Once, there lived a group of frogs near a small pond. They were great friends and played with each other. They passed their days having great fun. However, one day, there aroused a situation that was really shocking and depressing for the frogs – while playing, four of the frogs fell into a deep pit!

Startled, the four frogs had no other option than to jump wildly, as high as they could. Struggling hard for about 15 minutes, the frogs failed to escape from this pit. They got tired but did not lose hope and for the next half an hour, the frogs continued to jump, trying to get out of the pit. But they were still unsuccessful.

By now, all the other frogs had gathered around the pit hole and were peeping inside to see if their fallen friends were fine or not. Some other animals too had gathered by this time.

The four frogs were just thinking of a way to get out when they heard a voice from outside the pit say, “My dear friends, it is impossible for you to get out. Don’t waste your energy for the only outcome is dying in this pit.”

It was a young frog that liked to pick up a fight with others and seemed to enjoy the misery of the frogs in trouble. Hearing this, three of the frogs in the pit struggled a little more, but decided to end their life, as they had become demoralised on hearing such a negative message.

However, the fourth frog, Backy, was a queer one, out of all the chatter of the gathered crowd and their own sounds, it only hear the voice of a kind-hearted frog that was really encouraging them! This disability turned out a blessing in disguise, and all that the frog could hear was: “You can! You can! Don’t give up!”

A ray of hope passed through the trapped frog and it continued to jump with great spirits. At last, Backy was successful in getting out! The other trapped frogs had decided their fate when they let the discouraging remarks affect them!

When the frog came out, the first question of other frogs was, “How did you come out? Didn’t you hear us?”

“No, I only heard it,” Backy replied while pointing out at the frog that had encouraged it.

The other frogs became speechless and were very ashamed of being so rude to their friends who had been in trouble. Backy and its ‘true’ friend embraced each other. Backy thanked its friend for giving him hope when he was in trouble.

The other frogs learned a lesson that encouragement has a great impact. It can turn a weak person into a stronger one, and a strong person can turn into a weak one without encouragement.

Therefore, readers, I hope you have also learnt a huge lesson from this story. Remember; never discourage someone, for you never know how your negative words might affect them. Whenever you face or you see someone in difficulty, you should encourage him, as this will definitely help him in overcoming all kinds of difficulties.

Published in Dawn, Young World, August 1st, 2020