If you don’t know who and what Teen Titans Go!, is, then don’t mention it to your friends, for they might start looking at you differently.

These young superheroes — Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, and Batman’s famous sidekick Robin — have a special place in the life of kids today, and any film featuring them is bound to be funny. The super teens have mastered the art of making between-the-line jokes as well as pulling each other’s legs, just like Looney Tunes did before them.

So, what can happen if the two groups, Teen Titans Go! and Looney Tunes, were to join hands? It will be a fun ride, considering that the children of today and yesterday would love to go on this journey where they will not only relive a Hollywood classic, but also crack jokes about it. In Teen Titans Go! See Space Jam, your favourite superheroes meet the Nerd lucks, the original villains of Space Jam, who return to earth and tag along with the superheroes, most of whom haven’t seen Space Jam, hence the film’s title.

If you have seen Space Jam, then you know that former NBA player Michael Jordan helped Looney Tunes defeat the aliens from space in a basketball match. Had they lost, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Road Runner, and the team might have ended as prisoners at an amusement park, at Moron Mountain. After Cyborg finds out that his fellows have not watched Space Jam, he arranges for a watch party. The ‘losers’ of the match, played some 25 years back, have a VHS copy of the movie and Teen Titans help them watch it at Titans Tower.

The film not only helps the audience relive the golden moments of Space Jam ahead of its sequel that was released a few months back, but it also offers a fresh perspective, the Teen Titan way. The superheroes watch the movie with jokes, taunts and interesting facts; they ‘pause’ the movie whenever someone has to intervene and this is how the movie moves ahead. Robin is the centre of all jokes during the screening and the rest enjoy the movie. The shenanigans continue with the Nerdlucks until the heroes realise what the bad guys did way back in 1996!

Watching the movie with the hilarious commentary by Teen Titans is a totally new experience that not only takes one back in time, but also brings a fresh feeling to the viewers. It will also help those who haven’t yet watched Space Jam 2 understand what the original film was about so that they are fully equipped when they watch LeBron James save his son in the sequel.

Published in Dawn, Young World, September 16th, 2021



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