LAHORE: Mr Nurul Amin, President of Pakistan Democratic Party, observed here today [Sept 25] that there was no secessionist move in East Pakistan on the flood control issue. Effective work had started on the flood control project and it would naturally take a lot of time in its implementation, he pointed out.

He was talking to newsmen at the Lahore airport on his arrival from Dacca. The PDP chief, who was accompanied by other leaders of his party, Maulvi Farid Ahmed, Mr Mahmud Ali and Syed Muslehuddin, was accorded a rousing reception.

Mr Nurul Amin said that the Central Working Committee of the Party would discuss the details of “Islami Muttaheda Mahaz” (United Islamic Front) at its meeting in Lahore on Sunday. Asked whether “Islami Muttaheda Mahaz” would be effective in East Pakistan, he said: “I am not yet posted with the details of the arrangement Nawabzada has made here. We shall discuss them at the working committee meeting.”

…[He] said there was no question of an election alliance as “we have not formed a joint (parliamentary) board”. It could be described as an understanding among like-minded parties and an adjustment of candidates for elections. He said the PDP had not yet finalised its list of candidates for the general elections.

Published in Dawn, September 26th, 2020