Touqir Hussain

Kashmir scenarios

There is going to be a fierce clash of wills. Published Oct 29, 2019 07:14am

Afghan quagmire

We should not persist in our traditional support for the Taliban. Published Oct 03, 2019 06:58am

Singaporean model

Good governance is central to a nation’s rise. Published Aug 01, 2019 07:14am

Pak-India trajectory

History’s shadow has darkened the two states’ view of each other. Published May 25, 2019 07:24am

‘Deadly embrace’

The US will demand too much and Pakistan expect too much. Updated Mar 15, 2019 07:59am

Attempts to isolate

How has India’s Pakistan policy endured for so long? Updated Feb 14, 2019 10:49am

Three to tango

The US is not known for handling complexity in foreign affairs. Published Dec 20, 2018 06:48am

Troubled ties

It is not Pakistan but its services that have been important to the US. Updated Nov 26, 2018 01:01pm

Kashmir dilemma

Our present approach is not getting the Kashmiris anywhere. Published Oct 31, 2018 07:05am

An obsolete policy

We may not be isolated but we are stranded. Published Mar 14, 2018 06:17am

New choices

Can we redefine a foreign policy that’s reached a dead end? Updated Feb 20, 2018 08:29am

Not just Trump

This US is looking to punish Pakistan while still engaged with it. Published Feb 06, 2018 07:19am

Pak-Afghan truth

Public relations is not a substitute for policy. Published Sep 24, 2017 04:54am

Policy confusions

No genuine foreign policy debate was encouraged for fear that it might contradict the official paradigm. Published Aug 04, 2016 02:39am

Policy dilemmas

Pakistan has to deal with more than two Americas. Published Jun 14, 2016 03:17am

Second term’s challenges

IT is too early to know the state of US-Pakistan relations under Obama’s second term. These relations are a derivative of America’s overall foreign policy which is not quite evident yet. Published Nov 20, 2012 12:20am

Uncertain times

THE tragic killing of Pakistan’s security personnel by Nato forces refocuses attention on the nagging question as to what the US-Pakistan relationship is about. Published Dec 04, 2011 07:58pm

A complicated approach

AMERICAN foreign policy is not easy to understand. While in many ways it is no different from that of other big powers, moved by the same guiding principles of national interests and cold-blooded power politics, it is also markedly different Published Nov 10, 2011 08:27pm