'Ready for what I will do?' PM Imran warns opposition of consequences if no-confidence move fails

Published March 6, 2022
Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses a rally in Vehari district's Mailsi tehsil on Sunday. — Photo courtesy: PTI Twitter
Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses a rally in Vehari district's Mailsi tehsil on Sunday. — Photo courtesy: PTI Twitter

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday warned the opposition to be prepared for what he would do to them once their planned no-confidence motion against him fails.

Pakistan Demo­cratic Movement (PDM), an alliance of opposition parties, is currently in the process of finalising the motion against the prime minister, claiming to have the support of enough lawmakers in the parliament to make the ouster a success.

At a public gathering in Vehari district's Mailsi tehsil today, the prime minister delivered a hard-hitting speech and addressed the planned opposition manoeuvre against him.

"I came into politics 25 years ago to fight against them (his political rivals). I will fight them until [my last breath]. I will face them and I am completely prepared for whatever [they throw my way]," he said.

"But to the gang of thieves I say this: Are you ready for what I will do with you once your plans for a no-trust motion fail?"

The prime minister then named his main political rivals individually and questioned their credentials and motives. "First there is criminal number one Nawaz Sharif," he said, stating that the PML-N supremo gave a performance worthy of Bollywood when he was handed a prison sentence by the Supreme Court.

"If PML-N workers are listening, pay attention: how can a geedar (jackal) become a leader? Have you ever heard of a leader being someone who runs away with his tail between his legs?" PM Imran said, adding that this was the second time that Nawaz had fled the country, with the first being during the tenure of former military ruler retired Gen Pervez Musharraf.

Turning his guns towards PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif, he said that the best way to learn about the younger Sharif was to ask Maqsood chaprasi (peon), whose account was allegedly used by the Sharif family to launder money.

He added that the family had figured out a "technique" to play on both sides of the wicket. "The absconder and his daughter say bad things about the army and Shehbaz polishes every boot he sees."

Giving a word of advice to the PML-N president, the prime minister said that times had changed. "Whatever you do, you will have to give an answer as to how Rs16 billion was deposited into the accounts of your servants."

He said that Shehbaz was scared of jail time and, therefore, was trying to rush the no-trust move.

Commenting on PPP Co-Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari, the premier said that he was infamously known as "Mr 10 per cent" during the tenure of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto. He added that international publications and books had detailed the history of Zardari and Nawaz's corruption.

"The same Zardari was jailed twice by Nawaz on corruption charges," he noted.

Talking about Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, he said that he would not call him Maulana as it was a title reserved for educated, honest and pious people.

"He brought madressah children to a protest. When the media asked the children why they were at the protest, they said: 'Because Imran Khan is a Jewish agent' [...] Fazlu what is the need for the jews to hatch a conspiracy against Pakistan when we have you and your gang of thieves?"

"Why do the Jews need to hatch a conspiracy? You are enough," he said, also accusing Rehman of "making money in the name of religion".

Responding to the prime minister's tirade on Twitter later in the day, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz questioned why he was "falling apart and sounding hysterical".

"The game has only just begun dude and you have already lost it! Show some sportsman spirit, man!"

She also noted how one "loses their sanity when they see power slipping from their hands." She went on to say that the premier first used abusive language against opposition leaders and followed it with stating that the state of Madina was the basis for morality.

Meanwhile, Shehbaz said that the PTI government was "never short of ludicrous ideas to mask its incompetence, corruption and mega failures".

"People are suffering because of the flawed policies, not any conspiracy. You always find justifications for everything when you live in a bubble of your own," he said.

PM lashes out at EU for asking Pakistan to condemn Russia

PM Imran lashed out at European Union (EU) countries for asking Pakistan to vote against Russia during the recently held special session of the United Nations General Assembly, asking if they considered Islamabad their "slave".

The premier was referring to a letter penned by EU envoys earlier this week, urging Pakistan to vote against Russia during the UNGA session.

"Did you write the same letter to India?" the prime minister asked.

"When India violated international laws in occupied Kashmir, did any one of you sever ties with India or halt trade? Are we your slaves that we would do anything you say?" he thundered.

PM Imran said Pakistan would not support any country in war, but would "take a step ahead in backing everyone yearning for peace".

"We have friendships with the United States, Russia, China and Europe. We are not in any camp. Since we are neutral, we will try collaborate with these countries to endeavour for an end to this war in Ukraine," he said.

He laid emphasis on maintaining Pakistan's sovereignty, saying that no drone attack took place in the country since he became the prime minister.

"Even if anyone tried to launch a drone attack I will ask the Pakistan Air Force to shoot that drone down."



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