Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s XBOX Series X are set to launch in November 2020! The question is who will dominate the gaming industry?

To understand the rivalry between the gaming giants, let’s go back to the beginning of time. In 1989, Nintendo invented the Gameboy followed by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1991.

In 1996, Sony created PlayStation 1 and revolutionised the gaming industry. In 2002, Sony released PlayStation 2 which is the best-selling gaming console of all time! The same year, Microsoft launched XBOX and thus began the biggest rivalry in gaming industry. This rivalry has produced some of the greatest games of all times.

In 2005, Microsoft launched XBOX 360, which was the finest console Microsoft had ever produced. Not to be left behind, in November 2006, Sony launched PlayStation 3. Fast forward to 2020, both Sony and Microsoft launched their new consoles, the question is who will dominate the future gaming market?

Clash of PlayStation 5 and XBOX X

The specs of both consoles have been revealed and the Xbox Series X will be a significantly more powerful console than the PS5. However, at what price? The answer to the very interesting question of who will come out winning the race can only be told by time.

Why you shouldn’t play video games

The biggest negative effect of playing video games is that you can’t stop yourself once you start playing. This syndrome is called ‘Gaming Disorder’ and it means that there is a compulsive or uncontrolled use of video games, in a way that causes problems in other areas of the person’s life.

Apart from addiction, there are several other harmful effects of gaming. Video games can affect the brain and cause changes in many regions of the brain, especially in relation to feelings, pleasure and motivation. Children who play more violent video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and decreased positive social tendencies. In addition, the children who play too many video games have lethargic nature which also leads to weight gain.

Why you should play video games

While research shows some disturbing effects, particularly in younger players, from the use of video games there is good news for avid players. There is a lack of long-term research and insufficient evidence to definitively conclude that video game overuse is indeed an addiction.

There are several other positive effects of gaming. The major benefit of playing video games is that it improves your hand and eye coordination and makes you good at multi-tasking. It also makes you a better decision maker. It improves social skills with other players, and they can communicate with them as well.

Students who play games online almost every day score 15 percent higher than average students in maths and English and 17 percent higher in science.

There was a study in Columbia University which showed children who had high video game usage while they were between the ages of six and 11 had greatly increased intellectual functions and overall school performance.

Published in Dawn, Young World, July 11th, 2020