KARACHI, Oct 8: Another spotted deer died in the Karachi zoo on Sunday, bringing the total deer deaths to four over the last six days.

Zoo sources said a pregnant spotted deer was found dead in its enclosure in the morning. However, the official in charge of the zoo, Mansoor Qazi, says he has no information about the latest death.

“The zoo staff have left the office for the day, and so far I have got no news about the death you are talking about,” he said on Monday, adding that every zoo had about 10 per cent mortality rate and “deaths at the Karachi zoo shouldn’t be taken as an odd matter”.

“After all, animals are breeding also and the zoo population has increased over the years. The Karachi zoo has so far given over 150 animals to the Landhi-Korangi zoo. Besides, a large number of mammals and birds, including different deer species, have been gifted to the Safari Park,” he said.

He also pointed out that he had taken a number of steps during the last 10 years to improve the conditions at the zoo.

He said the zoo now had a hospital with an operating table, X-ray unit, incubator and other accessories as well as a quarantine section to contain the spread of the disease.

Sewerage and water lines have been laid and the size of the cages for the carnivores had also been greatly extended, and it was done for the first time at the zoo, he said.

Three spotted deer, a pair and a female, died of an unknown disease last week. The zoo administration has confirmed only two deaths.

The cause will be determined once their blood test reports are available, which are expected in 10 days. With the latest death, the number of the spotted deer has decreased to 16.