N-powers’ arsenal: a snapshot

October 10, 2006


A glance at the world’s nuclear weapons states and their stockpiles, based on estimates compiled from different sources:

North Korea: Believed to have enough fissile material for about a half-dozen weapons, but estimates vary widely and are unverifiable.

The United States: More than 5,000 strategic warheads, more than 1,000 operational tactical weapons _ meant for the battlefield and less powerful than the strategic arms _ and approximately 3,000 reserve and tactical warheads.

Russia: Nearly 5,000 strategic warheads, and approximately 3,500 operational tactical warheads. In addition, it has more than 11,000 strategic and tactical warheads in storage.

France: Approximately 350 strategic warheads.

China: As many as 250 strategic warheads and 150 tactical warheads.

Britain: About 200 strategic warheads.

India: Between 45 and 95 nuclear warheads.

Pakistan: Between 30 and 50 nuclear warheads.

Israel: Refuses to confirm it is a nuclear weapons state but is generally assumed to have up to 200 nuclear warheads.—AP