The super-speedy alien is back, and this time with a bigger mission. Usually, full-length films featuring a popular character are ‘one-film’ wonders, the second instalment is not that successful. We have examples of Woody Woodpecker, Prince of Persia, and many others, but remember, not every film has Jim Carrey playing the archenemy Doctor Robotnik a.k.a. Dr Eggman to the fastest hedgehog alive in the world, Sonic.

Based on the famous video game from SEGA, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a sequel to the original film where Ben Schwartz’s as Sonic is helped by ‘Donut Lord’, and Dr Eggman is defeated. In the second instalment, we have Carrey’s character return to Earth from Mushroom Planet after eight months, but with Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic’s arch-nemesis.

Beginning in Green Hills, Sonic is all by himself and his family, Tom and Maddie Wachowski, are away for a wedding in Hawaii. When he is attacked by big punching Knuckles, Tails, a yellow-orange fox that can fly with its two tails, ends up rescuing him. Unlike Sonic, Knuckles is a mature and responsible character, whose people were wiped out by the Owl tribe, which are also Sonic’s people. Knuckles wants to end Sonic and find legendary Emerald, while Dr Eggman only has eyes on the ultimate power of Emerald, which also has a backstory of its own.

While Jim Carrey steals the show as Dr Eggman, famous British actor Idris Elba was equally brilliant as Knuckles and Ben Schwartz as Sonic needs no praise. Colleen O’Shaughnessey is the only voice cast member from the Sonic the Hedgehog video games to reprise her role for the full-length film and is very impressive.

Directed by Jeff Fowler, the two-hour film has a few important messages for kids. The best thing is to forget the past and look toward the future.

Sonic and Knuckles may have been enemies due to their tribal enmity, but Sonic put it behind and saves Knuckles to forge a lasting friendship. Similarly, friendship and teamwork are the answer to the obstacles in life, as one can never solve problems on one’s own. Do confide in somebody, maybe he/she has a better solution.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is a must-watch for kids. With a tighter script, a bigger cast, and a larger canvas, the film is clearly where it left off in the previous instalment. The movie is funny, loaded with jokes, and full-time entertainment.

Published in Dawn, Young World, May 7th, 2022



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