KARACHI: Training in resuscitation skills urged

November 30, 2006


KARACHI, Nov 29: Senior paediatricians have strongly recommended regular training of doctors in resuscitation skills to reduce mortality as well as neurological handicaps in neonates.

The recommendation was made at a workshop on ‘Neonatal Resuscitation’ organised by the Professional Development Centre of Dow University of Health Sciences in coordination with Paediatrics Department of Civil Hospital Karachi on Wednesday. The workshop was addressed by senior paediatricians Prof Inkisar Ali, Dr Khalid Zubairi, Dr Shakeel Rizvi, Dr Fehmida Arif and Dr Muzammil Ejaz.

The experts said a healthy start in life was equally important for every neonate. The first 28 days or the neo-natal period is extremely critical as it is during this period that fundamental health and feeding practices are established, the experts said mentioning that child is at highest risk during this period.

Available figures of the World Health Organisation reveal that every minute 20 children under five years of age die due to one or the other reason across the globe leading to over 10.6 million deaths per year.

The health experts also recommended holding similar training programmes for paramedical staff as well as general physicians to reduce the minimum death rate and physical abnormality in neonates.

“In Pakistan, 270,000 new born babies die every year, which is the second highest death rate in newborns,” Prof Inkisar Ali said.

The training programme was largely attended by house physicians and postgraduate students registered with paediatric as well as gynaecology departments of different hospitals.

The programme was also addressed by DUHS Professional Development Centre Director Prof Saleem Ilyas and Dr Khalid Siddiqui.—APP