The useless stuff that we usually throw away is often of great use. It is just that most of the time we do not know the value of things so we consider them useless. It is because we are used to seeing things in a certain way, to be used only for specific tasks, and we don’t think out of the box.

So kids think differently and always consider the value of the stuff that you think is useless. Similarly, I decided to think out of the box and today’s craft just put me in a state of awe, and I thought to share it with you, too.

Things you need:

  1. Empty kitchen towel tube: two

  2. Hot glue

  3. Black or brown pompoms (two small for eyes and one for nose, you can use beads if you like)

  4. Scissors


  1. Cut rings from kitchen towel tubes, about one centimetre in width, picture 2.

  2. Cut one ring and fold it inwards from both sides, making two small circles on a curved base, then paste a full ring on top of it, picture 3.

  3. To make the legs of the rabbit, cut two rings in half, then fold one side for one centimetre, in a leaf shape, and fold the remaining part also in a leaf shape, see pictures 4 and 5.

  4. Paste the legs to the sides of the main body (we made it in step 2), picture 6.

  5. To make the face of the rabbit, take one ring and press it from top to change its shape to oval, take half part from another ring and fold the edges inside from both sides, picture 7.

  6. To make the head, paste the smaller folded ring into the bigger oval ring, as shown in picture 8.

  7. To make the eyes and nose, paste smaller pompoms on the bigger one, picture 9.

  8. To make the ears, take two rings, all you need is to press them, narrow at the bottom and wider at the top, see picture 10.

  9. Paste these pompoms inside the head ring, and then paste ears on both sides of the head, picture 11.

  10. To make the tail, cut one ring, curve and press hard from one side, picture 12.

  11. Now paste the head and the tail on their respective places, picture 13.

I have used one inch of red felt for the tongue and pasted it on the mouth of the rabbit, you can use a red piece of paper if you don’t have felt.

Decorate your desk with yet another craft — paper roll rabbit, the craft looks literally amazing!

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Published in Dawn, Young World, November 27th, 2021



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