More Aids cases feared in Larkana

May 03, 2006


LARKANA, May 2: A task force formed by the district government on HIV/Aids has confirmed the presence of 118 HIV/Aids positive cases in the district and feared more cases to be detected if blood screening of 3,000 intra-venous drug users in the area is conducted.

District Nazim Mohammed Bakhsh Arijo, presiding over a meeting of the task force, voiced concern over growing narcotic dens in the district. He underscored the need of a comprehensive plan to curb the menace.

Speaking on the occasion, EDO (health) Dr Noor Ahmed Khoso attributed reason for 61 per cent of the 118 cases to the use of intra-venous drugs.

The task force proposed blood screening of commercial sex workers with the help of leading and trusted NGOs.

The meeting noted with concern that of the 72 blood banks and laboratories of Larkana and Qambar-Shahdadkot district, only two were registered with the Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority.

The 70 facilities being run without a check were also a source of spreading AIDS, hepatitis, malaria and venereal diseases, participants said and called for an immediate action to stop this crime.

The nazim asked the EDO health to seal unregistered blood banks and laboratories and initiate a legal action.

The meeting agreed in principal to establish centres for monitoring sexually-transmitted diseases at each taluka hospital in Larkana district. The centres would help aware victims of diseases at preliminary stages. The meeting decided to put the matter before the Sindh health minister, who is visiting Larkana on May 4, for further assistance.

The task force also called for an action against general practitioners and quacks using glass syringes which are instrumental in spreading blood-borne diseases.

The district nazim said that lack of follow-up efforts was increasing the risk and urged the meeting to help control the lethal disease.

The meeting also decided establishing rehabilitation centre in Larkana and enhancing surveillance.

SUNNI TEHRIK: Criticising delay in arresting the terrorists responsible for the Nishtar Park blast, the Sunni Tehrik, Larkana, has urged the government to expedite efforts to arrest the killers.

Addressing a meeting of the Tehrik here on Tuesday, Maulana Ali Nawaz Qasmi, Maulana Abdul Rasheed Qasmi and others accused the government of slowing down the pace of investigation.

They alleged that the rulers were hiding facts to save the government and demanded practical steps on clues to criminals.

They demanded that President Gen Musharraf should keep his words and unveil the faces of killers.

The Sunni Tehrik leaders also expressed concern over the deteriorating law and order situation in the country and called for government attention to rising prices of commodities.