KARACHI: Pakistan’s leading race drivers and karting experts have joined hands to bring thrilling news for the country’s motor-racing fans and enthusiasts who will now be having access to top quality racing karts in the country which could help train them to become famous race drivers on the international circuit in future.

Nadir Magsi, the legendary race and rally champion of Pakistan motorsports circuit who is also known as Michael Schumacher of Pakistan, and former karting champion Zahid Siddiqui who won the 1988 Jebel Ali karting circuit national series, and Country head for Formula A1 Team Pakistan, have come together to establish BHP sports which will be the first ever distributors of karts in Pakistan.

In an exclusive interview with Dawn, Nadir who is chairman of the company and Zahid the Chief Operating Officer, spoke at length about their exciting plans for the country’s motor-racing enthusiasts and what their newly-formed company has in store.

BHP sports has signed an agreement with the reputable Italian firm, the OTK Group, and will bring in the world renowned brand of ‘Tony Kart’ to Pakistan for karting events which will surely mark the beginning of a new era of sports and entertainment in the country.

The two racing wizards, motivated by the recent launch of the impressive Omni Karting Circuit at Korangi Creek by another karting enthusiast and driver, Dr Ovais Naqvi, feel that there is tremendous potential for karting and motor-racing in Pakistan which is waiting to be tapped.

“Yes indeed, the recent launch of the Omni racing track by our friend Dr Ovais gave this exciting idea to both me and Zahid to form a company that can import quality level karts to Pakistan. the idea has already been launched said Nadir.

“Currently we have only rental karts available here which are very basic unit. At BHP sports, we are going to bring in a wide range of top quality karts which include shifter karts, rotax, DD2s etc. Driving those karts will be a really thrilling experience for our talented youth who have no worthwhile place to showcase their talent,” observed Nadir, the recent winner of Hub Rally.

“You see karting is the basis that provides the technical learning to a potential rally or race driver. That is how I learned my basics of race driving and polished my skills before graduating to off road racing and rallies,” recalled Nadir.

He emphasised that both he and Zahid along with Dr Ovais are aiming to teach and guide the young drivers of Pakistan who have tremendous potential for this popular and honourable sport.

“All three of us feel this is our payback time to Pakistan and if we can help our youngsters into becoming good kart drivers, I am confident that they will soon be picked by international companies and will do well on world circuits and do Pakistan proud,” said Nadir, the glint in his eyes quite very noticeable.

Zahid went on to add how their firm plans to reach out to schools for teaching the kart racing basics to children as young as five and seven year olds. “Yes indeed, we are very clear on that. BHP sports intend to approach the schools, and not just private ones but the govt schools and under-privileged kids too, whom we can sponsor from a very young age to learn kart driving through our ‘Star of Tomorrow’ program,” disclosed Zahid who was also the former the president of Karting Association of Pakistan.

“Later on, in collaboration with Omni, we also intend to organise the international rock series karting event with local and foreign companies which will be a very exciting event,” he said.

Both Nadir and Zahid urged the private sector and big multinational companies to come forward and support a great sport like motor-racing which will enhance the country’s image tremendously.

“All around the world, the private sector lends massive support to motor-racing events,” Nadir pointed out.

“That support from the private sector is the key here. The other key catalyst of course is the media coverage of these karting and racing events that we intend to organize. “Positive TV and newspaper coverage can be a huge boost for the sport and the younger generation will quickly develop a passion for the sport,” said Zahid.

Published in Dawn, May 9th, 2021


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