Domicile certificate

19 Oct 2020


APROPOS the news ‘Replies sought on plea challenging domicile’ (Oct 10), it appears that public institutions demanding a ‘Certificate of Domicile’ from a citizen holding a CNIC issued by NADRA is an act uncalled for.

Such a demand has been causing inconvenience as well as putting avoidable financial burden on millions of students/employment-seekers since the NADRA Ordinance 2000 was promulgated.

One would like to ask whether those who are tasked to take a note of such maladies and whose salaries are paid from taxpayers’ money ever take note of the anomaly.

Now that the issue has come to the federal government’s notice, as the matter has been taken up by the Lahore High Court, it can still make amends. The federal authorities can amend the relevant laws to provide relief to millions of citizens.

Umar Ahsan

Published in Dawn, October 19th, 2020