Online certification

17 Sep 2020


CORONAVIRUS has offered our students an opportunity to enter the virtual world. Developed countries and top universities of the world already use virtual tools effectively and offer online certifications for skill development. This offers people more opportunities in the market.

When I recently searched about these virtual certifications, it was interesting to know that in developed countries like the US, UK, etc., governments have been providing online courses and certification in the core fields like engineering, medical, science, economics and many more. This is being done to help their people become productive and skilled to meet the challenges of the market.

In this connection, they design websites offering online courses where students are required to appear in tests or examinations in a given time and get certified.

We have talented people and experts in every field. They are educated at the world’s top universities and can help the government establish such online platforms that offer online courses in different skills without investing billions of rupees.

Skilled graduates after completing these online courses in various fields can earn revenue and ultimately support our economy, too. The government should take advantage of this virtual era by providing online certification opportunities to our young generation.

Ammar Habib Shaikh
Khairpur Mirs

Published in Dawn, September 17th, 2020