Mum knows best

Story time is always my biggest interest in Young World. The story “Mum knows best” written by Anoushay Fatima (September 5, 2020) was a wonderful piece of writing with the perfect message for youngsters.

I like the plot very much. The writer has done a good job indeed. Young World is always the best and I eagerly waiting for each issue.

Rida Waheed,

Tando Allah Yaar

Reopening of schools

It was not an easy task to reopen educational institutions after a long break due to Covid-19 pandemic. I agree that shutdown due to Covid has badly affected education and private schools are facing problems trying to stay alive. But for us, the health of our children is more important than their loss of education and problems of private schools.

Violation of SOPs has once again raised concerns about the health of children and everyone involved.

I request all students and staff not to violate the SOPs to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

Hammal Naeem,


Violation of SOPs at schools

Once again, closing schools in Pakistan is becoming a confusing question for the government to take a decision on it. Cases of the coronavirus started increasing since the schools reopened, with some students and staff of the schools being affected.

Meanwhile, several schools were sealed, including some universities and colleges, due to SOPs violation. But it is not the right solution, in fact it can be better if the government education ministry officials, with the help of police, visit all schools and offer both financial and human resource help in maintaining SOPs. Not all schools and parents of students can afford to implement and follow SOPs on their own, mainly due to financial constraints.

It is the government’s duty to provide masks, senitisers, and disinfecting and testing facilities to both schools and students.

Mehrullah Mehr,


Interesting stories

This refers to the story “Disobedience” by Muhammad Qasim Shafi, September 19, 2020, published in Young World. It was a really well-written story with the message that we should never disobey our parents, for they always know what’s best for us.

In the same issue, another story that caught my attention was “The strange day” by Syeda Darakhshan Zafar. It was a bit scary and written so well that I could imagine the happenings in my mind.

Thank you Young World for always entertaining me.

Safiullah Faisal,


Published in Dawn, Young World, September 26th, 2020