ISLAMABAD: The twin cities witnessed a surge in Covid-19 cases as 236 people contracted the virus on Wednesday and four people passed away.

Positivity rate in Islamabad was recorded at 4.4pc.

Three people died in Islamabad, including two male patients, aged between 60-79. They were residents of Lohi Bher and I-11, the district administration officials said, adding that the address of one deceased was not known.

Farhat Arif, 73, resident of Scheme-I Saidpur Road, was brought to Rawalpindi Institute of Urology (RIU) on Feb 23 where she passed away.

Officials of the capital administration said 174 cases was the highest number reported in a single day in the city after Jan 1.

During the last 24 hours, 3,934 tests were conducted in the capital out of which 95 males and 79 females got their results positive. District Health Officer Dr Zaeem Zia said 174 positives cases against 3,934 tests was the highest number in the last three months.

Thirty-five cases were reported in the age group of 40-49, followed by 33 in 20-29, 31 in 30-39, 21 in 0-9, 20 in 10-19, 15 in 50-59, 12 in 60-69, four in 70-79 and three in 80 and above.

Likewise, 38 cases were reported from Lohi Bher, nine each from I-8, G-9, I-10 and Khanna, eight each from G-8, G-7 and F-10, seven from G-13, six each from G-10 and Tarlai, five from F-11, four each from Bhara Kahu, E-11, Rawat and G-15, three each from G-6, F-8 and Chak Shahzad, two each from G-11, I-9, Koral, F-7, F-6, D-12, I-14 and Shah Allah Ditta, one each from Kurri, G-5, G-14, Rawal Town, F-5, Kirpa, F-5, Bari Imam, Chirrah, E-9, I-11 and H-8.

In Rawalpindi, 14 people were discharged from hospitals after recovering. Hospitals in the city have the capacity to test 120 patients per day. Despite passage of a year, the provincial government has failed to increase the testing facility in the three government-run hospitals.

As many as 38 new patients arrived in hospitals from Rawalpindi city and cantonment areas and 15 patients each arrived from Potohar Town and Rawal Town, 12 patients arrived from Gujar Khan, two patients each were brought from Taxila, six patients from Islamabad while one patient each arrived from Chakwal, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, D.G. Khan and Gujrat.

As many as 363 active patients are present in the district out of whom 82 are in hospitals. As many as 10 patients are admitted to Holy Family Hospital, 16 to Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH), 32 were in Rawalpindi Institute of Urology (RIU), 16 in Fauji Foundation Hospital (FFH), three in Red Crescent Corona Care Centre and five in Hearts International Hospital.

Commissioner retired Capt Mohammad Mehmood told Dawn that nine patients are in critical condition and on ventilator in Rawalpindi, 42 are on oxygen support and 31 are stable.

He said the number of patients in other districts remained lower as 62 tested positive in Rawalpindi hospitals while five in other districts including one in Attock and four in Jhelum.

Around 17,872 people tested positive for Covid-19 since March 2020 including 14,429 in Rawalpindi, 1304 in Attock, 1497 in Jhelum and 642 in Chakwal. As many as 16,644 patients were discharged from hospitals after recovery in the four districts including 13,430 in Rawalpindi, 1252 in Attock, 1401 in Jhelum and 561 in Chakwal.

He said 775 people died in Rawalpindi Division in the last 12 months of the pandemic including 636 in Rawalpindi, 27 in Attock, 42 in Jhelum and 70 in Chakwal.

Published in Dawn, March 4th, 2021


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