Published June 11, 2022

We all are extraordinary

This is regarding the article, “We all are extraordinary” by Zayna Rehman (YW, May 14). It was a very motivating and amazing article. The writer gives the best explanation of what success really is and how we can embrace ourselves as we are.

There is no particular thing that defines success, if you have achieved something, you are successful.

We should always keep in mind that we are all talented, we only need to identify our skills and talents, and then show them to the world.

Ainulshuba Shaikh,

Beware of the scorching sun

This is regarding the cover story “Beware of the scorching sun” By Muhammad Majid Shafi (YW, May 21).

The article was worth reading and I agree with the writer that during this hot summer season, we should take care of ourselves as well as others by adopting healthy habits, such as drinking plenty of water, avoid going out for unnecessary work and wearing loose and light-coloured clothes.

These and many more such habits can save us from the scorching heat and heatstroke, which can be very harmful and can have a lasting impact on our health.

Nickeeta Kanjwani,

Do what you love

This is regarding the article, “Do what you love” by Minahil Haque (YW, May 21). The writer reflects on a harsh reality of our society. Life gives us various opportunities, some we avail and some we just cannot because of societal pressure.

And there are times when parents also don’t agree with the ideas of their kids and give priority to the advices of people around them.

This demotivates youngsters and shatters their confidence. Elders of the family should always encourage kids to work hard and choose what they like.



I agree with the ideas of Minhal Haque in her article “Do what you love”; as she sheds light on the expectations of youngsters as well as elders.

She conveys that most people, particularly the youth, fall prey to the expectations of society and leave their passion in pressure.

Society forces children to opt for the fields they are not interested in, which often result in failures and stress.

In reality, students should pursue the things they want to do; so even if they fail, they will learn from it and take better decisions in the future.

Mehtab Ali Lakhan,

Published in Dawn, Young World, June 11th, 2022



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