13 Sep 2020


Real Khans

British boxer of Pakistani descent Amir Khan’s personal life has been nothing short of a high-strung social drama. His showdowns of varying degrees with wife Faryal Makhdoom are also no secret. Now news is that BBC Three has come up with a reality TV show titled Meet the Khans based, of course, on their journey as a married couple. Sounds like an exciting telly venture, because their real life already comes across as full of soap opera. Also, TV will allow the wife to punch above her weight.

Nadeem Jafri Unwell

Those of us who believe that the coronavirus pandemic has gone away from Pakistan (yes, there are many who think so) or that it’s a hoax, please rethink. On September 8, popular musician, actor and TV host Nadeem Jafri tested positive for Covid-19. His good friend Fakhr-i-Alam broke the news on social media, requesting everyone to pray for his health. We pray and wish that Nadeem J returns to good health soon. We also hope that people don’t let their guard down about the pandemic.

Own Path

The nepotism issue in India doesn’t seem to die down. The latest to jump in with her two cents is Kareena Kapoor Khan. She says her son, Taimur, who is now the most photographed kid in her country, will not grow up to be a successful person just because his parents are successful people. She insists that she and hubby Saif Ali Khan will not help him in any way, and he has to find his own path in life. Hmmm … So while Taimur is trying to find his path, suddenly the world will suffer from amnesia, forgetting that he is the son of two extremely famous individuals who are super-rich?

Junkie Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut’s behaviour is becoming bitter and bitter by the day, so much so that we think if things keep going on like this, she might have to consume a lot of sugar. The actress has alleged that 99 percent of those who work in Bollywood use drugs. Seriously? This, of course, hasn’t gone down well with many of her colleagues. One of them is Raveena Tandon. In her response to Kangana R’s accusation, she wrote on Twitter, “Few bad apples cannot spoil a basket. Likewise our industry also has the good and the bad.” Right on Raveena T. And even if anyone believes what Kangana R is saying, surely she is not suggesting that she’s in the one percent minority.

Puff, puff…

DM Please

Hollywood A-lister Tom Hanks’s son Chet is nuts about singer Adele. You don’t believe us? Check this out: everybody is going gaga over the Grammy winner’s new look (the reference is to a photo doing the rounds in cyberspace, in which she’s wearing a bikini and appears to have shed a great deal of weight). On Sept 1, Chet H posted on Instagram a video in which he’s seen dancing to her song Set Fire to the Rain, rounding off his act by requesting Adele to hit his DMs. Well, we have a feeling that there may be no hello from the other side.

Batman Positive

The trailer for the upcoming Batman movie, with the haunting Nirvana song Something in the Way in the background, has become the talk of tinsel town, raising fans’ expectation sky high. Unfortunately, last week they were saddened to know that Robert Pattinson, who is essaying the role of Batman for the first time, tested positive for Covid-19 during the filming process, causing the shoot to halt. We wish him swift recovery, and hope that those who still think that the virus is a hoax must have realised that even the world of superheroes is susceptible to diseases. And that even Batman should wear his mask covering his mouth.

Published in Dawn, ICON, September 13th, 2020