As kids, there is hardly any sweet delight in the world that you say ‘no’ to when offered. One of which is candy. Candies come in a variety of types, flavour, shape, colour and what not! Candies make most kids drool and they often are scolded for eating without remembering their limits.

For whatever reasons you may love candies, the site we are looking at today is also about this yummy treat, at — one of its kind site that caters every child’s dream of experimenting with candies.

Yes, the site is about experimenting with candies of all kinds! For those of you having a leftover of any type of candy, let’s explore it deep down. But before starting the adventurous journey, let me remind you to take the consent of your parents before attempting any experiment.

The site uses soft baby colours that take away attention and you immediately feel engulfed in the content. You can choose the experiments from the top or go through the panel given at the left side of the home screen. The left panel gives you options to choose from the year or from the type of experiments. For instance, experiments done with cacao, Cadbury eggs, candy grass, cereal, cocoa butter, chocolate pudding, cotton candy, gummy bears, M&Ms, marshmallows and the list goes on.

Besides choosing from the candy type to experiment with, you will also see a number in brackets, which indicates the number of experiments done with that specific sweet.

The site also provides experiment cards, which contain simple instructions for candy experiments. Download and print to share with friends or when doing experiments of your own.

Choose the candy of your choice and see the experiments done with that candy on the next page. The good thing is all the experiments are easy and explained in a simple and child-friendly manner, with clear step-by-step instructions and pictures.

Have fun this weekend with these super easy science experiments to be done in the kitchen with your favourite ingredient — candy!


Published in Dawn, Young World, October 23rd, 2021



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