Praise for Ahsan

Folks, recognition of Pakistani TV and film star Ahsan Khan’s acting talent from across the border may not have surprised some, but we feel it’s come at the right time. After all, he’s been around for quite a while in showbiz. Seasoned Bollywood actress Zarina Wahab, in a personal message to Ahsan K, has praised his performance in the drama series Qayamat. Her words, “As Rashid [the character that he plays] you are too much… excellent work.” Indeed, he is doing an excellent job in that play. Not sure about the ‘too much’ bit though.

Live Music

These are difficult times. Stepping out of the house has become a bit of a personal and social landmine. But then there are issues pertaining to mental well being, so it’s important to strike the right balance between physical and mental health. In the second week of this month, two concerts took place at one of Karachi’s known recreational facilities. First, it was Komal Rizvi who did a gig. Then Asim Azhar performed at the same venue, in front of no less than five thousand cheering boys and girls. To be honest, it does make you feel happy that some semblance of normality is returning to our daily lives. We need to be careful about the pandemic, though. Anyway, congrats to the two artists!

Pawri Ho Rahi Hai

The 19-year-old Pakistani girl Dananeer Mobeen, whose video Pawri Ho Rahi Hai has become crazy viral, is now an international celebrity of sorts. Memes and videos based on her visuals are being made in India, not just by average netizens but by Bollywood celebrities and cricket bigwigs. Joining in on the fun are the likes of Shahid Kapoor, Randeep Hooda, Vijay Verma and cricketer Virat Kohli.

By the way, the Pakistani cricket team, too, made one after their victory in the T20 series against South Africa. Cool. Yeh main hun, yeh hamara gossip column hai, aur yeh reporting ho rahi hai…

Miffed Congress

What’s happening in India? The Maharashtra Congress Party has threatened that it would stop the screening of Amitabh Bachchan’s or Akshay Kumar’s films if they don’t start speaking up about the domestic issues that India currently faces. The party is angry because, in the past, when Congress was in power, both were vocal against its policies. It says now that the Modi regime created and failed to address issues such as hiked petrol prices and the farmers’ agitation, the two actors are keeping mum about it. Hmmm… While it’s true that the two mega stars seem to be taking sides with the rightwing BJP, not allowing movies to screen is tantamount to curbing freedom of expression. Think.

Restraining Orders

A 23-year-old man named John Matthews Hearle aka Adam Lucifer has been allegedly harassing pop star Billie Eilish since August last year. After trying to keep him at bay and not completely succeeding at it because she reportedly received death threats from him, the 19-year-old singer has sought restraining orders against the man. She has requested the court to give additional protective orders for her parents Maggie and Patrick.

Gosh! What an unhinged Bad Guy!

The Ring

Everybody knows that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s marriage is on the rocks. The media has already relayed news about the latter’s divorce intentions and how both plan to raise their kids in an amicable environment. However, on Feb 17, the 43-year-old rapper was in California for some recording stint. When the paparazzi took his picture they spotted that the wedding ring was still on his finger. And it’s still pretty firmly placed there. Is the divorce hoopla a gimmick? Or has Kanye W not come to terms with what she wants? Either way, he comes across as a guy who likes his jewellery.

Published in Dawn, ICON, February 28th, 2021


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