KARACHI, Dec 17: Students of the Karachi Grammar School’s junior section enacted Jungle Book as part of the annual feature of the school.

The cast included the entire junior section, amassing around 600 students, and was lent a helping hand with the rehearsals and guidance by the school’s teaching staff.

“Jungle Book was chosen because we wanted to stress the importance of conservation, both animals and wildlife, and its need onto the children,” said Mrs Rehman, vice-headmistress of the school.

The crowd, parents and siblings of the performers, were awarded a sheer treat by the eight to eleven years old students on stage with a remarkable acting and dancing performance. The set was skilfully set up to reflect different scenes in the jungle while the apt and extremely colourful costumes added to the atmosphere overall.

According to Mrs Rehman, the children and their teachers had been practising this play for only two months and within school hours only. Based on that timescale provided, it was a delightful performance, not only by the actors but also the school choir that was placed on either side of the stage to assist with the musical parts.

To add to the jungle life, there was also a touch of desi life with village girls carrying matkas, while the men sat around with hukkas while the women danced around.

“We hope we have succeeded in conveying the important message not only to the participating children but also to their parents and others who were watching the play,” Mrs Rehman said and remarked, “We can make this a better planet for the future.”