PESHAWAR, July 22 The NWFP government on Wednesday upgraded 14 tehsils to the subdivision level in different districts of the Malakand division.

A notification in this regard was issued by the provincial estate and revenue department, says a handout.

Now, the subdivisions included in the Swat district are Babozai, Bari Kot, Charbagh, Kabal, Khwazakhela, Bahrain and Matta. The subdivisions in the Buner district are Dagar, Gagra and Totali and in the Shangla district, Alpuri and Puran.

The Malakand district has Batkhela and Dargai subdivisions and the Lower Dir district has Timergara, Adenzai and Lal Qilla subdivisions.

Similarly, the subdivisions in the Upper Dir district are Dir, Sharingal and Wari and in the Chitral district, Chitral and Mastuj.