KARACHI: Prevention only way to avoid Aids

May 10, 2006


KARACHI, May 9: Prevention is the only way to avoid HIV/Aids, a deadly disease growing rapidly in various parts of the world including Pakistan, said experts on Tuesday. Prof Dr Sharaf Ali Shah, an expert on HIV/AIDS, said the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Aids) was increasing day by day and prevention was the only way to avoid it.

Dr Shagufta Perveen, another expert of HIV/Aids, stressed the government to launch a comprehensive programme for creating awareness about HIV/Aids amongst the masses.

They informed that HIV/Aids was caused by a virus known as Human Immune-deficiency Virus (HIV). It has two types, HIV-1, which is prevalent worldwide including Pakistan and HIV-2, which is less virulent and is found only in some parts.

They said that an informative booklet 'Umeed-i-Sehat' had been published, which could prove beneficial for people. The booklet can be obtained from Bridge, 69-C, Block-2, First Floor, PECHS, off-Kashmir Road.—PPI