Plea to KE

12 Aug 2020


THE problem we want to draw K-Electric’s attention to is less of loadshedding and more of maintenance. Let us also say that we found people at KE’s 118 helpline quite helpful and polite.

It is the quality of equipment that is the problem — something that causes repeated ‘faults’. These faults are a source of torture to the residents of 16 houses in two rows facing each other — from A-26 and A-32 in one row and from A-33 to A-41 in the opposite row in Block 4-A, Gulshan-i-Iqbal, off Abul Hassan Ispahani Road.

On July 27, power went off at 1.30pm and returned at 10.45pm — after nine hours. All UPSs had conked out and we had to suffer torture in heat and humidity. Our computers obviously couldn’t work, creating problems for those who work from home.

Again on July 30, there was no rain, but power failed at 5.30pm and it was not until after 10.00pm that lights came on. Astonishingly, when we contacted KE’s 118, they said they had no report of any loadshedding or of a technical fault.

It is only when we insisted that our complaint was genuine that they agreed to look into it. Hours later we had the satisfaction of seeing the eagerly awaited KE vehicle carrying maintenance crew. On Aug 5, there was a blast in the transformer, and lights went out. Fortunately, KE responded to our complaint and power was restored after an hour.

These three days and the blast in the transformer symbolise the plight of the people in these 16 houses, because KE crew members do a temporary job, not because of bad workmanship but because there are some intricate technical problems that need to be solved.

What those problems are only technical people would know. But from what we have heard from the crew there are problems with the transformer — located near Arshad Sabri Park — the low quality wires and the non-availability of standard equipment needed for longtime repairs.

Unless the right quality of wires and equipment are provided and the transformer is fixed, these faults that shut off power for six to seven hours will continue to torment us. We request KE high-ups to sort out the problem.

Tahir Zaman & others

Published in Dawn, August 12th, 2020