Moscow attacks CIA report on ties with Iran

08 Feb, 2002


MOSCOW, Feb 7: The Russian government on Thursday savagely attacked a CIA report linking Russia to sales of sensitive technologies to Iran and other states, declaring the accusations “categorically unacceptable.”

Moscow said it would be seeking an official clarification on the report from President Bush’s administration.

“Perhaps for the first time in our recent relations, an official American document is making an effort to cast doubt on our desire, will and ability to avert leaks of sensitive equipment and technologies abroad,” a statement from the foreign ministry said.

It said the report, delivered by the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, George Tenet, in Washington on Wednesday, caused “great surprise in Russia, but also serious concern.”

In reviewing US-Russia relations before a Senate intelligence panel, Tenet said the Russian leader’s ability to deepen the relationship with the United States would depend on how bilateral security issues were resolved.—AFP