Finally, the grand day arrived. It wasthe Pet Day at school. Eleanor was getting ready for her school. She had been looking forward to Pet Day since its date was announced. She didn’t have any pet of her own, so she borrowed a chameleon from her friendly classmate Sebastian, as he had two chameleons.

A day earlier, she bought a beautiful case to carry her chameleon. Eleanor was supposed to call the chameleon by its unusual name ‘Goggles’, due to its goggled eyes. In a great haste, Eleanor got ready for her school. She carefully placed the tin with worms in her school bag and grabbed Goggles in it case. Goggles looked sort of blue in that case as it was a blue case!

Soon she was at the school. She was spellbound with the beautiful decoration of the school. She found her table nearly about five minutes. She was in the middle. To her right side, his friend Sebastian sat with another chameleon Powderpuff. To her left side, Angelina was sitting with her goldfish in a little round fishbowl.

When everyone was settled, Miss Calla allowed the parents to enter. Everything was going right, but when Angelina’s parents came to Eleanor, her dad took her chameleon out of the case and started to pat it. He was patting it gently, but suddenly Goggles flew from his hand and then screams filled the pet room.

Everyone was scared as chameleons can blend into their surroundings by altering the colour of their skin to match the background. It can be hard to see them then.

Sebastian was very worried. He looked for his precious pet everywhere. Eleanor tried to help him, but Goggles couldn’t be found. Tears started to roll from Sebastian’s eyes when his pet was nowhere to be found. Finally, Eleanor decided to cheer him up a bit and took him to the school’s garden and they sat crossed-knee on the grass.

Eleanor was looking at the grass when she spotted a movement. “Is it Goggles?” she screamed.

They went near the spot where there had been a movement and, guess what, it was Goggles! Sebastian picked it and hugged it.

They had a fun Pet Day didn’t they?

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 27th, 2021



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