How many of us remember the first day of our school? How many of us remember the first time we were scolded by a teacher? How many of us still relieve the memory of participating in a school event?

Some of us do and some of us don’t. This is a type of amnesia where the brain suppresses a memory in response to severe stress. Other typical reasons could be that some may just want to move on with their lives, some probably had an unpleasant past, etc.

In my opinion, our memories have been blurred with the hustle and bustle of life, the powerful influence of social media and the impulse of advancement within the time frame.

However, all of us definitely experience a bit of nostalgia. We, as human beings, have become either a workaholic or a lazy unproductive piece. So today I am going to try to refresh some memories from the past and see how it can bring us back from wandering in an incongruous direction.

‘Appreciation and remembrance are two vital tools that can advance our progress in life.’ — Wisdom Kwashie Mensah

Home is where we learn about basic norms and etiquettes — how to walk, talk, eat and how to behave, but the school is the first official building block of our temperament and identity. It is a place free of worries and full of joy. Thus, we have to take this pleasure forward in our life so that no stage feels as problematic as it is.

Another most important aspect of school life is the friendships. Stick onto them, because friendships built in childhood have deep roots and stay affirm through every thick and thin. And it is most likely that the career choices made at this age changes later on, I can say this from my personal experience.

After spending a good 14 to 15 years in school, the transitory stage comes of crossing over to college. This seems a painful experience, yet we have to somehow move on if we have to explore new horizons. College life then further transforms into the actual practical life in the university. You would be surprised to know that at this stage, what you are doing wouldn’t be something you dreamt of earlier, in most of the cases.

So basically, most of you reading this would be at different stages of life right now, but my point of reliving these memories is that opportunities will only knock on your door once, it’s your responsibility to respond or else you would be only left with regret. I am emphasising this because I encountered some amazing opportunities in school and college, but failed to grab them out of laziness.

Now as I peevishly and disdainfully look back, I wish I could get one more chance. And one most important lesson that I learnt throughout my educational life is to give utmost respect to teachers. Whatever success that I achieved, apart from my hard work, is largely due to my esteem and respect towards my teachers.

Winning hearts is the real victory that we have to strive for, whether it’s our teacher, mentor, parents or any individual in general. A happy and contented heart will silently pray for us which would create miracles at such points in life, which we would have never perceived or imagined.

So have gratitude for our past; what was there was by the will of Allah and what we would be doing in the future will also be by the will of Allah.

Challenges are there to lift you up because, as they say, every success story began after rejections and failures. Optimism and positivity can help you reach the skies and fulfil your dreams. Have pleasure and pride in your present and faith in your future. No matter where you go in life, the values instilled by the school will help you in every way possible.

Childhood is considered as the age of innocence, so that is why keep remembering how you were as a school student so that you are able to carry forward that humbleness and innocence. Push your boundaries as far as you can and embrace all that is you!

Published in Dawn, Young World, August 15th, 2020



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