ISLAMABAD: National Language Promotion Department (NLPD) on Thursday organised an online reception to commemorate a book titled Gul-i-Chandni, written by prominent Pakistani poet Zehra Nigah. The book won the Dr Muhammad Iqbal Award from Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL).

Poet and scholar Iftikhar Arif presided over the event, Dr Arifa Syeda was a special guest and Zehra Nigah was the guest of honor. NLPD Director General Dr Rashid Hameed presented the welcome note.

Mr Arif said: “Zehra Nigah is considered as the representative of female poets in Pakistan. After Shaam ka Pehla Tara [Evening’s first star], Varq [Page] and Firaaq [Separation] her fourth poetry collection Gul Chandni [Gardenia] has received the Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal award by PAL.”

Dr Rashid Hameed thanked all the speakers and said that Ms Nigah’s poetry symbolised our tradition and culture and her words portrayed people from two different generations. Ms Nigah said that she was thankful that PAL awarded her book, at this era of her life.

Published in Dawn, July 10th, 2020