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Shehzad Roy has once again come up with a socio-politically conscious song. And this time around, too, it’s a pretty meaningful track. The video of Kaun Kis Ka Aadmi Hai, directed by Faisal Qureshi, is fun, featuring many known characters from the realms of Pakistani and Indian politics. This is the reason that the song has instantly become the talk of the town. However, we would like to point out that, musically, Shehzad R needs to experiment a bit with his compositions, in order to avoid the monotony of sound. Maybe it’s just me, but the song doesn’t sound very different from his earlier forays into rock satire.

The Lal Anthem

What was all the fuss on social media about Naseebo Lal’s Pakistan Super League (PSL) anthem, Groove Mera? It’s a pretty catchy number and nicely performed as well. Naseebo L’s voice projection — and we know she has a powerful voice — suits such an impassioned track to a T. Understandably, as a day or two passed after its release, people got the hang of the tune and voices in its favour began to be heard. And those who opposed it, including a certain cricketer, faced fierce criticism from some showbiz celebs for not liking it. Now the anthem is a veritable hit. Keep rocking, Naseebo ji! Show them how it’s done and keep groovin’!

Credit Goes South

It has taken Kiara Advani very little time to become one of the most sought-after leading ladies of Bollywood. Keep in mind that it’s never easy to carve your own niche in an industry where there is no dearth of good looking, talented actresses. Interestingly, though, the girl does not give credit for her success in tinseltown to Hindi film projects such as Kabir Singh or Lust Stories. In a recent statement Kiara A has said that her “loyal fan base was formed after her Telugu film Bharat Ane Nenu”, not after she did Hindi movies. Okay… no one knew she was a southerner.

Look the Other Way

Oh no. Hollywood hottie Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, is allegedly cheating on her with an actress named Madison LeCroy (from the TV series Southern Charm). For some strange reason, J-Lo is choosing to shrug it off just as a rumour and has headed off to the Dominican Republic to shoot a film called Shotgun Wedding. She has told an insider that she has complete faith in Alex R. Seriously? He is known for hitting home runs, you know J-Lo, and many a time at that.

Cut and Run

The break-up of Hollywood hot-shots Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas didn’t surprise showbiz journos. Ben A is not known for having steady relationships for very long. It’s Ana DA that some of their mutual friends are worried about, as to how she’s going to come to grips with the split. Well, for starters, she has deactivated her Twitter account. However, she is still on Instagram, where her latest pictures show that she’s cut her hair short. As Ana DA can testify, hair is often a casualty in splits.

In-Person It Is

Good news folks! All of us who are tired of online appearances and virtual meet-ups (Zoom, Google Meet etc), the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that this year’s Oscar awards ceremony will be held in-person on April 25. While the initial announcement did not give details of the programme, as to how it will follow the health guidelines, it did reveal that the show will be aired from multiple locations, including from the Dolby Theatre, where the biggest film-related event in the world is usually held. Fantastic! And the Oscar for best decision of the year goes to… the Academy.

Published in Dawn, ICON, February 21st, 2021


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