr 01, 2011 11:48pm
Have to state that Mr. Afridi is wrong about not getting warm treatment in India. I guess the grapes are sour .
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Sarah Farrukh
Apr 02, 2011 01:12pm
Welcome Back our Great Hero... :-)
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Apr 02, 2011 01:43pm
my best gratitude to all pakistani team specially shoaib bhai .....i am very sad to his retirement ...
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H M Fahad
Apr 02, 2011 04:22pm
i m proud of our hero SHAHID AFRIDI tum haro ya jeto "hamy tum sy payar h" plz not worry just chill my bro ur younger bro h m fahad
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Apr 02, 2011 04:30pm
@S Nanavaty : he is very right...look at Indian behaviour to Pakistanis in IPL. In champions league all countries teams are invited other than Pakistan. ICC management has been occupied by Indians mostly, and they are isolating Pakistan from International Cricket. We all know here in Pakistan. But we dont care, as our team is top team of cricket and can beat any team in world on the day.
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Apr 02, 2011 04:33pm
We love u afridi bhai
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Yousuf Ali
Apr 03, 2011 02:21am
I am a Pakistani living in Canada and I took the day off to watch India Pakistan Game but I must give this to the Indian Team. They played professional cricket and kept their nerve till the last minute of the match. Pakistan mostly were individual performances through out the tournament. Its time Pakistan say good bye and thanks to seniors like Younis, Misbah and Razzaq and give chance to the young emerging players of domestic cricket so they can be ready for the next world cup. Congratulations India for winning the world cup a well deserving win.
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Apr 03, 2011 12:19pm
afridi u did a very great job we luv u n best of luk 4 future .u r our hero
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Apr 03, 2011 12:45pm
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Noor fareed
Apr 03, 2011 01:46pm
Afridi is great player and good caption his batting order should be 2 or 3
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Susan Koshy
Apr 03, 2011 01:51pm
I hope the aggressive interviewer (almost doctored interview) reads the lovely article written by Maheen Sadiq on To Afridi with Love. That was the spirit of the match as we experienced it and not the really sad comments made in this video. I have visited Pakistan and experienced an obsessive media there too. I do get very angry media in India but I experienced something similar there too.
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Ali Faruqi
Apr 03, 2011 02:03pm
Our batting continues to be a flop,pakistan lost rather than india won. When will we start to produce quality batsman like saeed, javed, majid. Current crop cannot bring glory to the country
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Apr 03, 2011 02:41pm
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Susan Koshy
Apr 03, 2011 03:52pm
It is very very very sad to this video. First of all the interviewer is very aggressive and full of assumptions and asking leading questions based on her assumptions. Yes, it is true that the media in India are very jingoistic, loud and opinionated. But I have seen that on Pakistan TV too on my visits to Pakistan. There are also some parts of the India that are more reasonable in their views. But I didnt think that the spirit of the game in Mohali was aggressive at all - in fact that is what Afridi said too immediately after the match. We enjoyed having Pakistani people, cricketers with us for the game. That was how we experienced the game. So it is really very very very sad to hear this interview. I wonder if this interviewer has ever been to India? Doesn't seem like it from her horrible tone and arrogance
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Apr 03, 2011 07:59pm
Hi Mr boomboom Afridi , We Salute your Spirit and I can say that you have been a greatest ambassador to the Cricket between India and Pakistan .
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Apr 03, 2011 09:39pm
Afridi,you are a hero even in our country.People respect this guy a lot.
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Apr 03, 2011 10:09pm
please improve your bating please .IF u any to win orld cup in 2011... anb our best wishes r with u:)
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Apr 03, 2011 10:15pm
This is politics not cricket. I do not care about interviewer but sad to see Afridi giving comments. Really sad, especially saying Pakistanis are good at heart and Indians are not. Aggression is part of the sports. Neither team showed any aggressive behavior against the other. There was no sledging. Media everywhere is crap. This interviewer is an example of that. I like Afridi, Shoaib and many other ex-cricketers
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Apr 03, 2011 11:59pm
@Susan Koshy. ok Leave the interviewer on the side but yea Afridi did mentioned the truth. Its really sad to hear that. Indian media always show negative abt pakistani players. Every media show some stuff but not like Indian media (Exagurated). You will see comments like nobody can tolerate. He seems like a really nice guy. He is telling the situations he faced while he was in India. Afridi we love you....
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Aditi Ghosh
Apr 04, 2011 12:23am
Being an Indian, I agree that our media can be extremely negative and jingoistic and they can make it project a lot different from reality. But where I disagree is the fact Indians are not warm . I am sure a common man in India has nothing against a pakistani just like a aam aadmi in pakistan doesnt have anything against indians. I live abroad and I have Indian and Pakistani friends . My closest friend is a pakistani . Whatever pressure Shahid is in , my request is dont generalize. There is nice people on both sides as there are bad ones on both sides.
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Jawaid Ekram
Apr 04, 2011 01:18am
We love Afridi. He is the best of the best. Afridi and Pakistan would be back with great sucess.
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Apr 04, 2011 01:48am
We won the world cup. FULL STOP!!!
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Apr 04, 2011 01:50am
well I am too disappointed seeing this video and afridi is reading my comment, i want to convey to him that he has made millions of Indians his fan due to his post match friendly gesture and matured attitude towards Indo-pak relations. He raised his image in front of our eyes. This video is telling a different story though. I do agree about the media which is negative from both the side but making a generic statement like 'Unka dil humari tarah nahi ho sakta' is a kiddish statement. I have many pakis friends and I dont find them different from us. We both are emotional and speaks by heart. If you move one step forward, we move two steps. Two options - Either flow with the flow of water, make such statement and make the already exixting hatred and gap broader and secondly you can try to fill the gap and give peace and love a chance. I know the second option is much difficult. You and others being a known figure can try both the options and not we the common man.
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Apr 04, 2011 02:34am
dream on bro...under this man captaincy we can never win a WC...hes one man show not a team leader...
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Apr 04, 2011 05:03am
Good Player..Bad Interview...I followed all the countries and did not see any special treatment being given to any team or nation, Including Pakistan. You played good and lead good and we are proud of you, don't spoil it by giving shallow interviews.
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Apr 04, 2011 05:32am
We love u Afridi and all players who play with sincerity.So sad to hear about Indian "mezbanni" anyways its true, i live in the US and he's right we are more sincere from inside as compared to our Indian bhai."Har eik ka behaviour uski personality dikhata hai" so cheer up Shahid bhai, atleast u got to the semis!
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sania malik
Apr 04, 2011 06:01am
em an indian n i believe shahid afridi is rite......................................
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Apr 04, 2011 07:30am
Again one more attention diversion exercise from Pakistani cricketers. First of they played in India for just one game and he opines on media and relationship with them? Big hart is big word in his mouth as there are plenty of good things to do for Pakistan cricket. Its good so far he has not embarrassed Pakistan by chewing the ball or pitch tempering. So take care Mr. Afridi with you words and good luck to Pakistani cricket team for future. We have no doubts over quality of cricket played by Pakistan cricket team, well played.
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Raj Muthusamy
Apr 04, 2011 08:01am
Afridi tone and message changed when interviewed by Pakistani interviewer compared to what he said when he was in India.
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Apr 04, 2011 10:19am
After reading S Nanavaty's comments I could not help but add mine too which I usually dont. A fact is a fact and what Afridi and company went through in India will not change if we changed the reporter. On the contrary the reporter did a wonderful job by bringing to light the real events and not eye candy which would soon start to come out once the team settles down and they meet our " politicians" who would want to put a cover to the whole episode. It was sad to see how some Indian players showed their aggretion and misbehavior towards their counterparts. On the contrary the Pakistani cricketers showed their level of maturity by keeping it simply business and at the end of the day Afridi went out of his way to praise the Indian team and congragulate them on their win. Let us not forget that the Indians' performance was quite jittery and it was the mistakes of the Pakistanis that led to their defeat and not the performance of the Indians. So if you are going to be sad be sad fro the facts and not how they are being reported S Nanavaty. Adios!
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Sharad goswami
Apr 04, 2011 11:06am
Dear Afridi I am an proud India and I respect talent.. You have been one of best captains of Pakistan and tremendous bowler. The way you took your team to semis is phenomenal. The team which was facing so many problems had successful run...Coming to your opinion about India and Indian , well if we judge by medias on both side , naturally it is not best way to judge...i guess you should ask 5000 pakistan citizens who attended mohali match...they would be in better position to give you feedback than media ... Again I would like to congratulate you for your world cup run. It is never easy to take team to semis when it has been facing so many are awesome man...really awesome...
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Apr 04, 2011 11:08am
Afridi saab was our guest in India. If he or any of his teammates didn't felt welcome in our country, I apologize on their behalf. Yes he is correct in saying that the media is obsessive. Indian news media has turned into nothing more than celebrity gossip and ghar ghar ki kahani, no real news at all. But that is the case usually in every democratic country. Even America and Pakistan to an extent suffer from sensationalism and infotainment news channels. But what is important to know is that we Indians loved having Pakistani cricketers on our soil and would welcome them again. They played a tremendous game of cricket.
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Sharad goswami
Apr 04, 2011 11:15am
@moazzam well India would be traveling to Pakistan soon for bia lateral series...official announcement would be done any time your claim that pakistan is being isolated by India is in valid... Infact when ever pakistan gets isolated , first team to travel to Pakistan has always been India and I am glad that bcci and pcb share good relationship...IPL is is corporate run entity and government/bcci can't do anything about it... Coming to pakistan being top team in the world. Ofcourse pakistan is one of most talented teams in the world...awesomely pakistan is mine field of fast after another your country produces gems...wonderful...
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Quazi Rehman
Apr 04, 2011 11:29am
Grapes are Sour!!! This is what can be said about this video. We at India are shocked to see this reaction from Afridi compared to the statements he made in India totally different. Seeing his initial statements in India we has stared to respect him but he just do not have any ethics. Very sad state of affairs for a Nation.
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Quazi rehman
Apr 04, 2011 11:33am
All the Best to you guys. But you need to wait for 4 years...
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Apr 04, 2011 11:38am
All of us think this was a lost match due to some reason or the other, bad performance wrong decisions....... Unfortuanately, when the work cup started, there were already confirmed news that semi final would be held b/w india & pak, and India would win the world cup, now how is that possibe.. The truth is the whole world cup was a scripted drama by the ICC. A lot of heads were involved....the outcome of every match was predefined way before the world cup even started... Believe it or not..thats the real story....
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Apr 04, 2011 11:41am
i have a simple q.wht was afridi doing watching tv or reading news papers?the indian team didnt watch tv or read news papers at all.shldnt he have been focused on the match? every nations media is biased to thier team.and i agree the lady asks questions tht are so pointed that will afridi say tmrw she was biased? or is afridi planning to join politics?
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neeraj prasad
Apr 04, 2011 11:50am
off course !! we would never like to lose to a foreign team pakistan included ,but this is also a fact that no other foreign team has a better goodwill in india than the Pakistani side.Pakistani palyers have a genuine fan base in our country .Dont go by the media hyperbole , believe me Hum log bhi bade dil wale hai !!
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Apr 04, 2011 11:55am
Afridi - you might be a great cricket player but u are cheap. Talking about "Pakistani Heart" well the first thing to learn about being a Pakistani is to respect and not stoop to saying what others are or not.....this is a real sad video. To talk about people isn't wise for captain.
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Apr 04, 2011 12:01pm
well this Afridi interview is in very bad taste. Compare this with his press conference and remarks in India. Think about it - Why and what made him change his words? Besides, we have a big heart and not them. Well Afridi and others must know that all like to praise themselves but the real kudos are when others praise you. I for one would like the Australian comments that it was the best organised event in last 25 years. As for Afridi and company - grapes are sour probably bcoz they are not bought even in this season of IPL and they feel their time is up.
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Apr 04, 2011 12:17pm
What he says isn't entirely wrong. The Indian media indeed goes overboard (not just against Pakistan, but overall about Indian team). It also works to the disadvantage of Indian team, building pressure on them.
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Apr 04, 2011 12:26pm
Another important thing to mention Mr. Malik played bigger negative role as compared with Indian media.
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Apr 04, 2011 12:26pm
Hello Afridi & Pakistan team, I am from India. I felt bad to hear that you were not treated well by the Indian media. I would like to tell you that there are a lot of people like me here who truly loved your team & your game that day. I apologize on behalf of all Indians who have displayed such petty behaviour. You are a true gentleman & you displayed that during the game. Please keep that up! With love & warm regards to each Pakistani. an Indian.
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Apr 04, 2011 12:35pm
Hi all, I am an Indian and am proud to be one and also proud to say that am a fan of many of your Pakistani cricketers esp Afridi, Anwar, Akram, Akhtar etc. the list is endless. Yes we do accept the media in India is lot based on hype, sensationalism, jingoism and sometimes hatred as well. But we people are not. We are all like you and we want good relations with you guys as well. Regarding IPL and ICL where Pakistani players are not taken is an issue to be considered seriously by the Indian authorities, but your Players availability is also at stake here(suppose the GOI and GOP go into an intensified cold war). And business people dont take unecessary risks by splurging on players when they are not available to play a single match. Just wanted to say to all you Pakistanis...we Indians are the same as you are...same culture...taken over by the same media but we always have the good intentions in our hearts for you people. Thanks
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Apr 04, 2011 12:42pm
This is a very disappointing interview and dare I say 'flaming-the-passions' kind of an interview from Shahid Afridi. He had won a lot of respect in India after the way he spoke post the semi-final but he has LOST all of it after this interview. Indians have always been very hospitable and large-hearted whenver the Pakistani cricket team has come over to India. Very Disappointing Interview !!
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Apr 04, 2011 12:44pm
Afridi Ji, please do not get carried away by the media. They are bad! I can tell you as one of the common man that we loved and enjoyed having your team and the supporters with us here in India. Do not let these media people dictate how our relationships should be. The interviewer is very provocative. There are so many things to ask and she asks the most useless questions. I saw another interview of yours where you handled the question about Indian rivalry very nicely. We all share similar culture, language and cuisines. Let us be united and live as brothers.
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Apr 04, 2011 12:45pm
very correct ,i don't think indian media or team was indulge in any kind of harsh treatment towards pakistani team or nation.These comments really saddens me.
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Apr 04, 2011 12:48pm
Sorry, but I thought you said something different after the match here. Indian media & Pakistani media are not the gold standards of the world on which to judge the people of either countries, but to subtly link to them is unfortunate. This will do great harm to peaceniks in both countries, as it will be seized on, in both countries believing your version to be the gospel truth.
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Apr 04, 2011 12:58pm
@moazzam - There is no hard feelings in India for Pakistani Cricketers. Indians loved Tanvir in IPL. Akram and Waqar are perennial favorites. Unfortunately, its the politics which is keeping players away from IPL else we would love to have them play in thee tournament. So there is no point in blaming the people but the politicians who stoke up tensions and try get support of ignorant people. Media everywhere is crazy and I am sure in Pakistan it is no exception. So please dont grudge against India or Indians based on these baseless comments. I have friends across the border and we share similar thoughts but maintain our cricket rivalry..
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Apr 04, 2011 02:20pm
Yes, He was right about our media. He is 100% right. I generally feel irritated the way these media houses conduct discourse on India -Pakistan affair. But, I am afraid to say, he is away from reality as far as his perception on the heart of an Indian a Pakistani. If a responsible person like him make such irresponsible comments, then it talks about a lot about his heart. This is the man who was speaking differently in India, and now speaking in totally a different way. You can not indulge in double speaking and then expect your heart to be pious and clean. Sorry, Afridi, but you are responsible for destroying your own image.
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Apr 04, 2011 03:11pm
What're you talking about. You obviously haven't been paying attention to his pre-match press conference against India in which he clearly said that a lot of the problems are caused because of the media on both sides. He used this word specifically where he said the India media has unfortunately been very 'negative' towards us. This is nothing different from what he has said all along.
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Apr 04, 2011 03:15pm
As an Indian, I personally do like Afridi a lot. Especially for the way he lead from the front during difficult times. I'm sure the Pakistan cricket team can scale new height if he continues to lead like the way he did during the world cup. But I think his comments are very disappointing. If you want to talk about negative publicity, I am sure neither country has a good example to show. We can all get in a tit for tat mode and keep showing instances for each perspective. I also saw another Pakistani talk show on Youtube, where Afridi say's "No matter what, their heart can't be as magnanimous as that of a Muslim. The countries cant live together becuase of these obvious differences. And then he say's certain western countries wont allow us to be together". My only point here is, as long as a country uses religion as the definining policy of its existence, it will always be a step backward in it's development. The most fundamental requirement for progress is democracy and secularism. Religions can exisit peacefully, but can have no role whatsoever in defining state policies.
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Manoj Kumar
Apr 04, 2011 03:36pm
Afridi, you are good spokes person, but not a good cricketer, you think Pakistanis believe that if you blame Indian media. you must focus on you game not in polities otherwise one day you become like Imran Khan.
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Manoj Gupta
Apr 04, 2011 03:40pm
What a sad commentary? When did double speak, denigrating others, holier than though attitude, became a symbol of friendship? Absolute shameful, Shahid. Utterly shameful.
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Irfan Khan
Apr 04, 2011 04:23pm
you lost or win doesn't matter Shahid Khan Afridi our national hero and other cricket hero in our team as well! pakistani cricket team we love you.....
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Apr 04, 2011 05:20pm
Reading the comments above, I notice a lot of Indians show a big heart in appreciating Afridi. Is there any Paki willing to show your big heart appreciating India's win?
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Apr 04, 2011 05:34pm
WHOA WHOA.... Afridi we never expected such irresponsible reaction from you atleast.... H
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sailles chawhaan
Apr 04, 2011 05:44pm
I agree with afridis comment on Our Indian media...they had very negative approach To this match they should have conducted in more mature manner...........
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Apr 04, 2011 07:47pm
In every match Pakistan played I except the semifinal against India, I was supporting pakistan. There is a feeling of belonging for pakistan which was not there few years back. I am sure most pakistanis are nice people at heart and don't hate India. Having said that I don't think Indians are different in any manner either. Radicals exist on both sides but sensible people outnumber them with a huge difference. Its sad to know how a matured captain like afridi is judging whole India on basis of opinion of a select few.
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Apr 04, 2011 08:08pm
is there media in Pakistan?
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Apr 04, 2011 08:16pm
I guess the Mohali episode showed us all what makes or breaks the relation..just one persons good words can build the relation and it can crumble the next day if we see something like the above video.
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Apr 04, 2011 09:35pm
This is the way how Pakistani talk. Always blame others and not take any responsibility for their own action. Afrid got the respect from Indian people after his first interview. However after this interview Indian people will loose the respect from him. Be a MAN and keep your word, this is why Indian people are having issue trusting Pakistani. Indian’s has good heart and willing to forgive. See attached link for his first video.
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humayun shaikh
Apr 04, 2011 10:06pm
shehkar, thanks for providing the link....but unfortunately i think you have understanding issues. the guys has been completely honest....about the people in India in the first interview and about the media in the second interview....they are 2 different things....but i guess you guys are so busy trying to put dirt on pakistanis that you have stopped thinking....kindly look at the 2 interviews again and maybe spend some time thinking about what he said... good luck.
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Apr 04, 2011 11:02pm
Indian media has always been very aggressive against Pakistanis. I was horrified to see how they were treating our players, shown also in kamran khan's program The Indian media and it's people can never be sincere for Pakistan.
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Apr 05, 2011 12:21am
he just spoiled all that was gained. . its sad that he cant relish the game and be so worried about the media... he was praised and applauded by the nation... what a mistake we have done . . .
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Apr 05, 2011 01:29am
I still have great respect for Afridi, but this interview I blame on Pak media, they wanted to show india in negative spirits and they have now been successful in doing so. Pakistan has shown great aggression in the past during the days of Salim Malik, Ijaz Ahmed, Sohail, Shoaib and several others. So look in the mirror before you comment. The two classy players that still come to memory are Imran and till some extent Zaheer Abbas.
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Apr 05, 2011 07:22am
A brilliant interview by Afridi. After losing to India, he must have planned to make these provocative anti-India statements. A sure-shot way of getting Pakistanis to rally behind him and forget that their team was just not good enough. Diverting people's attention against India is an old political gimmick.
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Apr 05, 2011 10:08am
Please be advised your most recent negative remarks about Indians are a terribly horrendous volte-face of your earlier position. After you so graciously accepted defeat in Mohali, and even congratulated the nation, you were held in high esteem by every Indian; HOWEVER, after your most recent outburst against Indians, not only have you shown that you are really the most horrible loser that has ever existed on this planet (has any captain ever alluded to religion after losing a WC before you????), but you have also proved that you are a double-faced manipulator. In this interview, you have said that you have to tell the truth -- so, how did the truth about Indians take a 180 turn in a few days when you returned to Pakistan? Can you explain how this is tantamount to telling the truth? You need to come clean and tender an apology for being a double-faced liar, if not for hurling insults on the Indian people, if you ever want to be respected again.
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Apr 05, 2011 10:25am
Guys, all five fingers aren't equal and i am too shocked with this. If you would've gone through the facebook on the day india won the final, you would've seen pakistanis changing their profile pic to either indian flag or sachin. Don't take his words seriously. He isn't the brightest of minds when it comes to talk to public media. Too emotional and can be carried very easily. Just chill and enjy ur victory. These are irrelevant matters.
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Apr 05, 2011 11:22am
If anyone noticed the way he is talking in this video is unusual. Check- he moves his head to the left side and left shoulder pops up towards his neck while talking . Don't know why but I feel he seems to be actually lying over there. If that's the case, I feel sorry for you Shahid. And, I hope you are not pressurized to talk so.
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Mumbai Indian
Apr 05, 2011 12:52pm
To make things clear.. Shastri NEVER called the pakistani team an Auto Rickshaw. It was Atul Wassan(Unimportant bloke). Aamer Sohail then said autos are better to take you to destinations then BMW's and asked Shastri. Shastri then said I have an Audi so it doesnt matter cuz its good for me. An eg of how things get twisted like chinese whispers. Just now Shahid has said that he was misquoted. So we Indians have fallen for the same media tricks that you Pakistanis fell for. Lets grow up guys else things will never get better. Media on both sides need spice and they will do it. Its upto us to take things into perspective and act mature. Long live cricket!
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E 73 R
Apr 05, 2011 12:58pm
Afridi had one chance to make a positive impact on the Pakistani people and Pakistani media and he blows it by dissing India. What a leader i must say *sarcasm*. I hope he reads all the comments because his actions are nothing but shameful in this regard. Fine we lost, but he and the world cup had both brought Pakistani's together. In ages we saw unity and that brought about respect for him even though he has a record of getting out right as he comes for batting.
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Apr 05, 2011 02:29pm
Good honest interview ! You dont have to be a genius to find how negatively biased Indian Media is against Pakistan Team. Any one who saw IndiaTV during the last month can vouch for that! Even the crowds did not have the heart to applaud a good shot from any Pakistan player. On the contrary Pakistan media writes glowing tributes to Indian cricket icons...
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Apr 05, 2011 03:20pm
What a honest speech, they failed to chased big totals in this world cup against NZ, rest most of the wins are from bowlers. To cover there error in batting they are trying to pinch India. Most of the PK cricket's personal are frequent visitors to India and senior cricketers are on Indian Media every now and then. Imran khan was a big admirer for India. As a mature person show your capability as a captain in wining and batting. If you see Dhoni didn't comment much but Shahid did more. SHOW YOUR BIG HEARTS IN WINNING MATCH RATHER DIVERTING LOSS.
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Apr 05, 2011 05:15pm
Afridi very good interview and he is very much right about indian media. I have a very good friend in India mumbai and we are friends since 5 years now. She used to say all pakistanies are bad. When i asked her why you think all pakistanies are bad she said we see in media about Pakistan and films so we know that. Media effects alot on people come what may. That my friend is not an uneducated girl but a very well educated girl. So Indian media needs to learn maturity. I am not saying Pakistani media is very good but atleast better than indian media. Both countries media have to portray truth. Wish you all the best Pakistan Captian Afridi for coming up series in west indies.
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Apr 05, 2011 07:03pm
so yeah htis whole argument over all you commenters above is really interestting. the fact that both you pakis n indians are sayin that we aer willing to forgive n support both sides IF this n IF that...serioulsy if you go outta pak n india you'd realize that its not like that. im paki n i no many indians and we get along just fine n never argue over such things i think everybody should give each other a chance n get along cuz leaving comments against each other wont make the cricket match happen again or afridi go over his onterview or anythin so everybody lets just be happy cool relax n ENJOY LIFE....=)
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Apr 05, 2011 11:47pm
I find this interview by Afridi nothing short of absurd.. By virtue of living in Abu Dhabi for a long time,some of my closest pals were pakistanis. Big hearts my dear Afridi aren't determined by your religion or nationality.Men like Salman Taseer, who stood for what they felt right and gave their life for it, are truely respected here in India.People with truely large hearts don't look in religion and nationality-just what's right and what's wrong. Grow up Afridi, Grow up.
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Apr 06, 2011 03:45am
To my Pakistani and Indian friends. Cricket is just a game. Please do not spoil the sport by bringing politrics into it. The need of the time is to bring the people of both the countries toward better friendship and understading. Armies, nuclear weapons and worse yet caustic comments do not bring about peace and harmony. We have so much in common and there is no reason for us not live as good neighbors and friends. Enough hatred has already been created between our peoples by the self-serving, corrupt and dishonestr politicians and pseudo-religious leadres. For God's sake please stop this insanity.
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Apr 06, 2011 04:01am
Stop this nonsense of scrutinizing Afridi's interview, let's play cricket! Both countries have their issues and enough work cut out to uplift the downtrodden.
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Apr 06, 2011 05:47am
Afridi, you are the most immature and childish captain Pakistan had. You have been playing for your country for more than 10 years and have not learned anything ? Grow up!!! And do not try to overcorrect your interview you did yesterday.
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Apr 06, 2011 06:44am
afridi remarks are not true!every indian want a long standing friendship with pakistan! and we have the same heart size as urs or even bigger dats y mr manmohan singh invited prime minister of pakistan! he should try to improve his cricket rather than passing these statements!! may god bless both the great countries
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kapil chauhan
Apr 07, 2011 09:44am
agreed and funniest thing is most of the indian media were interviewing pakistani cricketers ...since india tv came in existance this all media drama started for trp india tv should be ban ASAP.
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Apr 07, 2011 05:07pm
Anil, I agree with you.
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Apr 07, 2011 05:43pm
well... i guess afridi was referring to indian media,,,, cuz of watever they showed of gautam gambhir and afridi and akmal;s clash. but i guess still he shouldnt have said tht infront of the whole world.... but he did made up for it by giving exclsive interview to ndtv. and its true tht comments like these shouldnt be made....
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Apr 07, 2011 11:52pm
the only time a person that speaks the truth when that person is really old or very young child..... so if you guys call his attitude childish than i guess he speaking the truth .. plus he been there and experienced it so, if you ppl call him childish or immature than its only your opinion ..
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Apr 08, 2011 12:17pm
May the two great neighbors prosper!! But people on your side are real gamers!!!! Invitation to Pakistani Prime Minister was just a diplomatic maneuver and nothing more! Had it been start of friendship to its true spirit; Indian Prime Minister should had come up with some such solution of pending issues that were agreeable instead of too-frequently constituting committees at various levels.
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Apr 09, 2011 12:08am
An honest man is always child.
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Apr 09, 2011 11:25am
Right on.
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ibad ullah
Apr 09, 2011 01:46pm
afridi i am agree with u and u always play for our country.....................u are a good bowler as wellllllllllll.........
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Apr 11, 2011 11:57pm
Being a Pakistani, I agree with you Anil, I think there are radical people on both sides and we can make difference by removing the hatred created by some non sense people.
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Apr 12, 2011 12:43am
Just because the Pakistani's lost to India Afridi is making stupid comments about the hospitality in India and he is not happy with media comments
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Apr 12, 2011 01:52am
I pray for both nations as to remove hatred and work together for PEACE.
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Apr 12, 2011 06:18am
Afridi you r not diplomatic those things should'nt be said in public.I am agree with you Indian media was hostile you can blast on indian media but you can't say this people of india for me common people from India or Pakistan have same mentality , thinking and hearts please be carefull next time and u should have to apologize from Indian people who love game of cricket &stars as our people does.
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Ravikumar Shukla
Apr 12, 2011 08:10pm
Hi, I am from India, I am really sad whatever was shown in our couple of tv channels, that was not needed, but Friends you can understand that anything to do with TV and media is ratings which gives them good earnings thats the main reason behind all that crap shown some days back, even my friends feel this channel called "India TV" should be banned asap, we love Shahid as much as our own Sachin...just forget whatever happened and move on....we love Pakistan cricket and we would really want to see both the teams play together very soon....
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Apr 12, 2011 11:21pm
afridi thinks that his cricket career is over after loosing to India and he commented because he might come in poltics and require public attention.
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saleem nagari
Apr 14, 2011 10:38am
we should accept our defeat it is true that indian team is better
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saima jahan
Apr 14, 2011 11:12am
AFRIDI u r great ....u r champion we proud of u
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Apr 15, 2011 09:52am
Thanks for your comment Ravikumar.
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Apr 15, 2011 09:02pm
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Mohamed (Ken) Amin
Apr 16, 2011 02:05pm
Afridi No matter what, you all played brilliant without those three player who spoiled our Pakistani players names. Well done Afridi and May Allah protect all Pakistani players and our Pakistan FAR AWAY from Evil Eyes.
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