RAWALPINDI: The district administration on Wednesday increased the rate of roti (flatbread) from Rs7 to Rs10 and naan from Rs10 to Rs13.

In the open market, bakers are selling roti at Rs12 and naan for Rs15.

The new prices were mentioned in a notification issued by Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ali. The price of daal (lentil) channa was fixed at Rs145 to Rs150 per kg, daal channa (small) Rs130 to Rs136 per kg, chickpeas at Rs190 to Rs200 per kg, daal moong at Rs140 per kg, daal masoor at Rs170-Rs180, daal mash at Rs220, daal mash (small) at Rs270 per kg, rice (super basmati) at Rs135-Rs140 per kg and broken rice at Rs65-Rs70 per kg.

Furthermore, the price of milk was fixed at Rs110 to Rs130 per litre and curd at Rs140 per kg. The price of mutton was fixed at Rs1,000 per kg and beef at Rs500 per kg whereas wheat flour from private mills (chaki) at Rs58 per kg.

Both items being sold at higher rates in open market; prices of milk, curd, lentils also increased

However, mutton in the market is available at Rs1,400 per kg and beef at Rs650 per kg. “We cannot sell meat at a low price as the district administration fixed the price without consulting main stakeholders,” said Mohammad Malik, a butcher whose shop is located on Jamia Masjid Road.

He said the price of goat and cow meat had increased manifold, adding that mutton and beef could not be sold at a price fixed by the administration.

When contacted, Rawalpindi Merchant Association President Saleem Pervaiz, who is also member of District Price Committee, said the prices of edibles were fixed by the committee according to the retail price.

He said prices of good quality food items were different in the market as the committee had only fixed the prices of low quality food items. He added that people have an option to buy low quality food on fixed prices and they can buy better quality on market rates.

Meanwhile, according to a naanbai, the price of wheat flour increased in the open market and it would be difficult to sell roti at old rates so it was increased to Rs12 while the price of naan is still at Rs15.

Furthermore, the district administration launched an operation against the price hike in Naseerabad and Satellite Town. The Special Price Control Magistrate Abdul Qadoos Toor lodged a complaint with Naseerabad and New Town Police Stations against bakers who were selling roti at Rs12 and naan at Rs15.

Published in Dawn, November 11th, 2021



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