ISLAMABAD: There were 10 robberies reported in the capital on Thursday.

A man was robbed of Rs800,000 in I-8/1, the police said. The victim, Ishtiaq Ahmed, was on his way home after withdrawing the sum from a bank when he was intercepted by two armed individuals who held him at gunpoint.

Cash and valuables worth Rs1.1 million were stolen from the home of Constable Bashir Ahmed in H-13. Four armed people raided the house and held the residents hostage while ransacking the house, and escaped with cash, gold ornaments and valuables.

Separately, a shop owned by Taj Din in G-9 Markaz was robbed of items worth Rs500,000. The shop owner learned of the robbery after he arrived at the shop to find the locks had been broken and batteries that were to be sold had been stolen.

A Toyota Corolla worth Rs2m was stolen in F-8, police said. Its owner Usman Malik had parked in the OPF Girls College car park, from where it was stolen.

Another Toyota Corolla, worth Rs1.8m and owned by Nadeem Abbas, was stolen from a street in Sihala.

A Mehran worth Rs250,000 was stolen from the Sabzi Mandi in I-11/4, where its owner Malik Hasnain had parked the vehicle.

A Honda 125 worth Rs35,000 owned by Mohsin Shabir was stolen from Golra. The motorcycle was parked inside the house, but thieves broke in and stole it.

Another motorcycle, worth Rs50,000 and owned by Sultan Ali, was stolen from a car park on the G.T. Road.

Two water buffaloes worth Rs300,000 were stolen from a cattle farm belonging to Qasir Khushid in New Mal, and separately, two water buffaloes worth Rs220,000 were stolen from a cattle farm belonging to Mohammad Arshad in Rawal Town.

Published in Dawn, September 25th, 2020